UK Vape Regulations Lead the World

The “Effective Anti-smoking Policies Global Index” produced by We Are Innovation, a network of individuals and institutions focussed on innovative solutions to solve problems, is a leading, comprehensive study, serving “as a guide for a more effective regulation of smokeless nicotine products and for eradicating smoking”. It recognises the UK as a world leader with its pro-vaping policies to combat smoking related disease and death.

The authors of the Index looked at public health policies and legislation from 59 countries. They conducted an evaluation over 10 distinct categories including the regulatory framework, the level of prohibition, and policies for display, packaging, and taxation.

The full category list:

·Regulatory Framework
·Retail Availability
·Online Sales
·Promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction

The Index confirms that the evidence obtained from independent research studies and meta-analyses “all agree that [e-cigarettes] are 95 to 98 percent safer than tobacco consumed in the traditional way by combustion”. It is a glowing endorsement of the benefit of switching from smoking to vaping.
Not only does the Index confirm the reduced harm benefit of vaping, but it also confirms that “the most up-to-date scientific evidence” shows vaping is “the most effective method to abandon combusted tobacco and avoid almost all smoking-related health harms”.

The authors recommend that all countries should place the promotion of vaping at the heart of their public health policies.
The actions taken by the UK Government since 2010 along with the support now being delivered through the National Health Service means that the United Kingdom now leads the world through the promotion of vaping for smoking cessation.

The authors write: “the UK presents the best legal framework for vaping”.
If you are wondering which countries are doing the worst, the list is bottomed by Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay – but the worst nation is deemed to be Australia.
The Index suggests that countries should follow the UK’s lead as “more than 8 million people die prematurely as a result of smoking each year”, and that the traditional “Quit or Die” approach produces nothing but “negative consequences”.

The authors state: “The evidence warns against prohibitionist measures. Restricting access and appeal among vape products…does not protect public health but threatens to derail a trend that if continued could accelerate the demise of cigarettes to the point of saving 1 billion lives this century.”
They conclude that intelligent legislation that maximises the benefits offered by vape products is evidence-based and open to innovation. They say that risks must be balanced with the cost of doing nothing and that “high bureaucratic and tax barriers nullify positive future transformations”.
In addition, the Index finds that countries must place more effort into the education of their populations, smoking and non-smoking, and raise the level of understanding of health professionals.
Effective Anti-smoking Policies Global Index is yet another glowing endorsement of the benefits of vaping and its power to reduce the harm caused by tobacco.