Want to know a secret to making your e-cigarettes and vaporizers last as long as possible? How about how to fix slight performance issues without having to get an expert involved? Well, here you go.

The following is a basic guide to caring for your gear, and troubleshooting should any problems arise.

Handle with Care, Store with Care
How you handle your e-cigs and how you store them on a daily basis are of extreme importance. While they are made to be durable, and designed to handle a lot, why put them through it? Having a secure case is really important, and even if you choose not to go with one of our cases designed for maximum protection, we advise you to store your vaporizer in a secure way that does not expose it while it’s not in use.

Keep it Clean
Seems obvious, right? Well, it’s just that important and we can’t stress it enough because one of the most common vaporizer troubleshooting solutions involves cleaning your device. Approximately once a week, you should give your mod a good cleaning. All connection parts (where the cartomizer/ battery/ mouthpiece connect) should get cleaned off to make sure there is no excess e-liquid or dust build up. Using a damp cloth or toothbrush is great for this. Cartomizer threads can accumulate debris, so it is smart to give them a good wipe down with a damp cloth pretty regularly. Dirt can cause all sorts of malfunctions, and simply keeping things clean all the time can help avoid trouble. As a bonus, a clean vaporizer has the added benefit of producing better vapor afterwards.

Give it a Rest
APV’s work hard, and when your device isn’t in use, we suggest giving it a rest, and doing so regularly. Hibernation mode was made for this, and it is great for preserving the life of your vaporizer.

Cartomizers do not have long lives. They have a tendency to last somewhere between 2 weeks at the shortest, and 8 weeks at the longest. They are typically all disposable, and you can expect to get at least a solid week of great performance from them before they start to decline.

Things to keep in mind if you suspect your carto is acting up:

·Do not over-tighten the cartomizer when connecting it. If it’s not running right, try adjusting it.
·Keep it away from water; electronic products and water are a no-go.
·Leaks are often a problem that comes from the O-ring, which can be fixed by swapping it out for a new one.
·Call us if you can’t fix the issue; we are all about making sure things go right for you, so we are glad to help if needed!

Vaping with advanced vaporizers can seem intimidating, and like a lot of work, but it’s not. The excellent performance and total satisfaction are completely worth the time it takes to know how to take care of your device.