Top 5 disposable vapes compared

Disposable vapes are a really convenient option as a secondary device, especially when you’re heading on holiday or to events where you would rather not take your full set up. To help you choose which disposable is right for you, we’ve compared five of the biggest brands; Geek Bar, Mylo GO, Elf Bar, Beco Mate and IVG Bar, on everything from flavour range to price, so you don’t have to!

What are disposable vapes?
Disposable vapes are compact devices that are pre-charged and pre-filled, and ready to go straight out of the box. They cannot be recharged or refilled, and offer a convenient device which can be used on the go and disposed of when finished.

These affordable devices are fantastic as a back up device, so you can pop one in your bag and know you’ve got hundreds of puffs without having to carry e-liquid or worry about charging. I love having these for when I’m going on trips, as I know that if I lose one I won’t have to spend a fortune replacing it, and it means I can pack a little lighter.

Disposable devices are some of the smallest vape kits available, this makes them perfect when travelling light.

Mylo GO took the top spot as the smallest device with a super simple design. It is only 82mm in height and incredibly lightweight. They kept it really simple with this design, making it super discreet.

The design and size of the Beco Mate devices is very similar to the others, but something that really stands out to me is the hygiene cap. I have a tendency to just throw it in my bag as I’m leaving the house, having a cap prevents the mouthpiece from collecting all the fluff and lint that's no doubt hanging out in there!

The Geek Bar has a really sturdy but sleek design. I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped my Geek Bars but they have never shown any signs of damage, and I have never experienced any leaking, no matter how I store them.
IVG Bar has a solid exterior, comfortable mouthpiece and, as with many disposables, the colour of the device corresponds to the flavour.

I like the rubberised finish on the Elf Bar devices, as it offers some extra grip, and the colour of the rubberised section corresponds to the flavour adding a nice pop of colour. It has a comfortable duckbill mouthpiece like the Beco Mate and Mylo GO devices, but unlike the others which have a flatter design, the body of the device has a cylindrical shape which more closely resembles a cigarette.

Choice of flavours
When it comes to variety of flavours, Elf Bar and Geek Bar really stand out. Elf Bar have 17 flavours on offer, and Geek Bar have 16, so you’re bound to find a flavour that you love.

The Elf Bar range includes some delicious fruit medleys like kiwi passionfruit guava and apple peach, as well as some great options for those with a sweet tooth, like cotton candy and strawberry ice cream.

Geek Bar have a number of ‘ice’ options, which have a refreshing cool finish, as well as some really interesting flavours such as blueberry sour raspberry and blueberry bubble gum.

The IVG Bar range includes 10 flavour options, with a great mix of flavours both with and without a menthol finish. They mainly have fruity flavours, including some exotic blends like aloe grape ice and mango lychee.

Beco Mate have 8 flavour options available, they have opted primarily for single flavour options, such as apple, strawberry and banana ice, without any of the adventurous mixed flavours we see in the other brands. I actually thought this was quite a good idea, as it meant they have focused on making the flavours taste fantastic and leaves room for the range to grow.

Finally, Mylo GO have the smallest range with four flavours on offer. They have kept it very simple, with the staple flavours of tobacco and menthol that newer vapers tend to prefer and two fruity options.

E-liquid quality
All of these devices utilise nic salt e-liquids, which is great as all of them have a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength bar the Mylo GO which is an 18 mg/ml, and a freebase formula at this strength could feel quite harsh. When it comes to the quality of the e-liquid, Mylo GO and IVG really stood out for me.

The Mylo GO uses Ohm Brew e-liquids, so the flavour is absolutely fantastic and the nic salts were incredibly smooth. Although the flavour range is limited, they make up for it with the complexity of the individual flavours, and the high quality e-liquids used.

IVG are of course known for their fantastic e-liquids, and the IVG bars are no different. The formula is smooth and satisfying, and the flavours make you want to keep picking it up.

I found the Geek Bar and Beco Mate devices pretty comparable, the e-liquids are super smooth and flavourful, and some of those iced flavours really pack a punch!

