Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

It’s recognised by current statistics that one in eight adult people currently smoke in the UK ( roughly 6.4 million). Of those, this large number unfortunately contributes towards the 76,000 that sadly lose their lives annually from cigarette use. So, it’s only natural that each January, many hope to put down the cigarettes for good, as part of their New Year’s resolution.

Are you one of the 12.9% of the UK adult population looking to make 2024 a smoke-free life-changing year? There are tons of reasons to consider this, from boosting mental and physical well-being to adding a bit more money to the pockets.

Let’s together explore the top 10 reasons to quit smoking, not just for yourself, but for those around you including loved ones, family members, friends and society.

Improved Physical and Mental Health!
One of the main motivations behind quitting smoking must be health. Smoking damages and impactsnearly all parts of the body, from the lungs and the heart to increasing anxiety or lowering sex drive. From a mental health point of view, there is a clear correlation between bad mental health (depression, anxiety) and smoking cigarettes.

It will take great mental strength to resist the urge to smoke, but your mind will begin to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. Once you get past the major milestones ( first day, week, month and six months), quitting cigarettes for good, it’s onwards and upwards!

Physically, your body will thank you in kind when you stop smoking cigarettes. You will not only recognise significant changes during the initial period ( better breathing, more energy and blood circulation) but long-term too. If you think about it – better skin, teeth, less coughing, reduced chances of heart attacks and lung cancer – the possibilities are endless.

Safer for those around you, especially family, pregnant women and children!
Giving up smoking is not just a journey of will and determination to better your life but also of those around you. Decades of research highlight the risks posed to others by passive smoke (hence the 2007 ban on smoking in all public places). So, a major motivating factor for many who wish to quit smoking is to reduce the chances of damaging the health of a child, family member, friend or colleague. In fact, it also means you do your part to reduce the risk of harming others in general society, which in turn will put less strain on the NHS.

As statistical evidence and medical studies suggest, a person who regularly breathes in second-hand smoke is just as likely to develop heart disease or lung cancer as a heavy smoker! This just highlights how dangerous smoking is to not just yourself but those around you.

Children are at a higher risk of allergies, developing asthma or general breathing problems, while a pregnant woman is more likely to give premature birth and/or low birth weight. You can find out more about further medical risks here through the Action on Smoking Health (ASH) second-hand smoke study.

Cheaper cost during the financial living crisis!
Money is a real struggle and worry at the minute, for lots of people. With bills going up in multiple areas, including food, utilities, and petrol, any cutbacks that can be made go a long way to easing the stress during the financial crisisthat's affecting most of the UK population.

One way to significantly save and financially improve your well-being is by cutting out cigarettes for good.

With the prices of cigarettes only going up (explained in more depth below – see point nine), naturally, many smokers turn to alternatives such as vaping to ease their financial difficulties.

A pack of cigarettes on average is set to go up even further this year, expected to surpass the average £14 mark set in 2023. So, if you smoke a pack of 20 a day (numbers are still relatively high, although decreasing), that could be a staggering £98 a week, or £5096 for the year.

In comparison, with a more sustainable refillable and rechargeable e-cigarette, you could follow similar nicotine habits if needed for a fraction of the price, and most importantly without combustible tobacco.

Not wanting to be a social outcast!
Following the smoking ban in public places in 2007, it’s a dilemma for many who need to smoke. During the Winter especially! Do you go outside and brave the cold weather? What about during social situations, such as at a party or family gathering? And when you come back inside, you face the judgement of those who don’t smoke and can smell tobacco on your breath and clothes.

This is where vaping has been a welcome alternative for many. Because it is not technically banned in public places, unlike smoking, (although any establishment or public transport is within their rights to do so), you have more opportunities to vape in public without judging eyes.

Part of this is due to the much more pleasant smell that evaporates much faster in air circulation, and according to the latest studies, does not damage the health of those around who do not vape.

Plus, because all vape kits store the e-liquid inside and use a heating element, which is activated by the individual and will not burn out causing fire damage like a cigarette, you can vape the nicotine and flavours when needed, and put them back in the pocket or bag after you’re finished!

Therefore, you spend more time with friends and family, and less time out in the cold!

Lack of flavour variety!
If the aim of the game is to quit smoking, several studies over the past few years claim that the use of sweet, fruit or menthol flavours contributes positively towards successfully quitting smoking.

Although everyone has a different reason for wanting to give up cigarettes, flavour, or a lack of, is often near the top of the list.

Because cigarettes damage your taste and smell sensations, the addictive nature of nicotine combined with the taste of tobacco means although you cannot taste a lot, it’s enough to keep you addicted.

