Vaping Flavours Helps Quit Smoking! You Don’t Say?!?!

A report published on the PubMed.Gov and Oxford Academic websites has been investigating how vaping flavoured e-liquid impacts on quitting smoking.

You can read the full report here “Associations between e-cigarette use and e-cigarette flavours with cigarette smoking quit attempt and quit success. Evidence from a US Large, Nationally representative 2018-2019 survey.”

I have seen catchier titles – but hey!

Report Details
This study focusses on how vaping flavours impacts quitting smoking.

Data was taken from the 2018-2019 Tobacco Use Supplement – Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS).

Participants were asked about their current smoking status. Those who smoked were asked “Have you ever used e-cigarettes – even one time?”.

If they responded yes they were then asked “Do you now use an e-cigarette every day, some days or not at all?”.

Those who responded “every day” or “Some days” (some days over 20 days in the past 30 days) were classed as current vapers.

Also they were quizzed on the flavours they used. There were 4 flavour categories to choose from:

·Menthol / Mint
·Fruit, Candy, Sweets, Chocolate, Clove, Spice, Herb or Alcohol.

There were 1364 current vapers of which 819 (25.4%) quit smoking.

According to the paper those using tobacco or zero flavour (410) had a 20.6% (228) quit smoking rate.

Those using flavours (954) had a 27.2% (591) quit rate.

Further breaking it down, the Menthol / Mint category had a slightly higher quit success rate at 27.8% (198) compared to the other flavours at 27% (393).

So grab some Menthol / Mint e-liquid to give you the best chance of quitting (if you like it of course!) But other flavours than Tobacco still give you a higher chance of kicking smoking!


Why flavours matter
“results clearly indicate that those who … use flavored #ecigs have both a higher odds of making a quit attempt and of succeeding in quitting cigarette smoking”
n=16,591, PATH study

— Colin Mendelsohn (@ColinMendelsohn) October 18, 2022

“E-cigarette use is positively associated with both making a smoking quit attempt and quit success. Those using flavored e-cigarettes, particularly menthol/mint, are more likely to quit successfully.”

— Jonathan Foulds PhD (@JonathanFoulds) October 17, 2022