Vape Club: Cash to Quit Challenge

Press Release
Quitting smoking has just become a whole lot more tempting! With the cost-of-living crisis leaving smokers everywhere second-guessing their tobacco habits, Vape Club has something that might help!

The UK’s leading vape retailer has launched its Cash To Quit Challenge, where five lucky, soon-to-be ex-smokers will receive £500 each. There’s still plenty of time to sign up and throw your hat into the ring as entries close on Midnight, 30th October 2022.

How To Take Part
If you’re reading this you might already be a vaper, but we reckon you have family and friends who could do with an extra push and a little incentivising.

The five participants will receive support throughout the four weeks, which includes an introduction call to find out what sort of smoker they are so that Vape Club can recommend the perfect kind of vape to help them move away from cigarettes.

Their vape of choice and any extras like e-liquid, coils, and pods will be sent out free of charge throughout the course of the challenge.

Apart from an introduction call to help pick out a vape kit, participants will attend weekly video call sessions to find out how they’re getting on and troubleshoot any issues they might be experiencing.

During these calls, Vape Club will assess how their kit of choice is working and offer participants the option to switch to something else that might work better – free of charge.

Each of the five participants will be asked to record a short interview that paints a real picture of the smoker’s quitting journey, including what bits were tricky and what was easier than they might have thought.

This interview can help encourage other people to make the switch and show that they’re not alone.

Plus, it’ll highlight the realities of switching; even if it hasn’t been a complete success: whether it’s a couple of cigarettes down the pub or one at the end of a long day, it’s more about the quitting process and showing others that there is no ‘correct way to switch’ and that everybody’s journey is different.

At the end of the four weeks, a final call will take place and on its successful completion participants will be eligible for their incentive. Researchers at the University of East Anglia have found that when smokers are given a financial incentive, half of them manage to quit.

When you combine an incentive with guided sessions from a team of experts, it’s a recipe for success!

As part of their Stoptober push, Vape Club is looking to help more smokers realise the cost of cigarettes. Their new Vaping VS. Smoking Calculator can show how much you can save by switching to vaping, by simply entering how much you smoke a day and whether it’s roll-ups or pre-made cigarettes.

It’s also useful for people who have already switched to vaping, as it shows the one-off and running costs of different kits, and how much could be saved by changing what sort of kit they use, from disposable to prefilled and refillable vapes.

This programme is open to UK residents aged 21 and over. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried vaping before and it hasn’t worked, they’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

The closing date for sign-up is the 30th of October, after which five participants will be chosen and contacted directly by Vape Club for age verification and to begin the process.