Have you heard all the rage about dry herb vaporizers and are interested in trying them? Do you want to know why you should switch from smoking weed to vaping weed? 

For many years, the only way to consume cannabis was to smoke it, either through a joint or a bong, but these days, technology has taken over the cannabis industry and made serious advances in the devices that we use to consume cannabis. 

Many people are starting to drift away from smoking marijuana and are moving more towards vaping it because it offers an abundance of benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t receive while smoking. Here is why you should switch from smoking weed to vaping it. 

For the longest time, people would choose to smoke their weed because it was just the most convenient and the most accessible, however as time has gone by, researchers and scientists have discovered that smoking in general, whether it is weed, tobacco, or anything else, is very dangerous and incredibly harmful to your lungs. 

This is where vaping weed comes in. This is a newer method of consumption when it comes to cannabis because there weren’t many concentrates available, and it wasn’t yet possible to vape the actual flower itself. However, with the introduction of the dry herb vaporizer, we have now got access to a much healthier alternative to smoking weed with all of the same effects not better ones. And with weed being more accessible because of the opportunity to buy it in a few clicks from this Okanagan green dispensary, the whole experience is a lot more enjoyable. Vaping weed does not allow one to inhale any harmful carcinogens and is not damaging to the lungs at all, therefore, making it healthier than smoking weed. 

This is something that many people would typically disagree on, but this is generally because they haven’t yet seen the bigger picture. While, yes, in the short term it is cheaper to smoke a joint because you just have to buy a rolling paper, your Winnipeg weed, for example, and a lighter, whereas using a vaporizer requires you to buy an expensive vape. However, in the long run, using a vaporizer is a lot cheaper. 

This is because you don’t have to continually purchase anything to go along with the vape, and you just need the device itself. When looking at the combustion of marijuana, the marijuana is burned which also means that a lot of products aren’t used to their full potential and a lot of cannabinoids aren’t activated. 

With vaporizers, this is not the case since there is no combustion involved and this means that you can get the absolute most out of your weed depending on what t is that you prefer. Therefore, having a dry herb vaporizer will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Continuing from the topic of combustion and burning weed, not only are you burning the weed and not getting the full effect of the cannabinoids, but you are also burning the flavor which means that instead of getting the pleasant flavor that you would get from a vaporizer, you would get a burnt taste

However, when using a vaporizer, you are not burning the weed and there is no combustion involved. Typically, when you set the vaporizer to a lower temperature you will be able to get the most out of the flavors of your weed and get the best flavors possible. 

Last but not least, smoking a joint is not discreet at all. The smell can linger in the air and on your clothes which means that people can very obviously notice when you have smoked. 

On the other hand, vaporizers do not leave behind any kind of smell and the vapor does not linger which means it is far more discreet and makes it easier to consume in public. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a problem however many people still view cannabis in a negative light and will be quick to judge. 

Vaporizers are also small and compact which makes them easy to transport and conceal if you don’t want people to see them.