Top 8 Vapes That Don’t Leak 2021

Despite the numerous benefits you get switching from smoking to vaping, it’s a potential source of frustration when your vape decides to leak. It can happen for a wide variety of reasons and at any time. The type of e-liquid you’re using, or something as simple as the tank leaning on its side, can cause the vape to leak. Nevertheless, with the innovations of vaping technology we’re seeing in 2021 - with some stellar work from the likes of Caliburn, GeekVape and VOOPOO - this is becoming less of an issue for vapers. We have compiled a list of the top vapes that limits the chances of leaking (ranked in no particular order), helping you get back to what you love - vaping with minimal fuss.

Top 8 Vapes That Don’t Leak
From compact vape pens to bulky yet technically advanced vape mods, fanatics of e-cigarettes have choices picking the best leak-free kit. It’s all about finding the best setup, so you can keep your tank clean, free of e-liquid excess build-up; keeping your pockets, bags or wherever you store your vape dry. Check out our favourites below:

1. XEO Void

We begin with the practical slim vape pen from XEO, the reliable VOID. It’s a great option if you want to avoid leaking and works fantastically as a starter kit for a new vaper, in addition to feeling like an upgrade as you gain more experience. How is this possible? Because you have the option of  vaping a 1.0 Ohm mouth to lung coil to start with and then using a 0.6 Sub-Ohm coil later for direct to lung vaping (considered more of a technique for experienced vapers).

Both come with the kit and are easy to swap. Plus the VOID is designed with a simple filling system. Instead of messing about with a tank, unscrew the mouthpiece and pour the e-liquid in, then tighten the coil at the base (attached to the mouthpiece) back on.

2.Caliburn G

If you want to avoid leaks from your vape, the best way to do this is to pick a top fill tank instead of a bottom fill tank. The reasons for this are explained in greater detail below, but Uwell is a fine example of a top-fill system that works well.

Their popular series Caliburn has some of the most user-friendly e-cigarettes going and the Caliburn G is a prime candidate.  Because of the silicone check valve attached to the top of the Caliburn G pods, the chances of leaking decreases significantly.

3. VOOPOO Drag X

While a top-fill method is often preferred by vapers, there are still plenty of bottom fill tanks available. And why not? Everyone has different preferences and it’s still clearly held in high regard. Providing the vape is easy to use and top up with e-liquid, with the fill port secure, the position of it is not a deal-breaker for choosing the best leak-free vape.

For instance, the VOOPOO Drag X is a wise option if you like bottom fill devices. This pod-mod looks slick and works tremendously with an adjustable wattage up to 80W. The pods easily slip into place on top of the battery because of the magnetic connections. Once you remove the pod, unhinge the plastic cap and squeeze the e-liquid bottle so the pipette releases vape juice into the pod. Place the cap back on and pop it back into the device. The chances of your Drag X leaking are unlikely. However, the VOOPOO website states you can reduce the chances of leaks, by sticking to the maximum fill line with the Drag X pod.

4. GeekVape Aegis Legend 2

With this well-liked vape mod kit, you get not just the features of the upgraded and improved Aegis Legend but the dependable Z 2021 Sub Ohm Tank from GeekVape. Not only does it support a range of coils from the Z series in varied resistances, but it most importantly boasts a top airflow and top fill system. Therefore, it’s essentially leakproof and much easier for filling e-liquids while changing the airflow on the go.

5.Caliburn A2

Vapers who switch from smoking want the process to be as smooth as possible. Everybody knows the dangers of smoking and current research suggests vaping is a better alternative. E-cigarette users need an alternative, reducing the chance of an issue at the start of the journey. A leaking vape is not ideal for anyone - whatever your level.

The Uwell Caliburn A2 - the latest from the series - offers a vape designed to avoid e-liquid spills. They highlight their anti-leaking technology as a stand-out feature for potential customers and point to its practical nature. This is because you can snap off the cap at the top where the mouthpiece is and fill via the top fill port. There is even an e-liquid window to see how much juice you have left!

6. V2 Vsavi Pro 3

The Pro 3 vape pen is another example of a quality vape you can buy in 2021 that doesn’t leak from the tank. The simple design of this vape pen, which houses a large enough battery of 850mAh and 1.8ml e-liquid cartridges, is your back to basics vape device.

What’s great about the e-liquid tanks from the Pro 3 is not only they’re magnetic for easy replacing and refilling, but they’re top fill as well. In addition, you can refill between 15-20 times, but we recommend replacing before this point to maximise the flavour from your e-liquids. Because you don’t change the coils as they’re housed inside each cartridge, that means fewer chances of leaking e-liquids too.

Overall, it’s an efficient system for a smooth vaping experience, whether you’re a new vaper or have been around the block but needs something steady.

7. Elf Bar Mate 500

The Elf Bar Mate 500 carries on the excellent tradition of design like the disposable vape but also gives you the option of refilling yourself. While disposables are all the rage at the minute and ideal if you don’t want the hassle of filling up e-liquid yourself, it’s nice to have the option of both - especially if it’s going to be a leak-free vape.

With the Mate 500, Elf state it’s a 99.99% chance of it not leaking due to the build and ergonomics of the P1 pods. With a top-fill design and a push to activate system where the pods effortlessly slot into the kit, it’s a no brainer!

8. GeekVape 1FC

Last but not least, we have the 15-minute fast charging vape pen from GeekVape - the 1FC. This stylish compact pod kit is just what you need for vaping on the go. Another leakproof pod system that delivers, its top fill design takes inspiration from the Aegis collection.

FAQs About Vape Leaks

Do All Vape Tanks Leak?
To a degree, yes, pretty much all tanks will leak at some point or another as it’s human nature, with gravity working against the design of an e-cigarette when you fill the e-liquid in the tank. You can improve your odds of preventing a leaking vape by finding a worthy top-fill vape, with many of the best examples listed above.

Why Does my Vape Tank Leak?
You have to remember this is a small device that - through the last technology - combines electrical resistance and carefully produced e-liquids alongside wicking to produce the vapour you love. From time to time, leaking will occur. However, if you manage your equipment correctly, there is less chance of a leak.

Is There a Way to Prevent it?
Leaking can occur from a wide range of areas, such as the drip tip or the airflow hole. On occasion your vape may even  spit e-liquid or gurgle, depending on a range of factors. Try testing a different e-liquid if you’re having problems, as the PG or VG ratio may be too high or low. A thin PG ratio for instance may seep through small holes in the wick. Therefore, it’s all about finding the right balance, trialling till you reduce the issue of leaking (if there is one).