Vape Coils Keep Burning Out – Flavours That Reduce Coil Life

Vape Coils Keep Burning Out? It Could Well Be Your Flavours
For vapers, few things are more frustrating than when your vape coils keep burning out – not least because you run the risk of the dreaded “dry hit”!

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to put a dampener on your vaping experience, it’s taking a hefty hit on a vape with a burnt out coil. Sadly, we’ve all been there, and if you’ve done it once then it’s not something you’ll want to repeat anytime soon!

Along with the risk of an ungodly throat and lung hit, changing your coils more frequently will also hit you hard in the pocket too. One of the great things about vaping is the amount of money you can save compared to smoking, but if you’re changing your coils on a daily basis then those savings could soon go up in smoke – or vapour!

You might have noticed some flavours of e-liquid tend to burn your coil faster than others. If so, well spotted as the flavour you vape can indeed have a major influence on the lifespan of your coils.

So if your vape coils keep burning out and you’re keen to learn how to prolong coil life, here are some of the flavours you might want to avoid as well as some tips for getting the most out of your coils.

Are You Using the Right Type of E-Liquid?
Before we get into the flavours that are responsible for coils burning out in next to no time, we should also point out that using the wrong type of e-liquid with your device can also seriously affect coil life.

As you may or may not know, e-liquids are made using different proportions of VG and PG. Some vape juices use a 70/30 VG:PG ratio, while others use 50/50. The type of e-liquid you use will depend on the device and coils you’re using.

An e-liquid with a higher proportion of VG such as 70/30 vape juices should only be used with sub-ohm devices as these are the only kits powerful enough to properly vaporise the thicker liquid.

If you were to add 70/30 e-liquid to a coil above 1-ohm, the coil wouldn’t get hot enough to vaporise all the e-liquid, leading to “gunking”. This term is used for when the cotton around your coil becomes over-saturated with thick, syrup like liquid and becomes unusable.

On the flip side, 50/50 e-liquids are designed for lower powered devices with coils that have a resistance above 1-ohm. The high resistance of these coils stops them from getting too hot, meaning the thinner PG is vaporised correctly. Using a 50/50 e-liquid with a sub-ohm coil would mean the liquid is vaporised too quickly, causing the cotton to dry out faster than the liquid can be absorbed. This will lead to the cotton burning from the heat of the coil.

So always be sure to use the right e-liquid in your device or you’ll be forever changing coils.

Which E-Liquids Burn Coil Faster?
So now we’ve established you’re using the right type of e-liquid, we can be quite confident it’s the flavours you’re using that are responsible for your coils burning out quicker than they should. The question is, which are the worst offenders?

Whether it’s candy, cake or cola, many of us love those sinfully sweet flavours. But if you’re a vaper with a sweet tooth then brace yourself for bad news as despite tasting great, these flavours can put some serious strain on your coils.

A good rule of thumb is the sweeter the flavour, the worse it is on your coils. So if longevity is important then the candy and dessert flavours should probably be avoided or at least used sparingly.

That’s not to say you can never enjoy these flavours. While they’re certainly less forgiving on your coils, you could still vape them from time to time. Just remember to limit your use of these sweeter varieties if you don’t want to go through coils like a hot knife through butter!

Flavours a Little More Forgiving On Your Coils
If you’re a fan of sweet e-liquids but you’re frustrated that your vape coils keep burning out, thankfully there are some flavours that strike a nice balance between taste and longevity.

These include many of the fruit flavours out there, while menthol is another great-tasting e-liquid with a sweet kick that won’t do too much damage to your coils.

Tips for Prolonging Coil Life
If, like us, you believe that flavour is by far the most important thing when you vape, you may be intent on vaping your favourite e-liquid regardless of what it does to your coils! If that’s the case then we salute you, taste trooper!

For those who tend to prioritise flavour over coil life, here are some helpful tips which should stop your coil burning out quite so fast. 

Avoid Dry Burning
One way to decrease the lifespan of your coils is to dry burn them. While this can be an effective way of cleaning your coil, it’s also a great way of ensuring it burns out quickly, so if coil life is important then it’s best to avoid this practice.

Avoid Coloured E-Liquids
Along with the sweetness of your e-liquids, another thing to watch out for is colourings. While these may look the part when used with a clear tank, coloured e-liquids can seriously take their toll on your coils. So for maximum coil life be sure to use clear e-liquids. 

Remember, with e-liquids some ingredients can alter the colour slightly from time to time. For instance, when you add nicotine it can start to oxidise and give the liquid a slightly yellow tinge. However this wouldn’t cause any damage to your coils, whereas the brightly-coloured, attention-grabbing ingredients found in some e-liquids most definitely will!

Prime Your Coils
If your vape coils keep burning out, we can’t stress enough how important priming your coils is, especially if you want to avoid that unmistakable burnt taste. As well as providing a less-than-pleasant taste, hitting the vape while the wick is still dry will also put unnecessary strain on your coil, resulting in a shorter lifespan. 

Allow the vape juice to saturate the wicking material in your coil by waiting a few minutes before taking your first hit. If the device you’re using has variable wattage, you should also turn the power down for a short while and take smaller hits before gradually increasing your draw until you’re eventually vaping as normal.

Turn Down the Power
If your device has variable power, try turning the wattage down as this is another way of extending coil life. For those who love the thicker clouds and are reluctant to compromise, sadly shorter coil life will be an unavoidable trade-off.

Quality Over Quantity
We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. Well, when it comes to vape coils, it’s most definitely true! 

The vape market is awash with cheap options, but the problem with these sub-par products is they simply don’t last. That’s why you’re always best paying that little bit more for reliable, well-built products made from good-quality materials.

Hopefully now you have a good understanding of e-liquid flavours and how they may well be responsible if your vape coils keep burning out. If there’s anything you’re still unsure about or you’d just like some more information, check out our helpful Vape Coil Guide where you should find everything you need!