The best vape flavours in 2024

Looking for a little inspiration or keen to try out some new e-liquids? Be sure to check out our selection of the best vape flavours of 2024. Whether you’re a fan of menthol or sweet, fruity flavours, there’s something to suit you in our wide range of options.

How to choose the right vape flavour for you
When it comes to finding the right vape flavour, it’s always going to come down to personal preference. Some people like zingy, fresh flavours while others love a mellow experience. The good news is that no matter what your preference, there’s likely to be an e-liquid out there to match. That said, there are a few things you’ll probably want to consider, including:

·Flavour profile
·Nicotine strength
·Bottle size
·Compatible vape kits

Picking the right flavour profile
There is, of course, no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the flavour profile that best suits you. There are, however, a few things you can use as a decent starting point, such as thinking about the kind of flavours you like elsewhere. So, if you’re a big fan of cola drinks, for example, then a cola liquid is a smart one to try. Same goes for your favourite fruits, desserts and so on.

Another avenue to explore are the various liquids that cross flavour profiles. For example, fruity menthol flavours combine all of the sweet and fun taste of your favourite fruits with a cool menthol finish.

Choosing your nicotine strength
When you’re picking a new e-liquid, you’ll also want to consider its nicotine strength. Many flavours and varieties of vape juice come in a selection of different nicotine strengths as a way to cater to different vapers, so how do you know which one is right for you?

When you’re choosing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, the aim to is to reflect the nicotine intake your body is used to from smoking. This makes it easier to manage cravings without experiencing withdrawal or introducing more nicotine than you’re used to. Here’s a quick guide to nicotine strengths and how they relate to cigarette consumption:

·Very light or infrequent smokers, those who would smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day or do not smoke daily, would be best suited to a 3 mg/ml vape juice.

·Light smokers, between 5 – 10 cigarettes a day would likely find a 6 mg/ml e-liquid meets their needs sufficiently.

·Moderate smokers, between 10 – 20 cigarettes a day, may be best suited to a 10 or 12 mg/ml e-liquid.
·Heavy smokers, those who smoker 20+ a day, would be best to start off using a high strength e-liquid, an 18 or 20 mg/ml.

Find out more about how to transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping in our article on how to make the switch.

Selecting your bottle size
You’ll notice that there are a variety of different bottle sizes available when it comes to picking your vape juice, finding the right one for you depends on a few different things. For example, a big bottle can be a good choice once you’ve found a flavour you really like, as bigger bottles tend to help you save money overall. On the other hand, a smaller bottle can be great when you’re hoping to try out lots of different flavours or when you’re travelling and want something more compact for your luggage.

It's also worth considering your nicotine intake here. Newer vapers who’ve only recently made the switch from smoking cigarettes are more likely to need a higher nicotine strength and this means they might be better off using 10ml bottles. This is because 10ml bottles can contain nicotine at the point of sale so they are available in a wide range of different nicotine strengths, while short fills (which are bottles of vape juice larger than 10ml) are sold with a nicotine-free formula and are designed to be made up to a 3 mg/ml strength or 6 mg/ml at most.

It is also important to bear in mind that most short fill vape juices have a high VG formula which is not suitable for use with starter kits and pod systems.

Consider compatible vape kits
You’re also going to want to make sure that the vape juices you choose are compatible with the vape kits you’re currently using. For example, starter kits and small pod systems are best used with a 50/50 or high PG vape juice. These are e-liquids with a thin consistency that is perfect for these types of kits. That’s because these vape kits utilise smaller coils with less exposed cotton, meaning they can absorb the thin vape juice quickly to remain saturated and avoid dry hits. A thicker vape juice will cause the coils to burn out much faster.

On the other hand, advanced and sub-ohm vape kits are better suited to a high VG e-liquid, because of its thicker nature. This allows the larger coils of those kits to remain saturated without becoming oversaturated. A thinner vape juice can cause their coils to flood, potentially resulting in leaking, spitting, and gurgling.

The cost
Of course, the cost is also going to be high on your list when it comes to picking out a new flavour. One big thing to factor in is the size of the bottle you’re buying as larger bottles tend to be more cost effective than smaller ones. It’s also always worth looking out for sales or our multi-buy deals, which can help you save on your favourite e-liquids.

