Jumping on the vape train can be a wild, unpredictable ride. Year after year, the industry rapidly evolves and new waves of products flood in from every direction. But this exciting variation is all part of the fun. Vaping trends come and go, but the passion for the lifestyle remains consistent. So, in 2022, what do we anticipate as the most popular vaping trends? Let’s dive into it… 

1.Customizable Vape Juice
Since vaping began it’s meteoric rise in popularity, vapers and manufacturers alike have always sought out new and innovative vape juice blends. There are a staggering number of vape juice flavors on the market to enjoy and combine. However, historically, if you wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of customizing your own vape juice, it was a very DIY trial-and-error process of blending the contents of multiple bottles. Due to the skill and subtlety involved, this process was often left to the most intrepid of intermediate and advanced vapers. 

However, now for the first time, many vaping sites offer the ability to order custom vape juices shipped pre-mixed directly to your door. For example, NicTech offers you the ability to blend up to 3 different flavors, in several different strengths of flavor, to craft the e-liquid of your dreams. Add into that the ability to choose between nic salt of freebase nicotine, precise nicotine content, and VG/PG profile, and you have a dazzling array of choices without the headache of mixing juices yourself. 

2.Hybrid Pod/Box Mods
In the past, vape categories have been broadly defined and fairly rigid. You had your slim cig-a-likes, your mid-sized pod-mods, your bulky-but-powerful box mods, etc. But lately innovation has blurred the lines between these categories to see the rise of hybrid devices that offer the advantages of multiple categories to the great satisfaction of many vapers. This year, the most popular hybrid style has been crossing a pod mod with a box mod. 

For example, take the FreeMax Marvos S 80W. This device sits squarely between a pod mod and box mod. It offers the power and premium features of a box mod in a more compact and portable form-factor closer to a pod mod. The e-liquid is even stored in the hybrid Marvos DTL Pod Tank. As vaping evolves, we predict there will be even more amazing category-defying devices out there…

3.Beefed-Up Disposable Vapes 
Over the years, disposable vapes have been enjoyed for their convenience and portability. However, they’ve often been seen and portrayed as being potentially lacking in quality, reliability, and feature-sets. However, this has all changed as vape device manufacturers have found affordable ways to cram premium features into compact, disposable vape pens. 

Take the Hyppe Max Flow Mesh Disposable Vape, for example. This is a disposable device, and it bears all the hallmarks as such in it’s slim appearance and lightweight profile. However, with an epic 6 mL e-juice capacity and integrated 900 mAh internal battery, this device punches way above its weight. Add mesh coil heating technology to that and you’ve got a serious winner here.

4.CBD Vape Juice 
CBD has been a trend throughout many industries lately due to the relaxing, stress and pain relieving benefits of cannabinol. Many use CBD as a sleep aid, for energy and focus, to help their pets calm down, and more. There are a variety of ways to enjoy CBD such as oral tinctures, balms, lotions, etc. Now you can add CBD vape juice to that list. 

CBD vape juice has exploded in popularity with a variety of incredible options from top-tier blenders. Now you can incorporate the restorative properties of CBD into your typical vape routine with ease!  

5.NTN (Non Tobacco Nicotine)
NTN, also known as non tobacco nicotine, has grown immensely in popularity. Through synthesizing nicotine in a lab rather than extracting it from tobacco plants, scientists have managed to create a purer, more consistent, and refined nicotine. Synthetic nicotine is also odorless and tasteless, thus providing a smoother taste to those enjoying it. 

NTN has popped up in a variety of products from vape juice to disposable pens to innovative alternative nicotine products. Now vapers everywhere can rest easy knowing they are getting a superior, more controlled nicotine product that is no more harmful than traditional nicotine.