TACJA brings nicotine pouch to Europe

London, UK, 19, October, 2023 — Global smokeless tobacco brand TACJA announced the arrival of its innovative nicotine pouches in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden.

With eight flavours in two taste series — MELLOW and FROZEN, TACJA is dedicated to bringing users a convenient personal alternative with long-lasting enjoyment. The flavour profile is more than inclusive to indulge users in fruity and cooling tastes, against the backdrop of rich and classic tobacco flavour.

The oral tobacco brand sets itself apart by offering a nicotine concentration trio. Users are free to choose from 20mg/g, 18mg/g and 12mg/g for customised nicotine intakes on preferred levels of soothing effect.

Thanks to a variety of flavours and strengths, TACJA nicotine pouches come in tailored mouthfeels and sensations, guaranteeing an ideal fit for every taste palate, and defining how the user experience is lifted to new heights.

Moreover, TACJA lasts the taste for up to 30 minutes, striking a balance between flavour release and retention in an exceptional while consistent taste.

This vapour-free and smokeless oral tobacco also offers an anywhere and anytime option, delivering personal satisfaction without disturbing others in every worry-free moment.

With pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, TACJA nicotine pouches strictly follow highest quality standards with its products compliant with the European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

“We are thrilled to introduce TACJA, offering a diverse range of flavours and a delightful sensory presence,” said Charles An, TACJA’s product in-charge. “Our nicotine pouches are designed to provide users with moments of quality and unconstraint,” he added.

TACJA is committed to setting the trend in the oral tobacco market, transforming users’ nicotine experience. With its rich and customisable offerings, TACJA supports users to stay smokeless with ease that stays.

Global smokeless tobacco brand TACJA energizes modernity, self-expression, and freedom. Aimed at pushing boundaries, and delivering an unrivalled indulgence, the brand aims to create a rich flavour experience on tastebuds and unleash the sensation from within.