The Best Vapes for Flavor

People enjoy vaping for different reasons. For some, it’s all about making huge, thick clouds. For others, outstanding flavor is the goal. If you lean more on the flavor side, you’re probably wondering which devices you should try. Here are our top picks.

What Affects the Flavor When You Vape?
Wattage: If you’re not getting as much flavor as you like, try increasing your wattage. Setting it to 70 watts should work for most flavors.
Atomizer: An atomizer is a better choice than a sub-ohm tank if you want good flavor. Keep your atomizer clean to avoid gunky buildup that can ruin your flavor.
Coils: Coils are key to getting flavor out of your juice. Using a coil past its time will give your juice a horrible taste. Replace your coils before they get to that point.
Airflow: Airflow has a huge effect on flavor. Airflow is the movement of air from the coils to your mouth.
If you set the airflow high, you’ll get a smooth, cool vapor with less flavor. Some people enjoy that. If you don’t, set the airflow lower. This forces the vapor out more quickly, which makes the vapor warmer and more flavorful. Experiment with different settings to find the one you like best.
Steeping: Some e-juice flavors need to steep before they reach their full flavor. To steep juice, remove the top and put the bottle in a cool, dark place. If your juice seems flavorless, try steeping it for a few days to see if that helps.

Choose the Right Juice
When you experiment with e-liquids, try to find liquids with higher levels of propylene glycol (PG). PG produces flavor, and vegetable glycerin (VG) creates clouds. Juices high in PG can be hard to find because most e-liquid makers assume you care more about clouds than flavor. Even a 50-50 blend will work if flavor is your priority.
Get familiar with the terms of juice flavors. Most tobacco flavors, for instance, mimic the flavors of popular cigarette brands. If a flavor has the word “ice” or “freeze” in it, that usually means it has menthol besides the other flavors. Be sure you know what you’re getting when you buy juice.
The most popular vape juice flavors are fresh fruit, candy custard, straight tobacco, blended tobacco and ice cream. There are thousands of great flavors out there. You’re certain to find your own favorites.

Best Vape Devices for Flavor

Vaporesso Swag PX80

This compact but powerful device has everything you need to enjoy vaping. It pairs with Vaporesso’s most advanced GTX cell technology, which is specifically designed to produce amazing flavor on every vape. With your choice of coils and adjustable airflow, the PX80 gives you room for customization. A user-friendly design and affordable price make this an ideal choice for any vaper.

·.96-inch screen.
·External 18650mAh battery.
·Variable 5 to 80 wattage.
·AXION chip.
·Adjustable airflow.
·Tank capacity 4 ml/2ml.
·Available in five colors.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40

Take your flavor on the road. This is another small device that’s deceptively simple. The clean, slim design packs flavor-enhancing features like adjustable airflow, advanced GTX coil technology and an e-liquid self-circulating system so your juice always stays fresh. Exclusive Turbo Boosting Tech pulls flavor out of every drop. The PM40 is compact enough to travel anywhere.

·.69-inch OLED screen.
·External 1800mAh battery.
·Variable 5 to 40 wattage.
·Adjustable airflow.
·Tank capacity 4 ml/2 ml.
·Available in 10 great colors.

Vaporesso XROS

Most vapers believe a pod mod can’t deliver good flavor, but Vaporesso’s pod devices smash that belief to pieces. The XROS delivers outstanding flavor in a compact, beginner-friendly device. The mesh coil technology, adjustable airflow and dual firing mechanism add up to a totally flavorful vape. Reviewers and users love the powerful mouth-to-lung delivery and incredible flavor.

·Sleek, compact design
·Built-in 800mAh battery.
·Choice of 11 or 16 wattage settings.
·Adjustable airflow.
·Pod capacity 2ml.
·Available in 10 colors.
·Fill Up on Flavor

Vaping is enjoyable, and your vape device should make it fun by getting every drop of flavor from your juice. Whether you choose one flavor to vape all day or switch them up constantly, the right equipment can make them all taste great.