While Elf Bar flavours are absolutely delicious, I did find their nic salt formula to be slightly harsher than the others. This would be great for those who like a bit of a throat hit, but might not be for everyone.

Number of puffs
When it comes to the average number of puffs per device, most of the devices are pretty much tied. Obviously, the amount of puffs you actually get out of a device will depends on how deep your draw is, but as the Geek Bar, Elf Bar, Beco Mate and IVG Bar all contain the full 2 mls of e-liquid allowed in the UK, and a battery size of 500 – 550 mAh, they all offer between 550 – 600 puffs per device. This is equivalent to around 30 cigarettes!

However, with only 1.2 ml of e-liquid per device and a 280 mAh battery, the Mylo GO was behind the pack on this one, offering approximately 200 puffs per device.

Other attributes
Some of these devices are of course produced by big vaping brands, bringing with them years of experience and reputation.

The Geek Bar is produced by Geekvape, who have years of experience creating vaping hardware including the Aegis range. You can really see the experience behind the construction and execution of these devices, they really don’t feel like disposable vapes with how sturdy and stylish they are.

Every aspect of the device has been well thought out, from the airflow design, to the way it looks, and the vaping experience is consistent from the first puff to the last. Geekvape are known for their innovative designs, and the Geek Bar is no different!

The Mylo GO combines the expertise of two vaping brands, with the fantastic design and internal workings coming from Mylo, known for their incredibly user-friendly pod kits, and the e-liquid coming from Ohm Brew. Ohm Brew are one of the biggest brands in e-liquid, with all of their flavours the result of meticulous research and testing, because only perfection is good enough. This shines through in the Mylo GO, and it is great that those using it as a secondary device can enjoy the flavours they know and love from Ohm Brew even in a handy disposable device.

IVG are an award winning e-liquid company, with a huge range of flavours enjoyed by vapers all around the world. They bring 5 years of experience to the table, and you can see it in the way they have produced their disposable devices, keeping it simple and letting the e-liquids shine through. Their countless e-liquid awards speak for themselves!

Due to the nature of the device, disposables are extremely affordable. The most affordable of the group being the Mylo GO at £5.99 or 3 for £15. This is a great deal, but obviously you do have to consider that you are getting less e-liquid and puffs per device so it makes sense for to be the least expensive option.

The Elf Bar is also £5.99, which a fantastic price considering that you get 600 puffs per device!

Finally, you can pick up the Geek Bar, IVG Bar and Beco Mate devices for £6.99 each. When you consider that each device is equivalent to 30 cigarettes, it really puts into perspective how much you can save by making the switch to vaping. Not only this, but the Geek Bar and IVG bar are also 3 for £18, making them even more wallet friendly!

Overall winner

My winner overall has got to be Geek Bar. When you take into account the range of flavours, sturdy design and price point, it really stands out. The Geek Bar devices have been extremely popular, and it’s really not hard to see why. I tend to always have one on hand now, and even find myself reaching for it over my primary device sometimes!

A close runner up is Beco Mate, it performed really well in all of the categories, a great allrounder! The flavours are extremely enjoyable, it has great battery life, and the hygiene cap is a really great addition that we don’t see on any of the other devices.

Mylo GO has a fantastic price point, and came out first for design with it's no-fuss approach and tiny size. I think it is a really great option for newer vapers. While the other devices cater mainly to those with adventurous flavour preferences, and have a more open draw, the Mylo GO keeps it simple, and feels a lot more comparable to a starter kit. I would recommend this one for as a secondary device for vapers that use starter kits, that are looking for a disposable device to take away with them, that still feels similar to their usual device.

IVG Bar is a really great option, and for fans of IVG e-liquids it will be an absolutely go to. It's no surprise that IVG have won so many awards for their flavours, and this is such a convenient way to enjoy them!

Elf Bar has such a wide range of flavours, with 17 to choose from, there will definitely be a flavour that you love. It scored really well for price and would be a fantastic option for those who like a bit of a throat hit.