It's easy to identify a vaper... When they're vaping. But if you pay close attention, you can spot it in their other behaviors or lifestyle choices too. Here's how. 

1) They stand out from the crowd.

You know just the crowd we're talking about here, right? The crowd of cigarette smokers, covered in ash and reeking of fumes, stubbing out their butts and tossing them in the street or out the window of a speeding car.

Vapers are nothing like this.

The air surrounding them is stink-free, and they never have to walk miles in search of an ashtray...or worse, just dump their garbage on the ground. What's more, vapers have an inherent coolness that can't be put into words. They know what's hot; they know what's good. They're exactly the kind of person you'd want to strike up a conversation with if you were planning to invest in stocks or wanted to get a jump start on next year’s fashion trends. They know things. It's not like they're astrophysicists (well, maybe some are), but they might as well be. They're not like everyone else... not by a long shot.

2) They're probably former cigarette smokers.

This is not a hard and fast rule, but for the most part it holds true. Many vapers used to have pack a day habits, but made the switch to e-cigs for a myriad of reasons. For one thing, vaping doesn't expose you to harmful additives and carcinogens like cigarettes do. For another, you can vape indoors or outdoors, because the vapor is completely odorless, and doesn't contribute to that nasty smoke smell in your hair, hands, and clothing. Talk to any vaper and you'll find that most PREFER vaping to smoking anyway, and they couldn't be happier about making the switch.

3) They're tech enthusiasts.
Maybe they camp out overnight every time a new iPhone is released...maybe they somehow get copies of new release games before the reviewers even get to test them. No matter what, vapers are often really into tech stuff and gadgets. And it makes sense...vaping is a high-tech alternative to cigarette smoking that proves the future has finally arrived. They have their fingers on the pulse of the tech industry, and often they're the first responders to what's new and hot in the world of gadgets. Follow them if you want to be on-trend, too.

4) They don't stink.
We mean that literally, and we ain't talkin' about antiperspirant. You may never even know you're talking to a vaper until he or she whips out an ecig and takes a puff. For cigarette smokers, you can probably tell in an instant - smoke-smelling jacket, gross fingers, hacking cough, raspy voice. Vapers are just like anyone else, except better, because they're getting all the satisfaction they need without all the telltale signs.

5) They're enjoying true freedom.

You've heard us talk a lot about true freedom, but what does that mean for you? Well, for starters, it's the ability to go where you want, when you want, and do what you want.

Vaping isn't restricted by boundaries or sections or tiny patios.

Vaping can happen anywhere you stand - indoors, outdoors, in an arena, on a park bench, in a car, literally ANYWHERE. So if you want to have that kind of freedom, vaping is exactly what you need to do.

6) They're passionate about spreading the word.
Think about the last time you discovered an awesome new product, whether it was a great gadget, a low-calorie snack that actually tasted good, or some other big score. Did you run and tell your friends? Did you instantly update your Facebook status, tweet your followers, pin it to your Pinterest board, and text it to your bestie?

Of course you did. Because good news is contagious.

Well, vaping is a whole lot like that. Chances are lots of former cigarette smokers have buddies who haven't made the switch yet. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the moment they discovered vaping, they told everyone they knew about how amazingly awesome it was. That's the beauty of human nature...we want good things to happen to our friends and acquaintances. We want to share this wealth of knowledge. For vaping, that means shedding a light into the darkness and turning legions of new vapers into happier, more satisfied people.

7) They know what they want...and they know how to get it.
Decisiveness is an enviable trait. You know those people, right? The ones who somehow have it all together. The people who always have the hot new thing on the market, but are never arrogant about it. They aren't wishy-washy, they aren't shy, and they aren't timid. They know that they deserve the very best, and somehow, this positive, confident attitude winds up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. Well, that's how vapers are. The e-cigs they hold in their hands are easy to brag about, sure, but vapers don't even need to boast. Their happiness speaks for itself.

8) They're trend spotters, and they're trendsetters.

We touched on this one earlier, but it bears repeating. Vapers are poised at the cutting edge of what's new and cool. They've been around the block, and they know a thing or two about what's hot right now. They were swinging around on wrecking balls before Miley even cut her hair. So it stands to reason that they know what the next big thing is right now...and that thing is vaping. Whether they know it's cool or they make it cool, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's a bit of both.

9) They're problem solvers.
There's no use sitting around whining about problems, because that doesn't solve anything. Plus, nobody likes a whiner. Cigarette smokers have lots of issues...they constantly reek of smoke, they have to find designated smoking areas (which are becoming smaller and less common by the minute), they get judged on a daily basis. Lots of smokers are sick of it, but the smart ones quit complaining and just do something about it. They make the switch to vaping, and BAM! - their problems are solved in an instant. Vapers = problem solvers.

10) They're probably smiling...because they know they're part of a tight knit, supportive, non-judgmental community of people.

Have you met the vapers yet? You'll never encounter a more accommodating and friendly bunch. No matter what you look like, no matter who you are, you're instantly accepted as part of the crew when you start vaping.

No other hobby transcends social status, bank account status, and preconceived notions quite like vaping does. So go ahead - break out your vaporizer, find some like-minded new friends and get ready to feel a warm wave of total acceptance wash over you. Be who you are...