As vaping becomes the norm, more and more questions are arises daily concerning the safety and best practices of vaping. If you want to learn about the essentials of vaping, you’ve come to the right place. We gathered the most popular questions that people have about vaping so you can feel safe and secure in your vaping.

Here are some short but accurate answers to the top 5 vape questions:

1.Is Vaping Safer than Cigarettes?
At the moment, there aren’t any long-term studies on the effects of vaping. This is because vaping is a relatively new thing and there still aren’t many people doing it, unlike cigarettes. However, there is an abundance of short-term studies and all of them indicate that vaping is healthier than cigarettes. While there are many studies that have, demonstrated that e-cigarettes can be a viable alternative to tobacco, that does not mean that e-cigs are harmless. If you do not smoke,  you should not pick up vaping.
Cigarettes and vapes have only one thing in common – nicotine. However, many vape products are nicotine-free as well.  Cigarettes require the combustion of tobacco which releases several chemicals related to cancer while vaping has no combustion whatsoever.

2.Which Batteries Can be Used?
One of the most common questions people have about vaping actually revolve around batteries. If you’ve run through your first batteries and you don’t know which ones to buy, the best thing to do is to go to your local vape equipment dealer and ask them.
Make sure that the battery wrap is intact, and that the battery is new. It is possible to replace the battery wrap if you like or you can replace the entire battery. Look at the resistance your coils have and make sure that you choose a suitable battery.

3.Is Vaping More Addictive Than Cigarettes?
The only substance that is addictive in both cigarettes and vapes is nicotine. Given the fact that vapes have nicotine as well, they can be addictive. However, as we mentioned earlier, vaping doesn’t have the additional harmful substances contained in cigarettes, since there is no combustion required for cigarettes to operate.
In addition to this, cigarette companies add chemical found outside of the tobacco plant that amplifies smoker’s addiction’s to cigarettes. Conversely, Some say that vaping is more addictive than cigarettes and the reason for this is the amazing taste without all of the side effects. Simply put, if you could choose which one you could go for, a tastier option with no combustion or an option that is known as the most cancerous consumer product in the world,  which one would you choose?

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4.When Should the Coils Be Changed?
Depending on the setup, type of vape, and how often you vape, the coils need to be changed accordingly. The average time period during which most vapers change their coils is about 2 weeks. However, you can recognize that your coil needs changing by a bad flavor, dry hits, or a burned taste.
In case you experience a burning taste, this means that you are vaping more often than you should. The best way to change your coils is to go to your local store and have professionals take care of it for you.

5.What Should I Do with a Leaking Tank?
Everyone, sooner or later, faces the leaking tank problem. Commonly it’s caused by cotton absorbing the-juice excessively and leaking down the platform. Close the adjustable airflow and leave it to stand overnight.
On the other hand, some-juices are simply too thin, and they can leak if you don’t have the right atomizer. Remember, thicker juices require bigger atomizers.
These are the 5 most common questions people have about vaping. If you have a question of your own, feel free to ask us!