Swedish Survey Finds Smokers Have a Tougher Time Finding Love

An article shared with us by EUforSnus founder Bengt Wiberg, shares the results from a survey indicating that for those looking for love, being non-smokers increases their chances substantially. 

“For the smoker looking for love, the choice to switch cigarettes to nicotine pouches can have a real effect, according to the results of the survey, you become a full 700 percent more attractive to date or have a relationship with,” reads the article as translated from Swedish.

A survey by e-commerce company Snusbolaget asked its customers (snus users) whether different tobacco habits would affect their choices of partner and 35% said they would not enter a relationship with a smoker. Most notably, it is male snus users who at 37% would not have a relationship with or even date a smoker.

On the other hand, 43% of these snus users would date or be in a relationship with someone who uses loose snus, regardless of the type of product they use themselves. Non-surprisingly 68% said they could be with someone who uses snus pouches and 22% said that they already are. While a significant 77% said they could date someone who uses nicotine pouches (tobacco free white snus) and 18% said they already do percent already do.

Switching to safer alternatives can make smokers 700% more attractive to date
This survey indicated that for smokers looking for love, the choice to switch to cleaner and safer alternatives can make all the difference, potentially making them 700% more attractive to date or have a relationship with.

Some other interesting findings were summarized as follows:

“- 11 percent of snus users have missed kisses because of their snus.
– 17 percent have experienced that their partner complained about the smell of snus (mainly men who experienced this complaint).
– 9 percent of the female snus users have heard that their date thinks it is unfeminine to use snus.”