Vape Wicking Cotton and How to Change It

How to Change a Vape Wick – Many people that start using electric cigarettes don’t do their research so they end looking for help when it comes to changing the parts. It’s very easy to manage it but with a lack of knowledge, you might make a mistake which can affect your health. You need to be careful when changing the cotton or coil because the damage can also happen on the vaporizer.
You should also invest a little bit of research when it comes to buying the product because the quality is different. They changed a lot through time and the products are now better for your health compared to the ones used before. Cotton won’t be always the material used and a few things will matter when it comes to changing the material. Always look for a reputable source of information when it comes to the products or components like Cloudride Vapor – best coil wicks.

When Is It Time To Change Your Vape Wick?

Factors that will determine when you should get a new wick include the temperature your vape can produce, the juice you use and the material it is made of. Some people will notice the difference much earlier so it will also depend on your preferences and if you can notice variations in the taste. It won’t impact your budget even if you buy it more than others.
Cotton is the most popular material and is very cheap so everyone prefers using them. Others might be made of semi-synthetic fiber and rayon but are less accessible. Atomizer coil should be replaced every few days but that isn’t the case for most users. The mod has a big role here and how frequently you use it. Adjusting the settings like resistance, variable voltage and wattage can lead to a longer endurance.
If you spend time cleaning it every couple of days, it will last much longer than expected. When the e-juice you use is more acidic which happens with a few flavors, it needs to be changed regularly. It takes a few seconds to check if there’s a residue so it won’t be a problem to check it on a daily basis. The most obvious reason to change it will be the burnt flavor it can get.

Signs That Your Vape Wick Needs to Be Replaced
It doesn’t have to be a burnt taste, it may be something that you are not used to and you just notice that something isn’t right. Always follow the feeling because you will be right in these situations. Check the coil and swap with a new one and you won’t have any issues. This may happen when the whole vaporizer is about to break and it starts mixing new and old flavors you used.
Another reason you should replace it is if there are leaks. You shouldn’t throw it away instead check where the leakage is happening so you can prevent any further damage. Examine the coil first because it is usually the main problem. A filled tank can also be the reason or worn-out O-rings. This isn’t the most common problem users have. Read more on this page.
Other signs may include bad vape production and gurgling sounds. When you hear a gurgling sound, it doesn’t have to apply to the coil but it can be a culprit. You will notice the difference every time you inhale. It’s time to buy a new one if it continues after you replaced the coil.

How to Replace the Vape Wick?
Before changing it, make sure it is clean and that there aren’t any leftovers on the vaporizer. You will need a pair of tweezers so you can take out the cotton you used and place a new one. Try not to damage the mod because you need to disassemble it to place the material. You will find out that the color is gray or black once you open the device.

When you remove the old one, clean the coil so there is no e-juice you used. Let it dry before placing a new one so you won’t have mixed flavors. Twist the cotton so it will fit and make it thin so it will be easier to change it later. The last step is to tuck the ends but also leave a bit of space so there is some airflow. When inserting e-juice afterward, make sure it is evenly distributed on the cotton and coil.

What about Dry Herb Vapes?
The most important thing you should know if you are buying your first vaporizer is that dry herb types don’t use wicks because there isn’t any liquid. The heating element they use will degrade over time and that is why you can buy the whole component for replacement. It’s time to change it when the vapor quality is lower. Compared to the coil, it will last much longer.
Using this type of device is better when you consider maintenance compared to vaping with e-liquid. Most of them will use a chamber system. But, there can also be a coil that you need to wax from time to time. The market is still growing. Every year you have new upgraded models. Try to do your research and find the best quality you can.   Some people claim it isn’t good for your health but if you follow the manual and use it within a certain boundary, you shouldn’t have problems.