True Vaping Differences Between Freebase and Salt-Based Tobacco Flavors

If you’re one of the many vapers who has recently made the switch from freebase vape juices to juices containing salt-based nicotine, perhaps you’ve noticed that there’s something a little different about your tobacco flavor experience, but you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is.  In fact, a lot of vapers experience this subtle shift after making the jump, and many tend to blame it on the type of nicotine.
In reality, there’s no reason why salt-based and freebase nicotine would give you two different flavor experiences.  That’s because neither type of nicotine has an aroma nor a flavor profile.  Therefore, you can’t blame the change in flavor on your new nicotine preference.
However, there are some factors affecting the flavor that are the result of you switching to this new style of vaping.  So, yes, switching from a traditional to a conventional mod setup to even a pod mod system can slightly change the way that your tobacco-flavored e-liquid tastes.

VG/PG Ratio
Perhaps you already know that the VG/PG ratio of your e-liquid has a decent impact on how your tobacco flavor tastes.  Each ingredient has a different consistency, with VG being thick while PG is relatively thin.  The consistency of your vape just will have an effect on how you perceive the flavor that you’re vaping because of how it determines the way in which your coil heats up the e-liquid.  Basically, different temperatures bring out different flavor notes, and your e-liquid’s consistency has a lot to do with how hot that coil needs to get in order to turn your vape juice into vapor.

The Device You’re Using
Your mod also has a lot to do with how that tobacco flavor tastes, as you’ll see.

·Pod Mods: Low-wattage devices that operate as MTL systems. This means that the e-liquid spends a longer time on the palate, which results in a more complex but slightly more subdued flavor.
 ·Electronic Cigarettes: Operate at very low output levels, which means a weaker flavor overall.
 ·Box Mods: Can reach high output levels but are DL devices, which means that the flavor will be stronger, but it will spend less time on your palate, and therefore the flavor profile will be less complex.
 ·Mech Mods: Highly customizable devices, so your flavor experience depends on a broad range of factors.

The Atomizer/Tank/Cartridge and Coils You’re Using
Sub-ohm or conventional tanks and pod cartridges have different effects on your flavor experience.  Sub-ohm and conventional tanks utilize sub-ohm coils that operate at very low resistance levels in order to be compatible with the high output levels of mods.  These low-resistance coils will provide a slightly weaker flavor but larger clouds.
Sub-ohm coils also utilize thick cotton wicks that absorb a lot of e-liquid.  This brings out certain flavor notes of a freebase nic vape juice that would be undetectable if the coil were to have a higher resistance level.
Meanwhile, pod mod cartridges utilize much smaller coils that tend to contain wicks made from synthetic fibers.  They absorb a lot less e-liquid at a time, which means that your flavor profile will be slightly different in terms of which notes are more prominent.  Additionally, pod cartridge coils tend to deliver a more intense flavor because the resistance levels are higher than those of sub-ohm coils.

Whether or Not the Tobacco is Blended with Another Flavor
Lastly, your tobacco flavor experience will be different from brand to brand.  Additionally, many e-liquid manufacturers produce vape juices that combine tobacco with other flavoring agents to create new and unique flavor profiles.  So, for example, if you’re used to a caramel-infused tobacco flavor containing freebase nicotine, and you switch to a salt nic tobacco flavor that’s blended with, say, apples, your flavor experience will be noticeably different.

Enjoy the Tobacco Flavor You Desire by Keeping These Things in Mind
Yes, it’s true that tobacco flavors may taste different depending on the type of nicotine you’re vaping, but interestingly enough, it’s not because of the nicotine itself.  What’s most important is that you come up with a vaping setup that provides you with the most satisfactory flavor experience possible.  And, don’t forget to invest in high-quality tobacco-flavored vape juices for the most pleasing results.