Vape Expos and Their Role in the Vaping Industry

Vape Expos, also known as VapeCons, are on the rise as the popularity of vaping increases. There are now vape expos across the globe, from Dublin to Dubai and everywhere in between. Several expos occur within the UK throughout the year, with some taking place over one day and others stretching over whole weekends. 

E-cigarette or vaping expos allow existing e-cigarette users and new users to come together and increase their knowledge of vape products. They can learn more about e-cigarettes, vaping, vape strengths, vape flavours and much more. The expos give e-cigarette users the chance to try out new flavours, meet and interact with representatives from vape brands and meet like-minded people. 

As well as seeing all the recognised brands, visitors to vape expos will find smaller and lesser-known brands. Visitors can try products from these alternative brands that they might not ordinarily find elsewhere. For small companies, vape expos can be an incredible place to launch their brand, find new customers, get feedback from visitors, and then use this information to improve their brand and products. 

Vape expos also allow visitors to see demonstrations and learn about new products before officially launching. At many expos, there are competitions where individuals can win e-cigarette prizes and merchandise, and there are competitions for brands to win recognition and awards. 

Vape expos usually attract large crowds. As well as everyday vape users, there will usually be some famous faces too. There is a crowd of vaping YouTubers with large followings who review new hardware, liquid flavours and other e-cigarette products and share these with the many thousands who follow their channels. Vape expos will often invite influencers like these to come to their events and share information, pictures, and videos with their followers. If you’re a fan of any vape influencers or YouTubers, keep your eyes peeled for them and don’t be afraid to ask for a selfie or autograph!