This post, we're focusing on the perfect e-liquid flavor in the tobacco range. And you'll be surprised at which professions we linked them to.

Tobacco - Doctor

Sick of telling patients to stop smoking cigarettes? They just won't listen! And you know of all the reasons using e-cigarettes are healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. Set a good example by showing them yourself. They can enjoy a great tobacco flavor, get all the nicotine they crave, while saving their respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Plus they'll save money on insurance premiums and medical bills. Sure, that is not in your best interest financially. But of course, some things are more important than that. Plus, you always have 'getting hit by a bus'.

Menthol - Dentist

Nothing is worse than bad smelling breath when someone opens wide in the dentist chair. Are we right, dentists? We don't know, but can assume as much. After all that bad breath in your face - especially that of cigarette smokers who come in all the time for teeth whitening - we're sure you'd love a menthol-flavored e-cig. Better than mouthwash! And as you have seen from your patients who have made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, your teeth will remain pearly white with electronic cigarettes. So you can be a good example!

My Burro - Cowboy

Yee-ha! This classic flavor will remind you distinctly of a certain rugged cowboy you used to see on large billboards all across America. You know the one. If you are a cattle herder, bronco-buster, buckaroo, gaucho, herdsman, rancher, rodeo jockey, vaquero, caballero or wrangler, My Burro e-liquid nicotine flavor is custom made just for you. There's nothing like being in the open range by the fireside, a big sky full of stars, a tumbleweed blowing by and a classic tobacco flavor to breathe in deeply on the open range.

Two Humps - Trucker

Driving an 18-wheeler through a vast stretch of desert is the modern day equivalent to the caravan through the Sahara. And instead of an ornery desert beast of burden to share the journey with, you now have your trusty big rig. And instead of smelling that animal's gamey scent, you now have a tobacco flavor that virtually replicates that of that particular animal's brand of cigarettes. You know what we're referring to... maybe you know one of them as "Joe." Two Humps, like your 18 wheels and 600 horsepower, will get you through the long haul, and then some.

Turkish - Appraiser

Turkey is known for its rich culture and refinement. The Ottoman Empire, which reigned not too long ago, produced some gems of luxury. After an interesting day of assessing treasures from the attic and delighting people on Antiques Roadshow, you can recline in your comfortable chair, put your feet up on the ottoman, and savor the complex notes of our Turkish e-liquid. It's a fine way to finish a fine day.

Cigar - Professional Gambler

Wherever you may be enjoying an e-cigar - poker table, stadium box seats, racetrack, sailing regatta - it most likely involves some type of gambling. And even the second-most common occasion for an e-cigar, the birth of a child, can also involve gambling. 50-50 chances of a boy or a girl. Not bad odds! But we say keep the gambling to the casino, unless you want to take a gamble on your marriage too...

Clove - Sanitation Engineer

The aroma is so good. Go ahead and proceed to your evening activities straight from work. Just make sure you're puffing away on your e-cig with ample clove e-liquid. Not only will nobody notice the lingering scent of work-related garbage, they will actually sidle up to you, nostrils flared wide, and take a nice, long, refreshing whiff of your fragrant clove aroma. Wait! Don't put it away! Sorry, but you'll have to keep on puffing away all night, even when making out later in bed. It's cool. It'll just add to the titillation.

Dark Tobacco - Mortician

Despite its name, dark tobacco is actually milder, rounder and sweeter than other tobaccos. And as people may be wary of someone in your trade, you usually prove to be truly kind and approachable souls. So we match the dark tobacco e-liquid with you, dear morticians. And we know you choose e-cigarettes as means to allow you a longer trip on this earth than those unfortunate enough to have met an earlier fate through smoking regular cigarettes. You may be found by others in dark times, but you surely help the light shine through.

Pipe - History Professor

Of course, pipes and intellectualism go perfect together. It's just the perfect flavor to stimulate deeper thought. And out of all the tobacco-related aromas, the general populace prefers pipe smoke to any others. It's common knowledge. So enjoy some even during intimate meetings with students and colleagues in your diploma-adorned office. 

What e-liquid nicotine flavor is the perfect compliment to YOUR profession?
We'd love to know what it's really like to be a veterinarian, or a pilot, or a stunt double, or even an insurance salesperson. Let us know what's the preferred e-liquid of your trade...