Top Vaping Trends of 2021

We've observed a number of vaping trends come and go throughout the years, but this year there have seen several amazing trends, which we think are here to stay. Some of the top vaping trends released in 2021 differ from types of vaping devices to the technology within the vapes.

We want to do a deep dive into the trends on the vaping market in 2021, and let you in on what's popping right now in the vaping industry - the highlights:

· Pod Systems

· Nicotine salts

· Durable Products

· Battery Evolution

· Vape Pens

· Disposable Kits

Pod Systems
For everyone that has been part of the vape industry for a while - you'll know pods were a completely different thing back at the start of vaping than they are now. Back in the day, all pods were cartridges that clipped onto a specific pod device. Mod systems, however, came with a more general tank, which was robust and technical but you were able to screw them into your mod, tanks can be mixed and matched with mods as they often have the same screw-in part at the base of the tank.

Recently though, especially this year we have seen a rise in the merge. Pod systems are essentially merging to pod mod systems, which are getting closer to resembling a tank, and some pods are compatible with both pod and mod devices. Pod mod devices are gaining in popularity, because of their adaptability and versatility; most vapers love pod mod devices as they often have the ability to deliver a mouth to lung vaping style as well as a direct to lung style.

Also, these pod mod devices are much more compact and less fiddly than a tank mod combo, and are still able to give you a good level of power with great battery life - some pods now use external batteries, single and dual. This shows us that Pod Mods are certainly a front runner in vaping trends this year, and may be the future of vaping.

Nicotine Salts

Carrying on from 2020 nicotine salts have shown us that they will continue to grow in popularity this year and remain one of the consistent vaping trends of 2021 and beyond. 

Nicotine salts first hit the vape industry in 2017 and were used in pod devices, e cig pens and starter kits. Nicotine salts use natural salts found in tobacco and benzoic acid to allow the vaper to inhale high nicotine concentrations while still delivering an excellent taste.

Benzoic acid in nicotine salts offer several advantages that deliver an elevated vaping experience:

·It enables the liquid to be vaporised at a low temperature, meaning nic salts can be used in low power vape devices

·It also allows you to vape with a much less harsh sensation and offers a smoother experience, due to its low PH level and more alkaline learning contents

Nicotine salicylate is one of our popular nicotine salts, it is one of the a natural acid salts as it comes from fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and teas and provides an incredibly smooth vaping experience.

Nicotine salt e liquids have been growing in momentum and popularity over recent years, mostly with new vapers and ex smokers as nicotine salt e liquids are one of the most effective ways to quit smoking, unlike nicotine pouches, they offer a strong nicotine hit, great flavour, throat hit and an overall satisfying vaping experience.

Despite this though, nicotine salts have also proved to be popular with more established, advanced vapers, as they seem to be starting to move away from freebase nicotine, and more inclined to dabble in nicotine salt e-liquid these days, this may be due to the fact that nicotine salts flavour range has increased, but, many advanced vapers will say nicotine salt e liquids offer a more satisfying throat hit, intensified flavour and more powerful bioavailability - which delivers a gratifying vaping experience with less vape e juice needed. So, because of this, it's clear that nicotine salts are fast becoming an all-rounder.

When vaping products first became 'a thing', vape devices were blocky and big, but fragile. Many long time vapers will know that once you dropped it, or a little too much dust got in there, or even used it out on a particularly rainy day, your device could ultimately be destroyed. These days though, people value the quality and resilience of their vape devices.

To ensure the user experience is long-lasting and of the best quality, we have noticed a trend that devices are becoming vastly more difficult to break and much more hardcore.

Popular e-cigarette and vape manufacturers such as GeekVape and Smok have created vape devices that are waterproof, shockproof and dust resistant to lessen the chances of you destroying your vaping device. Due to the great popularity of these products, other manufacturers have jumped on the trend bandwagon and creating resilient vape devices have fast become a vaping trend.

Another reason why this has become a massive trend in the industry is because they give vapers and influencers the opportunity to create videos. There has been a large increase in social media and internet content of people dropping their devices down the stairs or into a pint of water, which certainly does make an enticing product.

Although it's unlikely you'll notice an obvious difference while vaping, having that peace of mind knowing that your device can survive everyday clumsy disasters is a huge attraction for people.

Battery Evolution
As technology is becoming more and more advanced, vapers are demanding more out of their devices, meaning more power but also longer battery life as well as super fast changing.

Fortunately, vape manufacturers have created fast charging technology, and longer battery life, which seems to be everywhere in the industry right now. We have noticed that not only it’s not only the large bulky mods that have great battery power but even the smaller mouth to lung batteries have the capacity to remain charged and usable for days at a time without needing to be recharged. We have also seen devices being able to go from 1-100% charged in a matter of minutes.

To add to the evolution, we have seen a rise in USB-C charging, this type of charging means that chargers are easy to replace, and you wont have to dismantle your device to charge. USB-C slots are small and discreet, and the USB connection means you can practically charge it anywhere.

In addition to the innovative technology, manufacturers are going the extra mile to ensure battery safety. Brands are putting safety precautions in place such as over heating, over charging and high wattage protection.

Vape Pens

Vape pens have always been popular among adult vapers in the UK and ex smokers who want their e cigarettes to be reminiscent of combustible tobacco products.

People are attracted to pod devices because they are easy to use and more or less, mess and hassle free, but a popular trend has proved to be pen style pod devices as they are much smaller, compact and discreet electronic cigarettes. In addition, e cigarette pens are accessible with a rainbow of nicotine salts, meaning vapers can get that satisfying throat hit, and the nicotine ex smokers crave.

Vape Pens are certainly not going away, and in fact, manufacturers are finding ways to make products technologically advanced while maintaining their small sleek shape.

Disposables have been very popular this year in the UK vaping industry, they make the transition from smoking to vaping incredibly easy, as they are practically identical to the smoking tobacco products, unlike nicotine pouches or other nicotine replacement therapy.

Disposable e cigarettes are a low commitment, easy to use form of vaping. The reason disposables have been high on the trends of the year list is simply that they're cheap and easy. Now more than ever, people love convenience, and if you're just starting vaping, you may not want to break the bank or commit to buying something permanent, you also may not want to stress about setting up or maintenance. So, naturally, disposables can be the best option. Former smokers can also easily access disposable vapes, as you can get most disposable brands from UK convenience stores, without the need to locate local vape shops, which is not at all dissimilar from purchasing traditional cigarettes.
Popular brands, including e-liquid brands, have also jumped on this trend and released disposable e-cigarette products and continue to create them, so we think this trend is certainly here to stay. 

It is fair to say 2021 has been an awesome year in the UK and globally for products so far, but more recently we have seen particular types of products become trends, whether these will last is anyone's guess, but we feel the above trends will almost definitely continue to evolve.