Top disposable vapes compared

Disposable vapes are a really convenient option as a secondary device, especially when you’re heading on holiday or to events where you would rather not take your full set up. To help you choose which disposable is right for you, we’ve compared some of the biggest brands; Brew Bar, Lost Mary, Crystal Bar and Ohm Brew CBD, on everything from flavour range to price, so you don’t have to!

What are disposable vapes?
Disposable vapes are compact devices that are pre-charged and pre-filled, and ready to go straight out of the box. They cannot be recharged or refilled, and offer a convenient device which can be used on the go and disposed of when finished.

These affordable devices are fantastic as a back-up device, so you can pop one in your bag and know you’ve got hundreds of puffs without having to carry e-liquid or worry about charging. I love having these for when I’m going on trips, as I know that if I lose one I won’t have to spend a fortune replacing it, and it means I can pack a little lighter.

Disposable devices are some of the smallest and most lightweight types of e-cigarettes available, and they usually have a relatively simple design.
The disposable that particularly stands out for me is the Lost Mary BM600 which has a unique square design that fits really nicely into the palm of your hand. The flavour is clearly printed on the front of the device, and each flavour has a lovely ombre colour finish that corresponds to the flavour making it easy to differentiate between them.

Brew Bar have recently released their new and improved design and I really like the high shine chrome finish they have. The mouthpiece is an important design factor for me, and this is one of the changes that Brew Bars have made to their device. The mouthpiece is shaped to match the shape of your lips which makes it really comfortable to vape with.

The Lost Mary QM600, a newer addition to their range of disposables, has a slightly more wide and robust design which is ideal if you like something that is easy to hold onto. Whereas the Crystal Bar and Ohm Brew CBD disposables have a very similar size and shape with a pen style design and tapered mouthpiece.

Choice of flavours
When it comes to variety of flavours Crystal Bar are ahead of the pack with 32 flavours to choose from. They have something to offer to every type of flavour preference; for the traditionalists they offer simple tobacco, menthol, and a variety of different fruits, they also offer many of the popular disposable flavours like blueberry sour raspberry and blue razz lemonade, and even some unique flavours like the mysterious tiger blood.

Lost Mary also offer a wide flavour range with 19 flavours in the BM600 range and a further 10 in the QM600 range. Both ranges are fruit focused with a good mix of standard fruit flavours and fruits with an icy finish, plus a few beverage inspired flavours for those who prefer something with a bit of fizz.

Brew Bar have a relatively small flavour range with six flavours currently available. However, the flavours are still varied with something to suit all different flavour preferences, including beverages, fruits, candies, and menthol.

Finally, the Ohm Brew CBD disposables range has six flavours to choose from, with some flavours that are common to disposable vapes like kiwi passionfruit guava and others that are unique to CBD e-liquids like OG kush and super lemon haze.

E-liquid quality
All of these devices utilise nic salt e-liquids offering a smooth inhale even with the high nicotine strengths, with the exception of Ohm Brew CBD as these devices do not contain nicotine.

I was really impressed with the Ohm Brew CBD e-liquid quality. Not only do they offer fantastic flavour but their research into CBD has lead them to develop a unique e-liquid formula optimised to offer the best vaping experience. They found that CBD e-liquids can become harsh at high strengths so have combined 300mg of CBD with 300mg of CBG for an overall 600mg strength that offers a smooth inhale and also doesn’t darken in colour or crystalise over time. You can really tell the amount of research and expertise that went into the formulation of these e-liquids.

Brew Bar are also manufactured by Ohm Brew and contain their delicious e-liquids which have recently been reformulated to include a higher amount of flavour concentrate to really maximise on the flavour. Ohm Brew are renowned for the quality of their e-liquids, and Brew Bar is the only option that offers multiple nicotine strengths. You can pick up Brew Bars in a choice of 9 mg/ml or 18 mg/ml, so you can select the strength that best suits your needs.

I would consider the Lost Mary BM600 and QM600, as well as the Crystal Bar to all be very comparable when it comes to e-liquid quality. The nic salts offer a smooth inhale and quickly satisfy nicotine cravings with the 20 mg/ml strength, and the flavour remains consistent from the first puff to the last!

Number of puffs
When it comes to the average number of puffs per device, most of the devices are pretty much tied. Obviously, the amount of puffs you actually get out of a device will depends on how deep your draw is, but as the Brew Bar, BM600, QM600, and Crystal Bar all contain the full 2ml of e-liquid allowed in the UK, and a battery size of 450 – 550 mAh, they all offer between 550 – 600 puffs per device. This is equivalent to around 30 cigarettes!

However, because the Ohm Brew CBD disposables do not contain nicotine they are not limited to 2ml of e-liquid and can offer a much higher puff count than the nicotine containing disposable vapes. Each Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape contains 6ml of CBD e-liquid and an 850 mAh built-in battery which means they can offer up to 1200 puffs per device!

Other attributes
Some of these devices are of course produced by big vaping brands, bringing with them years of experience and reputation.

Brew Bar and Ohm Brew CBD disposables are both created by Ohm Brew, who have been industry leaders in e-liquid production for some time now. They pride themselves on offering options that cater to all vapers, including different nicotine formulas, ratios, and a huge range of flavours. They also conduct extensive tests on every batch of their e-liquids in their testing and compliancy lab to ensure that it is always the highest quality possible.

They have even just released their new range called Double Brew which offers 10ml e-liquids inspired by the most popular disposable vape flavours and with double the flavour concentrate of standard e-liquids. Additionally, Ohm Brew have pledged to plant a tree for every four Brew Bars sold, in a bid to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint and have planted 24,000 trees so far!

Both the Lost Mary QM600 and BM600 are manufactured by Elf Bar, who have recently released their own range of bar salts called ELFLIQ. This means that if you find a Lost Mary flavour that you love you may actually be able to purchase that exact flavour in a 10ml nic salt e-liquid that you can use in your starter kit or refillable pod kit.

Due to the nature of the device, disposables are extremely affordable and all of the nicotine containing disposables in this post are very similarly priced. You can pick up a single Brew Bar or Crystal Bar for £4.99 each, or one of the Lost Mary disposable vapes for £5.99 each. However, they are also all available on our 3 for £12 disposable deal so you can mix and match between brands and flavours to try out a few different options.

The Ohm Brew CBD disposables on the other hand cannot really be compared with the others in this category as CBD is a more expensive product in general and they also offer three times as much e-liquid than standard disposable vapes. You can pick up an Ohm Brew CBD disposable for just £14.99 each.

Overall winner

My overall winner is the Brew Bar; it is a really well-designed device which is both comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing. Although the range is relatively small the flavours are absolutely phenomenal and the multiple nicotine strengths really make these disposables stand out for me!

A close runner up is the Lost Mary BM600. The unique design and small size makes this range really easy to fit in your pocket or bag, and the flavour range has so many delicious options to choose from.

Crystal Bar are such a solid range, and with 32 flavours they really do cater to every flavour preference. I really appreciate that they have some really interesting and unique flavours but still include more traditional options like tobacco and menthol, as not everyone wants something fancy!

The Lost Mary QM600 is a newer range of disposables but they have already proven to be a popular option. I really liked the wide mouthpiece of these devices and found the flavours really enjoyable to use.

The Ohm Brew CBD disposable vapes are a fantastic option if you are looking for a nicotine free disposable and an easy way to fit your daily dose of CBD into your routine. I really appreciate that they have done so much research to develop this e-liquid, and the CBG is a really nice addition that elevates the e-liquid and lends well to the disposable vape format.