When it comes to vaporizers, there are really three main options: Pens, pods, and MODs. Of these, MODs are the most unique. They’re bigger, bulkier, and more difficult to use. Realistically, they’re really only meant for advanced vapers – and even then, many users prefer the safety and convenience of vaporizer pens and pods.
Vaporizer pods and pens have a number of similarities, so it’s hard for the new vaper to know which best suits their needs. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

A vaporizer pen can come in many different forms and shapes, however, they all share a similar breakdown of components. The two main features are a cartridge that houses oil or concentrates, and a power source (battery) that heats the cartridge and produces vapor. Vape pens were first mass-produced for the e-cigarette market, and have been recently re-engineered and designed specifically for high viscosity extracts

A pod-based vape system is quite simple. It contains a battery housing unit that is rechargeable and meant to be kept by the user, and a “pod” that is filled with oil and can be easily dropped into the battery housing unit in order to vape. Once the “pod” is empty, the user simply removes, and swaps in a brand new fully filled pod. It’s portable and convenient like a regular vape pen and also has a reusable battery. Pod-based vape systems can come in a variety of shapes, however some of the most popular devices are small, slick, and discreet like a USB stick.

Both vape pens and pods are simple to use. There is no need to prime wicks or swap out coils. And with prefilled cartridges found in pens and closed pods, users don’t have to fill tanks themselves. Both are beginner-friendly, although the pens are easier to use.

Unlike pods, there is no need to switch out cartridges, which makes vape pens ready to use right from purchase. As well, one-time use pens do not need to monitor battery life, as the battery lasts until the cartridge is empty.

Once again, both pods and pens are convenient options. They’re portable and require no customization, technical knowledge or set-up time to use. Both are handheld and battery operated, so you can take them anywhere.

The most convenient option is the disposable pen. Disposable vape pens are ready-to-go right out of the gate. Users buy a preloaded disposable that comes charged and ready for use. Once they finish it, they dispose and replace. This convenience has made disposables the most popular type of vaporizer.

If longevity is the goal, vape pods are the best option. The design of pens is geared more towards convenience than longevity. Pods use larger cartridges that are easy to replace so you can keep vaping with the same device.

As well, pod vaporizer systems use larger, more powerful batteries which are longer lasting. The Greentank CORE Pod System, for example, uses rechargeable 400 Mah Lithium-Ion batteries – the strongest on the market.

High-quality vape pen manufacturers, use better batteries. This helps to bridge the gap between pod and pen batteries. Lithium-ion are the best vape pen batteries. They are low maintenance and have a high energy density, allowing for shorter charging times and longer lasting charges.

One of the original appeals people had with vapes and e-cigs was as a tool to help quit smoking. More recent studies are finding that CBD oil helps people quit cigarettes. CBD oil vaping reduces cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and smoking cues.
As a result, cannabis vaporizers are becoming especially popular among people trying to quit cigarettes. For people transitioning from cigarettes to vaping, both pens and pods are appropriate, but pens are typically preferred.
For former smokers, vape pens are much more familiar. Their shape, weight, handling, and use are more similar to a traditional cigarette than a vape pod is.

So long as you’re purchasing from a high-quality vape manufacturer, both options offer strong benefits. To choose between vaporizer pens and pods it’s best to consider how your customer base will use them.
Here’s a quick chart to compare:

For vaporizer retailers, it’s important to consider the right vapes for your customers. When choosing a vape pen wholesaler, it’s best to choose a manufacturer with a diverse line of products to satisfy all consumer needs.