No matter the material you plan on vaping, you will need a mouthpiece, an essential piece of kit for any vaping setup. The mouthpiece acts as a corridor through which vapor passes from a heating chamber or element directly to the user. We have compiled a list of tips regarding mouthpieces to ensure you have the best vaping experience possible.

Dealing with a Hot Vape Mouthpiece:
Something that often goes hand in hand with vaping is the hot mouthpiece problem. For many, this is an issue they have painfully experienced. So, what are the solutions? One way to deal with this is to have quicker vaping sessions with efficiency in mind; a mouthpiece will continue to heat up through repeated use in a short period of time. You can also change out the mouthpiece if it becomes too hot, a lot of brands offer replacement mouthpieces for their products. In addition, you can find rubber mouthpiece sleeves or extensions to reduce the heat accrued on the mouthpiece through use. At the end of the day, do keep in mind that vaporizers can reach up to 400 degrees.

Rubber Extension Sleeves
Briefly touched upon in our first point, rubber extensions sleeves are a great way of reducing the risk of burning yourself on a hot mouthpiece. They are usually made from silicone, making them easy to clean and affordable if in need of replacement. In all, this is a great way to get around a common problem experienced by lots of vapers. These attachments are useful for all materials, including dry herbs, e-liquids, oils, etc. 

Trouble Getting Vapor
A problem many users experience is a lack of vapor when inhaling and firing the battery. This can be attributed to multiple reasons, including clogged mouthpieces, chambers that have been too tightly packed, or even vapor leaking from the coil. Another issue often overlooked is a low battery. If you have been using your vaporizer throughout the day and find that the potency has been dropping off, you may need to charge your device. 

Dealing with a clogged Mouthpiece and filter screens:
Now that you know the source of the problem, what is the best solution? Over time, wax or oils that have solidified, or herb particles can clog up your mouthpiece, effectively blocking the vapor path. The goes for filter screens which are used with certain vaporizers, particularly dry herbs. We recommend you clean the components of your vape if you can. This includes the mouthpiece, filter screens, and heating chamber walls if applicable. Preventing clogs is the best way to avoid a lackluster experience.

Cracked or Broken Mouthpiece:
A common issue with mouthpieces is that they tend to crack or break over time. This especially the case when they are constantly stressed with high temperatures and then subsequently placed in low temperature areas, i.e. expansion and contraction of glass and plastic. Due to this, bumps and cracks may appear. The best way of avoiding this is to have a replacement on hand when your mouthpiece does break. Preparing a head of time is the only way to avoid being left with a vape you cannot use because the mouthpiece is broken. Do not get stranded, buy one today!

How to find the right Replacement Mouthpiece for your Vape
A ton of vapes use their own mouthpiece while others have a universal mouthpiece. We recommend you consult the manufacturer instructions for your vape to see if a specific component is needed. Not all mouthpieces are compatible with specific vapes. Avoid the headache and do a little research ahead of your purchase!