Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Suorin Drop Pod System

Suorin is a well-known vape hardware manufacturer that knows truly, what vapers in our industry want. In this case, their Drop Pod System really does deliver in terms of portability and performance.. The Drop Ultra-Portable System is an amazingly spectacular all-in-one setup with a unique water-drop design - featuring a 310mAh rechargeable battery and a versatile refillable cartridge. The Suorin Drop utilizes a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, equipped with an integrated 310mAh battery with intuitive LED light indicator for battery assessment. Also implements a two-piece structure, with a 2mL replaceable cartridge that can be conveniently refilled with either salt-based nicotine or freebase e-liquid.

How to Use the Suorin Drop Pod System
If you’re investing in the Suorin Drop Pod System and wanna make sure that you use it properly, to start savoring those flavorful clouds as soon as possible, then carefully follow the steps below. Even though this pod system is simple to use, even for beginners, there are some key things to follow to ensure a successful vape.

Step #1: Remove the Drop Device, Drop Cartridge, and Micro-USB cable from the box. Set the instructional manual aside as you may need it at a later time.

Step #2: Locate the charging port on the device and plug it into your charging cable. Allow the device to reach a full charge, which will be indicated by the indicator on the mod itself. Once the battery has reached a full charge, remove it from its charging cable.

Step #3: While the device is charging, you can get your pod cartridge ready. First, you’ll need to fill it with vape juice. To start, locate the fill port and open it. Fill the cartridge to the fill line and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. This will give the e-liquid time to saturate the coil, which ensures that the coil can adequately transfer your juice into vapor. Place the stopper back on the fill port.

Final Step: Now that you have a fully charged device and prepared cartridge, you can simply attach the cartridge to the mod magnetically. Turn your device on just pull on the mouthpiece to take your first puff of vapor.

The Suorin Drop Pod System can really be the perfect and easy-to-use device for all your simple vaping needs. Within no time, you’ll be a pro at operating it so that you can enjoy all of its wonderful features while savoring tasty vapor along the way.