Many customers who are new to vaping end up having the same questions or complaints. “My vape isn’t working”, “It doesn’t taste right”, “This vape is too difficult to use”, and so on. Thankfully, a lot of vape-related questions actually have simple answers. To help you troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing with your portable vaporizer, read on to learn about the common issues and how to fix them.

This is the number one complaint from a lot of users new to vaping, and thankfully, it is usually the easiest to resolve. Although we are all quick to negate any claims of user-error, that is often the source of the issue.

A great place to start with troubleshooting this issue is to check that your vape battery is fully charged. New batteries are often only partially charged out of the box and require a full charge before use. But when you are excited about getting started with vaping, you want to pull the battery straight out of the package and use it. We don’t blame you for your eagerness -- vaping is great! But before you call the store for a refund, give your battery some time to charge first. Also, be sure to check that the charging cable is plugged into the proper outlet and the battery is showing signs of charging taking place.

Another common solution is looking into the specifics of how to turn your vape battery on and allow it the proper time to heat up for use. Each vape battery brand usually has a unique way of turning on, with safety precautions taken so that it will not accidentally activate in your pocket. For vape batteries with buttons, this can be pressing it anywhere from three to five times and then waiting for the vape to reach the designated temperature. It's a great idea to look up the user manual for your vape battery and double-check that you are following the instructions for properly priming your device. Sure, instruction manuals can be boring, but when it comes to using a new vape battery, they are essential.

Your vaporizer not heating correctly is a bit more difficult to troubleshoot, but there are some easy places to start. You’ll first want to look at the material you are wishing to vape, whether it is distillate oil, concentrated wax, or dry herbs. Each of these materials vaporize at a different temperature and you want to ensure that your battery is set to reach that temperature. Most vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers are not dual-use however, and should be preset to the correct temperature for the material they were designed to vaporize.

The best place to start troubleshooting this issue is to make sure that your battery is fully charged and turned on. If that is not the issue, then you should check the connection between your vape pen battery and cartridge. If you are using a disposable vaporizer pen, then this should not be an issue since they were manufactured together and cannot be disconnected. However, if you are using a reusable vape battery and disposable cartridge, you will want to make sure that the connection is tight, but not too tight. Sometimes an extra-firm twist of your cartridge will lead to malfunctions. You will also want to make sure that the connection is clean, literally. If you notice some debris build-up from your vape battery rolling around in the bottom of a bag, take a moment to clean both the battery and cartridge and then reconnect the pieces.

Another common issue with vaporizer batteries is if the atomizer is not working. The atomizer in your vape is what heats the material you are vaping. If you can, you will want to remove the mouthpiece of your vape and see if the atomizer is actively working. Atomizers will eventually wear down with use and need to be replaced. However, if your vape is straight out of the box and not working, you may have received a defective atomizer. You’ll then want to reach out to the manufacturer for a replacement.

One of the worst issues to encounter when vaping is a bad tasting hit. It can turn you off of vaping in an instant and make you think twice about switching back to old school smoking. However, there is usually a simple reason for the vape tasting bad

If your vape is tasting burnt, then you are most likely heating the material past the point that it was intended. If you think this is the case and you use a variable voltage battery, try turning down the power a bit to fit the consistency of the oil you are vaping. Oils can run anywhere from thin to a wax-like consistency and your power levels will need to be adjusted to fit that variable. Although vape batteries can reach high temperatures, it doesn’t mean they are intended to be used at that temperature consistently.

Another source of a burnt taste could be your vape’s atomizer. As mentioned before, atomizers do eventually wear down with consistent use and can wear down even faster if you are vaping wax concentrates. The burnt taste could be coming from a burning atomizer, or heating your atomizer without inhaling. If you accidentally pressed the button to heat up your vape but did not hit it, the material in your cartridge can end up tasting burnt or bad. Give your vape a few cleansing hits and the burnt taste will eventually go away. However, if it is an aging atomizer then you will want to replace this piece for a fresh start.

It can be especially frustrating if your vape appears to be working just fine but is not providing the hit you were looking for. There are a variety of reasons why your vapor could be less flavorful, your clouds less voluptuous, or your draw is restrained. This is often the selling point of new vape technology, but a vape not set up correctly will not provide the vapor you were sold on getting in the first place.

A good place to start troubleshooting this issue is by taking a look at how much material is left in your cartridge. If your oil is running low, this will lead to weak clouds and a less than satisfying vaping experience. You can try adjusting your heat settings in order to maximize the last bits of oil left in your cartridge. Often, you will even need to increase the temperature when attaching a new cartridge and lower it when you reach the last few drops.

If the fill level of your cartridge is not the issue, then take a look at your battery next. Oftentimes, if a vape battery is running low then it will not provide the power needed to heat your wax or oil to temperature and vaporize it properly. Take a moment to provide your battery with a full charge and then try inhaling again. If none of this works, then the issue can most likely be traced back to your atomizer. Make sure that your vape’s atomizer is heating properly or that your coils are actually getting hot. If these pieces are replaceable, then it might be time to invest in new parts in order to refresh your vaping experience.

This is probably the most difficult issue to troubleshoot, mainly because the issue is vague. As mentioned above, there are many reasons why your portable vaporizer is not working correctly. However, if your vape isn’t working then we recommend following the steps outlined above to determine if there is a specific reason for it. However, there are some additional reasons why your vaporizer is not working as intended.

The first possible issue to take a look at is if your vape has proper airflow. If the airflow holes are clogged or dirty, this can create a lot of resistance on the inhale. Try taking the cartridge or mouthpiece off of the vape, and blowing into it to clear any residue. This will also tell you if it is an issue related to airflow or not. If you can easily blow through the mouthpiece of the cartridge, then this is most likely not what is causing issues for your vape.

If your vape is leaking liquid all over the place, this can cause a variety of malfunctions and make quite the mess. To troubleshoot where the leak is coming from, you’ll want to take your vape apart and clean each piece according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Check all of the gaskets and connections to make sure they are properly connected and sealed. In order to prevent any future leaking, it is best to store your vape pen in a standing position. You can place your vape in a cup for storage or place your cartridges in a shot glass, with the mouthpiece facing up. Your vape could also be leaking due to an extreme change in temperature, altitude, or pressure. Or you may have recently dropped your vape and thought nothing of it because the outside did not appear damaged. However, exposing your vaporizer to extreme changes in climate can affect the way they work. Also, a tiny crack in your tank or cartridge can lead to long term leaking.

If none of this works and you are still left with an unsatisfactory vaping experience, it might be time to upgrade your vape setup. Not all vape batteries are created equal and some will provide more power than others.