The best fruit vape juice flavours
If fruity flavours are your favourite, then you’re sure to find something to please you in this great range of e-liquids. Check out some of the best fruity vape juices around right now.

There’s a fantastic range of different sweet and juicy berry flavours to choose from right now. If you love the summery taste of strawberries then Ohm Brew 50/50 strawberry storm e-liquid is a great choice, while ELFLIQ by Elf Bar strawberry ice e-liquid beautifully combines that ripe strawberry style with a menthol exhale.

For those who love the sweet and tart taste of raspberries, it’s worth checking out the sweet yet subtle Ohm Brew 50/50 rockin' raspberry sorbet or the zingy Ohm Brew Badass Blends rockin' raspberry sorbet.

There’s also a great selection of berry mixtures, including ELFLIQ by Elf Bar blueberry sour raspberry e-liquid, a sweet flavour with a sour candy note, as well as the harmonious blend found in Double Brew Bar Series raspberry strawberry cherry e-liquid. You’ll also find a lovely blend of berry flavours in the Strapped Reloaded mixed berry madness e-liquid and a light mixture with an icy cold exhale in the MARYLIQ by Lost Mary triple berry ice e-liquid.

If it’s the fresh and zingy citrus flavour that tickles your tastebuds, then there are lots of exciting flavours for you. For a zesty and tart flavour, then Drip lemon & lime e-liquid is perfect, as is the sweet and tasty ELUX Legend nic salts lemon & lime e-liquid. The Double Brew Bar Series lemon & lime e-liquid also offers a lovely lemon and lime flavour with twice as much flavour concentrate as typical e-liquids. Another nice twist comes in the form of Ohm Brew 50/50 lemon & lime lolly e-liquid, which has a sweet lime and raspberry blended with zesty lemon along with an icy exhale.

For a slightly different citrus tang, we’ve got a great range of grapefruit flavours, including the lovely sweet and sour blend in Ohm Brew 50/50 groovy grapefruit e-liquid and the highly concentrated flavour blast in ELFLIQ by Elf Bar pink grapefruit e-liquid. Another fun and citrusy option is Vampire Vape pinkman e-liquid, which offers a mouth-watering fruit sensation.

Melon and mango
There’s something so refreshing about melon flavours and we’ve got plenty for you to try out. For a start, there’s the fresh flavour of Ohm Brew 50/50 watermelon sugar e-liquid which has a delicious candy watermelon taste or its big cousin Ohm Brew Badass Blends XL watermelon sugar. Another great choice for a juicy watermelon experience is ELFLIQ by Elf Bar watermelon e-liquid and when you’re looking for the ultimate melon mix, MARYLIQ by Lost Mary triple melon e-liquid and its blend of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon is a great choice.

Sweet, juicy and mellow, Mango is a great pick if you like things fresh and sunny. Kick things off with the holiday vibes of Ohm Brew 50/50 passion fruit & mango e-liquid or Ohm Brew Badass Blends XL passionfruit mango. If you prefer a solo mango flavour, then MARYLIQ by Lost Mary triple mango e-liquid might be the one for you. Mango is also showcased and beautifully blended in ELFLIQ by Elf Bar pineapple mango orange e-liquid or enjoy a real tropical treat with Ohm Brew 50/50 pineapple & mango ice cream e-liquid.

Exotic fruits
Enjoy all the fun flavour of the most exotic fruit bowls available in a variety of tasty vape juices. The tropical combo of Double Brew Bar Series kiwi passionfruit guava e-liquid is a sweet and tangy treat while ELFLIQ by Elf Bar kiwi passionfruit guava e-liquid ensures a similarly exotic blend. Try Ohm Brew 50/50 lychee ice e-liquid for lychee fruit with an ice cold menthol exhale, perfect for summer days.

Or discover the ultimate blend of strawberry and kiwi in ELFLIQ by Elf Bar strawberry kiwi e-liquid as well as the sweet and fruity flavour profile of Bar Juice 5000 strawberry kiwi e-liquid.

The best menthol and mint flavours
There’s also a brilliant collection of mint and menthol e-liquids out there, perfect if you’re looking for the best refreshing vape flavours. Discover a few of the mint and menthol varieties that are topping our lists right now.