Therefore, for many, quitting smoking is very difficult cold turkey and not always successful with other nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches, gums and sprays.

However, vaping has helped millions because gradually you not only regain your senses when you quit smoking (meaning you can experience all the fruity and sweet flavours again), but you also have tobacco flavours for that first switch (and always if that’s what you prefer)!

In addition, there are menthol vape flavours, which help those who miss menthol cigarettes following the ban in 2020 seek something similar.

E-cigarettes are proving to be one of the most popular tools for adults to quit smoking because there is enough variety to keep habits going while you drop the nicotine levels, and enough flavours to keep everyone interested.

However, there are reports that in 2024 the UK government will consider a ban on vaping flavours to deter youths away from disposables.

While this may help reduce the chances of the next generation from vaping (which we commend), where will they turn to?

And where will the countless other adults go, who need vaping as a safer alternative to smoking and don’t like tobacco flavours anymore?

These are the questions that carefully need to be considered by those in positions of power to make effective change.

Better for the environment
There is an important debate taking place now about whether e-cigarettes cause just as much damage to the environment as smoking does. While the question is valid concerning disposable vapes, with millions of batteries wasted each week (and many of these not done responsibly or correctly), refillable vape kits are a definite environmental improvement on cigarettes.

How many empty cigarette packs do you still see on the floor? And what about cigarette butts, which find their place on street pavements, beaches and plenty of other locations?

When you factor in these issues, as well as the circulation of second-hand smoke in the air, more than six million smokers in the UK still contribute to these environmental issues.

From the cultivation of tobacco to the production, delivery and use of cigarettes, this is a long process which at the very least affects the lives of billions around the world. It leads to several issues, including increased carbon emissions, deforestation, fossil fuel depletion and increased water use during production.

To enjoy food taste again and maintain a healthy weight!
As we explained earlier, health is a number one priority for many who plan to quit smoking. And to feel healthy, you need to stop inhaling combustible tobacco and start eating better right away. As cigarettes contain nicotine that suppresses appetite, not only are your taste buds gone but your desire to eat will reduce.

Smokers sometimes fear that they will put on the pounds when they put down tobacco. This shouldn’t be a concern but a blessing instead. Not only will you enjoy all the different flavours of food and drink again. But even if you do put on a little weight initially, your overall health will be in a much better state when you quit smoking for good. And that leads on nicely to the next point.

Increase life expectancy!
We all want to live a long and happy life. Unfortunately, studies over the years have shown that cigarettes cannot just cause short-term illness but also significantly the life expectancy of a smoker.

That’s why all medical bodies around the world encourage people to quit as soon as possible, regardless of age, whether you’re a teenager or in your 60s.
It’s never too late to quit and medical research shows the moment you stop you instantly add at least a few years on to your life.

An interesting study began in the UK in the 1950s, with thousands of English doctors taking part, to understand how smoking impacts life expectancy.

Carried out over a 50-year period and using themselves as the subject with their regular smoking habits and the best available medical care, the study with 34,439 male doctor participants proved that ‘cessation at age 60, 50, 40, or 30 years gained, respectively, about 3, 6, 9, or 10 years of life expectancy’.

Tobacco duty rates could increase further
Surely the increased tobacco duty rates announced in November 2023 only impact manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers?

Wrong! While the message is encouraging from the UK government as they plan to increase their efforts to deter millions from smoking, this will mean an inevitable increase in cigarette prices, which rise year by year as numbers interested in smoking fall.

So, it's no coincidence this is in line with the increase in the popularity of vaping, which acts as a smoking cessation tool containing nicotine that saves money, at a time when there will be a further projected increase in cigarette costs.

Setting a Good Example for Future Generations!
The youth of today are naturally curious. Cigarettes for many years have been a temptation - something many are told not to do but often try due to factors such as peer pressure.

Numbers are declining with the proportion of children who have ever smoked halved between 2008 and 2018. To keep this number low and reduce it even further, there are a few ways to help future generations turn away from cigarettes.
One thing you can do is not smoke in front of children, including your own.

Research shows that children whose parents smoke are four times more likely to smoke themselves.

What’s Your Reason for Giving Up Cigarettes?
Smoking cigarettes can impact individuals of any age in many ways. That’s why it’s important to quit not just as a New Year resolution but to keep up that momentum for better health and wealth.

Each person has their own journey and will find their best method to put down cigarettes for good. If one of the reasons is not listed above, but you still need assistance in your smoking cessation journey, why not reach out to our helpful customer service team for guidance.

We understand it’s a challenge, and we’re ready to embrace that journey with you, helping you select the right vape kit to help you reduce your nicotine levels and when you no longer need it - quit nicotine for good!