UKVIA Sustainable Vaping Week Kicks Off!

Today marks the launch of the first ever “Sustainable Vaping Week” and the “Recycle Vapes” information hub.

Both are a campaign by the UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) to educate customers and the vaping industry to take positive action and reduce the impact on the environment of vaping waste.

Sustainable Vaping Week
This will be running from today 16th October 2023 and it follows the International E-Waste day which was the 14th of October.

The campaign aims to mobilise the UK vaping industry to use their stores, online media and social channels to educate vapers on the need to recycle / dispose of their vapes in a safe and sustainable way.

There are plenty of resources such as downloadable posters and social media posts to help generate interest. Plus of course we will be joining in!

Recycle Vapes Information Hub
The two main categories on the Recycle Vapes information hub are for Vapers and the Vaping Industry.

This section is to educate us vapers into what options there are to help prevent vape waste.

According to the page a study by Material Focus found that around 5 Million single use (Disposable) vapes are being thrown away every week.

Here you can find information on how you can comply with the related regulations and educate customers on vape recycling.

There are two presentations which you can download from the Environment Agency and the Office for Product Safety and Standards which cover the applicable regulations.

Plus they have a guide to help you select a waste management company for the return of used vapes.