When you’re looking for that distinctive menthol experience, you’ll find lots of options to fit the bill. Starting with Ohm Brew 50/50 ice menthol e-liquid and its strong and ice cold menthol flavour. Another way to get that classic menthol blast is with MARYLIQ by Lost Mary menthol e-liquid or from the cooling menthol flavoured bar salt e-liquid offered by SKE Crystal Salts menthol e-liquid.

There’s also the super cold Ohm Brew 50/50 sensation X e-liquid, which offers a blend of mint, menthol and ice. Another great choice is the icy Vampire Vape ice menthol e-liquid as is the refreshing and complex Ohm Brew Baltic Blends sensation x.

Fruity menthols
You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to menthol flavours that also have a nice, fruity blend. There’s the bestselling Vampire Vape Heisenberg e-liquid, which has a mysterious mix of blue fruits, aniseed and menthol, and which is also available as Koncept Heisenberg e-liquid, allowing you to make your own DIY mix.

Another cool option is Ohm Brew 50/50 the black e-liquid, which has blackberries and blackcurrants blended together with ice cold menthol, or Ohm Brew 50/50 Mr White e-liquid, which adds in an aniseed flavour to the mix. There’s also Ohm Brew 50/50 Mr Blue e-liquid, for a mixed berries, aniseed and menthol combo.

If you’re looking for something with just a touch of sweetness, then Ohm Brew 50/50 grape menthol aniseed e-liquid is a good shout. Ohm Brew Badass Blends the black is a straightforward and delicious blackberry and menthol blend, perfect when you’re looking for something icy and sweet. Other top fruit options include SKE Crystal Salts watermelon ice e-liquid for a fresh and minty flavour as well as the sweet and cooling SKE Crystal Salts pineapple ice e-liquid and delicious cherry flavour of SKE Crystal Salts cherry ice e-liquid.

Refreshing mint vape juices are perfect when you’re looking for a sweet yet cool sensation. There’s Ohm Brew 50/50 spearmint e-liquid which is reminiscent of chewing gum flavours or the gentle sweetness of ELFLIQ by Elf Bar spearmint e-liquid. Another nice spearmint option is Double Brew Bar Series spearmint, which offers higher levels of flavour concentration than regular e-liquids.

There’s also the simple and strong menthol and mint combo of Riot BAR EDTN fresh mint e-liquid of the cooling mint of Bar Juice 5000 fresh mint e-liquid. If you’d like to add some fruity fun to your mint and menthol combo, then MARYLIQ by Lost Mary cherry lemon mint is ideal.

The best tobacco flavours
For those who like their e-liquids to retain that distinctive tobacco taste, there’s a whole range of vape juices that make sure it’s front and centre. Here are a few that are most popular with our customers right now and which are ideal for smokers making the switch to vaping.

Get a traditional and smooth rounded tobacco flavour from Ohm Brew 50/50 tobacco e-liquid. You can also experience that old school flavour with Vampire Vape smooth western e-liquid as well as with the expert reproduction of classic tobacco flavours offered by MARYLIQ by Lost Mary USA mix e-liquid. Or, if you’re looking for the earthy and smoky flavour associated with cigars, then Ohm Brew 50/50 cigar e-liquid is a smart choice.

Sweet tobacco
There are also a lot of vape juices that blend the earthy taste of tobacco with something a little sweeter, such as Vampire Vape sweet tobacco e-liquid which has a mild and smooth taste. Likewise, Double Brew Bar Series cream tobacco e-liquid has a silky flavour while ELFLIQ by Elf Bar snoow tobacco e-liquid also offers a tobacco and cream experience. Another sweet treat is Dinner Lady nic salts vanilla tobacco e-liquid, while Ohm Brew Badass Blends tobacco ziggicig blends cured tobacco with sweet-tea flavours for a harmonious flavour.

The best drinks flavours
When you’re keen to enjoy some of those familiar and well-loved drinks flavours, you’ll find a great range on offer. Here are just a few of our favourite drink-flavoured vape juices for 2024.

