Vape Coils: 5 Vape Tech That Give You the Best Vaping Experience

Here at Innokin, resting on our laurels is the last thing we’d ever want to do. We believe that vaping is all about challenging conventions and always striving to do better – and as mature as the vaping industry has become, there’s still plenty of room for experimentation and innovation.

While we’re certainly proud of our accomplishments in the world of vape mod technology, true innovation in vaping isn’t just a matter of releasing better vaping devices – it’s also about developing new and better vape tanks. More specifically, it’s about the vape coils that reside within those tanks.

Could anything possibly be more important to the quality of your vaping experience than the humble vape coil inside your tank? When you think about what really defines your vaping experience, the coil is at the center of everything. It’s the component of your vaping setup that generates the vapor you inhale, so it’s absolutely crucial in determining the vapor production and flavor quality that you enjoy when vaping.

If you want to have a better vaping experience, you need to have a better vape coil. In this article, we’d like to tell you about some of the exciting vape coil technologies that we’ve developed or furthered here at Innokin.

Mesh Vape Coils

Mesh coils are arguably the most important products to hit the vaping industry over the past several years. By substituting the traditional spiral-shaped wire with one or more strips of mesh, a mesh coil couples impressive surface area with low mass. Compared to vape coils with spiral-wound heating wires, mesh coils produce larger vapor clouds while having significantly lower wattage requirements. A mesh coil heats up instantly when you press your device’s fire button, and mesh coils are also virtually silent during use.

The fact that mesh coils are nearly perfect in every way, though, doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for improvement. One of the latest developments here at Innokin is the Plex3D mesh coil used in several of our vape tanks such as the Innokin Plex. Instead of using the flat mesh design that most vape tank manufacturers use, we’ve given our mesh coils a three-dimensional texture for improved surface area and even better flavor and vapor production. Even if you have prior experience with mesh coil tanks, we think the Innokin Plex will absolutely blow you away.

Cross-Compatible Vape Coil Systems
One of the elements of vaping that can sometimes be frustrating is the fact that buying a new vaping device or vape tank often means that you’ll need to start buying an entirely different type of vape coil. A modern vape tank, however, often has a wide array of coil options. There’s no way to tell which coil is your favorite until you’ve tried them all, and that can often require a significant investment. By the time you’ve tried every coil available for your current vape tank, a new tank will come out – and the entire process will start over. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could upgrade your vaping device or tank without starting over with an entirely new range of vape coils?

We agree that choosing the perfect vape coil for your needs – and having the ability to stick with that coil even as you buy different vaping devices and tanks – can make the vaping experience infinitely more enjoyable while removing a major source of stress. That’s why we’ve developed the Innokin Z series of vape coils. Innokin Z coils are compatible with a wide variety of products. Here are just a few of them. Every Innokin Z coil works with every product on this list.

·Innokin Zenith tank
·Innokin Zenith Pro tank
·Innokin Zenith II tank
·Innokin Zlide tank
·Innokin Go Z vape pen
·Innokin Kroma-R vape mod
·Innokin Zlide Tube vape pen
·Innokin Adept Zlide vape mod
·Innokin Kroma-Z pod system

As you can see, we offer a wide ecosystem of devices and tanks that work with all Innokin Z vape coils. If you have a particular Z coil that you prefer, you can buy any product within this ecosystem and continue using your favorite coil.

Advanced Vape Coil Wick Materials
Although the heating surface is the key component of any vape coil, it’s not the only component that influences the quality of your vaping experience. The wick is also incredibly important because it’s responsible for bringing e-liquid from the tank’s reservoir to the coil’s heating surface. The wick is also of vital importance for flavor quality because it directly touches the heating surface in most vape coil designs. If the wick burns, you’ll definitely notice a burnt flavor when you vape.

Until fairly recently, virtually all vape coils on the market used cotton wicks – and while cotton works well for transporting e-liquid efficiently and giving you a neutral, enjoyable flavor, a cotton coil also burns easily if you vape at high wattage or forget to keep your tank full.

Here at Innokin, we believe it’s time for a major update to the cotton coils of the past. That’s why we’re now using a variety of alternative fiber blends in our latest vape coils. With these fiber blends, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll still enjoy the pure flavor of organic cotton, but you’ll also enjoy added heat resistance and a longer-lasting coil. These are some of the Innokin vape coils that offer alternative fiber blends.

·Some Innokin Z coils use a blend of organic cotton and wood pulp.
·Innokin Plex coils use a blend of organic cotton and wood pulp.
·Innokin GoMax coils use a blend of organic cotton and wood pulp.

Vape Coils That Don’t Require Replacement

For vapers who treasure convenience and simplicity above all else, the final frontier isn’t a vape coil that lasts longer – it’s a coil that never requires replacement. Although creating a vape coil that lasts forever may not be a realistic possibility for the vaping industry, we have created an alternative that we believe many people will find extremely compelling.

For some people, the fact that vape coils eventually burn out isn’t particularly annoying. A vape coil is subjected to intense heat during use, and there’s no way that a component subjected to such heat can last forever. Many people completely understand that heat is the enemy of all electronics, but they still dislike the process of replacing their vape coils – either because it’s inconvenient or because they dislike the feeling of e-liquid on their fingers.
If that sounds like you, we think you’re going to love the amazing Innokin Go series of vape tanks. The new Innokin GoMax is our latest addition to this product line. It’s an incredible sub-ohm vape tank with a mesh coil that rivals the vapor production of the industry’s best tanks – but it has a unique feature up its sleeve in that the coil is a permanent part of the tank and doesn’t require replacement.

So, how does vaping work when you use an Innokin Go tank? The answer is that you simply use the tank until you’re no longer happy with the flavor. Until then, you can refill the tank when it’s empty and continue using it like any other refillable vape tank. When you’re no longer happy with the flavor, you’ll dispose of the entire tank and begin using a new one. Every Innokin Go tank has a recyclable PCTG outer shell, so these tanks – despite being disposable – actually have less of an environmental impact compared to most vape tanks.

Vape Coils That Interface with Your Vaping Device
When you think about innovations that stretch the limits of vape coil technology, the innovations that lead to better-performing or longer-lasting coils – like the things we’ve described so far in this article – are probably some of the first things that come to your mind. Here at Innokin, though, one of the innovations that have us most excited is the notion of vaping devices and vape coils that actually work synergistically with one another to promote performance and longevity characteristics that would be impossible through hardware improvements alone.

For an example of this philosophy in practice, look no further than the new Innokin Sensis. We consider the Sensis to be the world’s first true fourth-generation vaping device, and the thing that makes it truly revolutionary is the fact that it uses the Alternating Current Mode (ACM) of power delivery rather than the traditional Direct Current mode that vaping devices have traditionally used in the past. Our use of AC power delivery for the Sensis makes it possible for you to have finer control than ever over the vapor production and flavor characteristics of your vaping experience.

With regard to vape coils specifically, though, our usage of cutting-edge technology allows the Innokin Sensis to do something that’s never been possible with any vaping device before. Between puffs, the Sensis automatically runs at 40-percent power for a fraction of a second to generate a gentle heat that encourages your coil’s wick to refresh itself with e-liquid instantly. Our new Refresh mode helps your vape coils last longer and ensures that you’ll get the purest and most enjoyable flavor possible with every puff.

No vaping device represents our vision of the future of vaping more clearly than the Innokin Sensis. For the first time, it’s possible for vaping devices and vape coils to interface intelligently with each other for the betterment of every aspect of your vaping experience – and we think you’re going to love the result.