The Ultimate Vape Experience: Why Your PG/VG Ratio Matters

What are PG and VG?
PG and VG are both odorless liquids you use to combine with flavor and nicotine to make vape liquid. PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG for Vegetable Glycerin.

PG and VG have different consistencies and varying tastes. When vaped, both give noticeable mouth and throat sensations. The best part is most vape juice uses a combination of both, but the PG/VG ratio can have dramatic differences. 

What PG/VG Ratio Should You Use?
You won’t get a definitive answer to this question since it all depends on the type of vaping experience you want.

Regardless, lots of people use different PG and VG levels for various purposes. Here are some:

1. Throat Hit
Do you enjoy a sharp throat hit when you’re vaping? First you need to decide if you want a natural strong throat hit from nicotine or if you just want to up the PG level as it can also provide a throat hit without having to add more nicotine. Also keep in mind that certain set ups don't work well with this thin blend. 

Consider all the factors and decide if your best choice is to get a high-PG vape. It has a kick at the back of your throat. It’s something that most ex-smokers crave alongside the nicotine.

If you want this sensation, PG will give it more than VG. 

2. Smoothness
For a smoother feeling on the throat, you should try a high-VG fluid instead.
You’ll have this sensation while enjoying a more substantial feeling in the mouth.

But take note, you’ll experience a slightly muted flavor when using VG-based vape juice.

You can strengthen the flavor by making more vapor using higher power levels. Make sure to stay within your atomizer’s voltage/wattage limits. Otherwise, you might end up getting dry hits or damaging your vape equipment.

How to Find the Right PG/VG
The sweet spot for your PG/VG levels depends on trial and error when making your vape juice.

It might sound intimidating, but it’s easy to do and cost-effective. Here are some things you should consider:

1. Steeping
When making a high-VG juice, it will take longer for it to steep. 

It applies the most when you’re mixing complicated multi-flavor recipes. A single-flavor recipe that uses a high PG ratio often takes less time to steep, and sometimes it will even do it instantly.

2. Flavorings
Most flavor concentrates in the market have PG suspensions.

Make sure to think about this when you’re trying to make DIY high-VG vape liquid. If you use more flavor, the VG level will drop.

3. Thinning Juice
If you made a vape juice using a high-VG ration, you might have coil problems.

In most cases, the thick gloopy liquid will make wicking more difficult, and dark thick flavoring sometimes exacerbates this issue. 

Learn More Vaping Tips Today!
Finding the right PG/VG ratio can be a tedious task, especially for new vapers.

Regardless, if you want to make the most out of your experience, finding the sweet spot is the key. Don’t hesitate to experiment since once you find the optimal ratio, all your efforts are worth it.

That’s why you should consider all these tips and apply them when you can.