Blue slush
If you’re a fan of that distinctive blue raspberry flavour and want to be able to enjoy it without the ice, then blue slush flavours are just the ticket. Try out the delicious Ohm Brew 50/50 blue slush e-liquid for a great recreation of the original slushie or get a nice twist on the original with notes of blueberry in the Ohm Brew Badass Blends blue slush. If you’re looking for a truly authentic experience, then the icy exhale of Double Brew Bar Series blue slush ice e-liquid is ideal.

Cherry cola
That distinctive taste of cola with the added joy of a ripe cherry flavour, this is a sweet and lively choice. Ohm Brew 50/50 fizzy cherry cola e-liquid has a strong cherry note while ELFLIQ by Elf Bar cherry cola e-liquid mixes cherry candy with cola flavours to make it perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Riot BAR EDTN cherry cola e-liquid also has a sweet and punchy flavour and the robust Drip cherry cola e-liquid is a great choice for sub-ohm vapers.

That traditional cola taste is one of the most popular drink flavours around, and for good reason! It’s distinctive and delicious and we have a few different varieties to choose from. Ohm Brew 50/50 fizzy cola e-liquid has a nice and bold cola flavour while ELFLIQ by Elf Bar cola e-liquid has a subtle sweetness alongside its cola taste. Try out Double Brew Bar Series fizzy cola ice for an icy exhale that makes you think of a cold cola on a hot day while Strapped Reloaded Professor pep e-liquid adds spices and ice for a truly unforgettable experience.

There are few things as refreshing as lemonade and these vape juices have tapped into that mouth-watering tang. Enjoy a premium fizzy grapefruit experience with Double Brew Bar Series pink lemonade e-liquid or ELFLIQ by Elf Bar pink lemonade e-liquid.

Or plump for that tropical tang with blue lemonade flavours like ELFLIQ by Elf Bar blue razz lemonade e-liquid and Double Brew Bar Series blue razz lemonade e-liquid as well as SKE Crystal Salts blue razz lemonade e-liquid 10ml. Another great super sweet variant is the Dinner Lady nic salts blueberry lemonade e-liquid. And for those who’d love a little cherry in their lemonade, there’s the yummy Drip cherry lemonade e-liquid.

When you’re on the lookout for a sweet and earthy pick me up that’s perfect alongside your morning or dessert coffee, then Ohm Brew 50/50 caramel latte e-liquid is a great choice. Ohm Brew 50/50 cappuccino e-liquid is another nice pick, thanks to its creamy and rich taste and aroma.

The best dessert flavours and vape juices
Love the sound of a vape juice that brings all the sweet tastes and smells of dessert? You’re in luck. There’s an excellent selection of dessert flavoured e-liquids available right now. Check out a few of our bestsellers.

There are few desserts as comforting as custard and these delicious blends offer all of the flavour without the calories. When you’re looking for a luxurious and thick custard flavour, Ohm Brew 50/50 vanilla custard e-liquid is a great choice. You could also ramp up the sweetness even further with Future Juice butterscotch custard e-liquid.

Enjoy the classic combo of rhubarb and custard with Ohm Brew 50/50 rhubarb custard e-liquid which has a lovely blend of smooth vanilla custard alongside the tart fruit. Same goes for Strapped Reloaded salts rhubarb & custard e-liquid, which is generously sweet and tasty.

The comforting flavours of bakery goodies without all of the crumbs. For an amazing combination of caramel-drenched banana and fresh waffle, try out Ohm Brew 50/50 banana caramel waffle e-liquid. Or go for a classic tart with the Dinner Lady nic salts vanilla tart e-liquid and the zesty and rich Dinner Lady nic salts lemon tart e-liquid.

Alternatively, get that morning vibe from the Stax cinnamon roll pancake e-liquid, which has a sweet and smooth cinnamon roll note, or indulge in Greedy cookie cravings e-liquid.

Ice cream
Sweet, smooth and boasting lots of mellow notes, ice cream e-liquids are reminiscent of all of your favourite soft serves. Check out Ohm Brew 50/50 vanilla bean ice cream e-liquid for an authentic vanilla bean flavouring blended into creamy ice cream or get a little taste of summer with ELFLIQ by Elf Bar strawberry snoow e-liquid.