Taking Vapes Abroad on Holiday – All You Need to Know

It’s that exciting time of year when you can find some fantastic weather abroad if the classic English weather fails to deliver the glorious sunshine and beaches you deserve. And for those who want to vape abroad, the rules can vary wildly whether you travel to the United States, South America, Asia or even travel a bit closer to home across Europe. So where can you vape on your holiday legally this summer?

To be safe, follow the correct guidelines and avoid unnecessary discarding of products at customs, discover our 2024 guide explaining the regulations and restrictions in place across the globe.

While the UK leads the way in favour of vaping as a safer alternative, there are many international governments globally that are opposed to vapes. Because some countries see nicotine replacement as a gateway to smoking or temptation for children, bans are in place, which may confuse those travelling on holiday.

Therefore, it’s important to know the rules before you jet off to popular holiday destinations such as Turkey, Greece or Spain, so you don’t offend the nation, but also to avoid any fines and in some cases prison sentences!

Can You Take Vapes Abroad?
Good news, there are many destinations where you can safely take a vape abroad, to get that nice tan and vape freely when you need to. However, this does not mean it’s possible to vape anywhere worldwide.

Below we list the most popular summer destinations for travelling Brits and the current rules in place at the time of writing:

Spain is the number one destination in Europe for British jet setters each year and no wonder, with fantastic tapas, gorgeous beaches and plenty to do there as well in terms of activities.

Vaping is permitted in Spain and you can buy all types of products from specialist shops and tobacconists. You can not vape on any public transport and in public places such as schools or hospitals, but generally allowed in bars and restaurants (although you won’t be spending much time inside anyway)!

Good news – you can take your vape kits with you or purchase them when you get to France if you’re over the age of 18. They can be found in specialist shops where tobacco is sold and various vape stores.

However, to save time and effort, why not take a trusty vape kit on board with you so you have less to think about when you arrive. Please bear in mind France voted unanimously in 2024 to ban single-use disposable vapes, which should pass through parliament and take effect as expected from September 2024.

Amazing food, weather and beaches – you can’t beat a holiday in Turkey! Rest assured, when you visit Turkey, you’re welcome to take your standard vape kit and any e-liquids in your luggage.

But while you’re in their country, just a reminder that they do interestingly not sell any products for vapes. So get stocked up before you go, taking what’s necessary, whether that’s a couple of disposable vapes, a handheld kit or useful prefilled cartridges with a user-friendly starter kit.

Please note you can not vape on public transport or indoors in Turkey and you must be 19 or older to vape there.

With cultural similarities to Turkey and a very rich history, Greece has been a popular summer destination for some time now where Brits are concerned.

For vapers, the rules are a bit more relaxed than in Turkey, with products sold there to anyone over 18 (TPD compliant) and they also allow you to bring your own kits and vape juice.

You can vape in public places there too, but always best to ask the establishment (bar, restaurant etc) before puffing away out of common courtesy.

Portugal is like many popular European destinations we have mentioned that Brits love to visit, with fantastic food, searing heat and luscious beaches.

You’ll be pleased to know vaping is also allowed in Portugal but always check around to make sure you’re able to vape in a particular public place.

No vaping is allowed on public transport, which seems like a standard rule across Europe (and a fair one too). While out there you can also purchase vape juice and vape kits if needed, provided you’re over 18.

Outside of Europe

The USA remains a popular place to visit all year round for British holidaymakers, with a fascinating blend of cultures separated by the 50 states, from the tropical beaches of Hawaii to the swamps of Louisiana or the nightlife of Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, despite its rich culture and history, vaping is a different story, with some states having outright bans on e-cigarettes while other states are more relaxed. You can find an up-to-date list here of states where there is a complete ban and also mentions where you vape outdoors while on holiday.

You can be fined if caught vaping where you’re not supposed to be, so please check before arriving at your destination. In terms of taking vapes on a plane to the USA, FDA rules state that you can only take devices and liquids on board the aircraft in your carry-on luggage and no devices are allowed in your checked luggage.

Of any Central or South American country, the most recently reported statistics highlight that British people prefer Mexico over any other country. For honeymoons, trips to see their beautiful art and fine cuisine with glorious white sandy beaches, it’s difficult to top Mexico.

Importantly, there are vaping restrictions in place that you need to be aware of before departing. When visiting Mexico, it is illegal to bring any e-cigarettes or e-liquids on board with you.

Failing to comply with their rules could lead to confiscation of the items at the very least if caught, with fines and potentially being detained by the police.

Nevertheless, all is not lost because vapes are not illegal in Mexico - you can still purchase vape products while visiting the country from their local dedicated shops. Therefore, you can still get your nicotine hit when required.

Known for its exotic landscapes, stunning bays and breathtaking tropical beaches, Thailand is a land of ancient ruins, temples and great nightlife with a population of over 70 million people.

With some of the strictest rules against vaping in the world, we advise you 100% to not even try bringing your e-liquids and vape kits into the country, even if you’re feeling brave.

Because vaping has been banned there since 2014, you could go to jail for holding a vape for up to five years, or at the very minimum on-the-spot fines.

Last on our list of popular destinations for Brits and the rules surrounding vaping is Dubai. As of 2023, it was reported more than one million British people seek the sun, sand and glamour of Dubai, which is growing in numbers year by year.

While it is legal to vape in Dubai, it’s also banned in many public places, such as hospitals, restaurants, schools and shopping centres. Always keep an eye out for signs or ask somebody if you’re not sure. Better to be safe than sorry!

How Many Vapes Can You Take?
This depends on a few factors, such as the e-liquid or device restrictions on board the flight you’re taking, and the destination you’re going to, as we have shown above – the regulations are different from country to country.

There is no set limit, and these rules are constantly changing, so keep an eye out for news of your airline or destination by simply searching on Google or revisiting our guide on what the limitations are on board your flight with a vape and e-liquids.

Countries Where Vaping is Illegal
In a report created by the World Health Organization, as of 2023, 34 countries have banned the sale of vape products. Despite best intentions, this potentially draws more attention to counterfeit vapes illegally sold via the black market.

Therefore, it’s important to research when choosing your destination their latest policies and government regulations for vaping, as rules constantly change with public demand to sway votes.

Check out this report where a global map reported by the Daily Mail highlights the key areas where there are bans, restrictions or no restrictions in place.

Understanding the Legality of Vaping
Vaping, the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour by heating an e-liquid using electrical current via a heating element known as a coil, has gained significant popularity over the past decade. However, the legal status of vaping varies greatly from country to country. Although it’s completely fine to visit the UK with your e-cigarette, e-liquids and accessories, the same does not apply when visiting other countries abroad.

So why is this the case? One key consideration is the potential health risks associated with vaping, as well as the lack of long-term studies on its effects. The other is simply respect for the others around you. Because there are bans and regulations in place to protect citizens from passive smoke from cigarettes, some countries listed below currently see similar risks from vaping, despite a lack of evidence from this claim.

Are Nicotine Pouches a Useful Solution?
As we have seen over the past decade, the vape industry adapts to policies and pushbacks to ensure people who smoke have an alternative to switch but still get the nicotine habit they’re familiar with.

It may be daunting for some or confusing to figure out what the exact rules are for the country you’re visiting abroad on holiday or for a business trip.

And recently, we have seen the emergence of nicotine pouches as a discreet alternative to smoking and vaping. Placed under the gums, these small pouches release nicotine slowly over a few hours and are not visible, unlike large puffs of cloud or smoke.

Therefore, for a ten-hour flight or after sunbathing on the beach heading to your favourite restaurant where vapes may be banned, you can simply pop a pouch under your lips when it’s needed most.