Uwell Popreel P1 Review - The 2nd Generation Of Uwell Popreel Series

"POPREEL Family" from Uwell has welcomed its second member - Popreel P1 after POPREEL N1. We can predict that the N series and P series will also have more members in the future. What’s new for the Uwell Popreel P1? let’s find out at this review.

What can we expect from Uwell Popreel P1?

Design & Appearance
Popreel P1 is specially designed for young people who enjoy fashion and are willing to explore new things. They will purchase e-cigarettes because of the product’s appearance, famous brands, good flavors, and fun to use. Popreel P1 can meet their demands.

As the first product of the P series, Popreel P1 has upgraded shell. The inner layer of the plastic shell has a design of water ripples on it. The outer layer is completely transparent. Thanks to the dual-layer plastic shell, the product is durable. 

POPREEL P1's macaron-color pod is fresh and unique in the e-cigarette market. Vapers can freely mix and match the colors of the pod and the device. There is three-orientation visual window on the pod, and the scale line on the pod allows vapers to clearly know how much e-liquid is left.

UWELL has improved the pod's leakage-proof and durability on POPREEL P1. After more than ten refills, the POPREEL P1 pod can still provide good flavor. 

Main Features:
1. New Popreel P1 Cartridge, with three-orientation visual window & top-filling
2. Built-in 1.2ohm mesh coil, with Pro-Focs flavor adjusting technology
3. Beauty & durability comes from two-layer molding

Uwell Popreel P1 vs Uwell Popreel N1