Study: Want to get High? Choose Vaping over smoking for that

Vaping is slowly gaining more popularity and more people are turning to it over smoking. Vaping cannabis, according to research, gets you high. One gets higher than when one smokes traditional cigarettes. This is a scientifically proven fact. Participants in the recent study conducted in the Johns Hopkins Behavioural Pharmacology Research Unit at Baltimore took part. They had to vape and smoke weed that had three different levels of THC. THC is the ingredient that causes a high.

Results of the Study
§17 healthy adults were tested and it was found that more THC was discovered in a vape pen than a puff.
§They vaped or smoked weed of 10 mg, 25mg or none.
§Participants were not informed about what they were smoking
§They were tested on cognitive skills and took blood tests.
§They made mistakes and reported higher levels of itching eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia.

Two participants even vomited after the bigger dose- one after smoking and one vaping. One vaper even hallucinated despite it being a relatively weaker joint being sold in the US. This vaporized and smoked cannabis produced drug effects that were stronger when vaporized. This is as per the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.