Vape Etiquette Mistakes You May Currently Be Making

Without even realizing it, many vape enthusiasts engage in etiquette faux pas that draw the ire of the people around them. If you develop a reputation for shrugging off vape etiquette, there’s a good chance that even close friends and family members will start thinking twice before spending time with you. Although certain vape habits may seem perfectly natural to you, it’s pure folly to expect other people in your life – especially non-vapers – to feel the same. So, if you’re guilty of any of the following etiquette blunders, you should work to correct these behaviors. 

Vaping in Other People’s Homes 
It’s entirely possible that you vape in your own home on a regular basis. Whether you’re enjoying a meal, watching TV, or unwinding after a long day, vaping in one’s own residence generally isn’t considered a problem. However, there is absolutely no reason to expect that your friends and family members share your feelings on home-based vaping. Even if they tend to be cool with vaping in general, this shouldn’t be taken to mean that they welcome vaping in their respective residences. 

So, the next time you feel like having a vape while visiting friends or family, make sure to ask for permission before proceeding to pull out your vaping equipment. This will eliminate the need for any guesswork and stands to prevent arguments and other awkward situations from arising. Additionally, make sure to ask every time, even if the other party has given you permission to vape in the past. Their stance on the subject may have changed since the last time you visited them, and you shouldn’t assume that being granted permission once means that you’ve been granted it indefinitely.   

Vaping When Dining with Company 
Again, the behavior you engage in when you’re alone in your own residence isn’t always considered acceptable in the company of others. Case in point: meals. While you have the freedom to vape before, during, and after meals when dining alone at home, the same can’t be said for dining with the company. Not even fellow vape enthusiasts are likely to be amenable to dealing with your vapor clouds when they’re trying to enjoy a meal. Furthermore, non-vapers are likely to become downright incredulous.

So, if you’re dining at the residence of a friend or family member, at a restaurant, or in any other group setting, simply abstain from vaping – especially at the table. The people with whom you’re dining should not be made to feel uncomfortable simply because you can’t wait to have a vape. If you absolutely can’t make it through a meal without vaping, at least have the courtesy to take it outside.

Assuming You Can Vape in Public Spaces 
You should never assume that you can vape in a public space – because, in all likelihood, you can’t. Although some businesses are more forthright about their vaping policies than others, it’s generally a safe assumption that vaping is prohibited. So, just because you don’t see a cut-and-dry vaping policy plastered on the wall when you enter a business doesn’t mean vaping is automatically acceptable.

If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding a business’s stance on vaping, make sure to ask before taking out your vape pen. Taking a few moments to make a quick inquiry can save you a tremendous amount of embarrassment – and possibly even prevent you from incurring a ban or winding up in legal trouble.

Failing to Properly Maintain Your Equipment 
In the absence of properly maintained equipment, both you and the people around you are liable to be inconvenienced by your vaping. Unsurprisingly, poorly maintained equipment is prone to leakage, which can create messes and pave the way for a variety of embarrassing situations. To help ensure that you’re able to dutifully care for your equipment, consult a handy guide to rebuildable vapes.   

Although some vapers fail to acknowledge them, there are a number of etiquette rules you’ll need to follow when vaping in the presence of others. Just as you would expect friends and family members to exhibit courtesy when engaging in pastimes you’re not keen on, so too should you show basic consideration to the people in your life. Even if you don’t think you’re guilty of any vape-related faux pas, there’s a chance you’re violating basic vape etiquette without even being aware of it. With this in mind, make an effort to avoid the mistakes discussed above.