Vaping is now widely known in many countries and cities as an effective smoking-cessation tool. But unfortunately, a lot of cities still prohibit the use of vape products. Even in places where it is allowed, it sometimes draws unwanted attention.

However, many states are now adding e-cigarettes and vaping into their existing tobacco laws. That’s why it is important to learn about Stealth vaping, which is now a popular method used by many vapers.

What is Stealth Vaping?
Stealth vaping is simply the act of vaping secretly and discreetly.
When you use small vaping devices that put out smaller vapour volumes, you can regulate the size of the exhaled puff to be barely visible.

Stealth vaping works best with concealable devices with low power and a tight MTL draw and these devices are often called stealth vapes.

If you’re the reserved type that does not like drawing too much attention to yourself, stealth vaping is the way to go. You don’t have to contend with any noxious odor as vapour in small quantities barely has a faint aroma.

However, stealth vaping still produces visible vapour, so it is not advisable to do it in places where vaping is banned.

There are new laws that place public vaping in the same category as smoking cigarettes. So, if you vape in such places that forbid vaping, you could land in deep trouble with the law.

Some common places where vaping is banned include:

·Government property grounds
·Public transportation

The easiest way to know confirm vaping restrictions is to look for “no smoking” signs.

Vape products are categorised as tobacco products under FDA regulations and vaping is rarely treated as different from smoking. So if you have the urge to vape, you need to first ask what the rules are.

How to stealth vape
If you desire to try stealth vaping, then you’ll need a vape device that is small enough to fit into your palms. This makes it easy for you to conceal in public and vape without being seen.

You need to take note of LED lights on your device and cover them when you’re in stealth mode.

Below are some steps to practice stealth vaping:

First Step: Get an ultraportable vape kit like a pod vape or disposable vape. This device can fit into the 5th pocket of jeans. They often look like flash drives, little highlighters, or even key fobs. And the rule is that the smaller the device, the less the amount of vapour produced. You need a discreet form factor and low vapour.

Second Step: Most ultraviolet vapes come with a small LED light that often turns on when you draw on the device. The small size of the light makes it easy for you to cover with your finger in public. Your vaping might become visible if you don’t conceal the light.

Third Step: Take short puffs. You can take a few seconds to draw on the device to get smaller clouds. A longer puff will put out larger vapour. You can purse your lips and blow a tight stream of vapour to the floor. This helps to prevent attention from any onlookers.

What is Zero vaping?
Zero vaping is simply stealth vaping without exhaling any vapour. It is like turning your vape into a nicotine inhaler.

A lot of people were seen zero vaping the JUUL and this led to the popularity of this method. However, note that zero vaping is only attempted with small and concealable devices.

If you attempt to zero vape with devices like the sub-ohm tank, you tend to get into an embarrassing coughing fit, and vapour could jump out of your face.
Vapers that have mastered the method of zero vaping can vape while sitting next to someone and the person would be clueless about what’s going on.

However, zero vaping is not wise in cities where vaping is banned. Although vapour may not be produced, the coil could produce sounds during activation and this could draw attention. Moreover, a wisp of vapour may pass through an uncovered airhole on the device.

You might be reported by the public since most people are aware of what vaping is. So the question is, how do you do it right?

How to zero vape
You may not master zero vaping from the first attempt because it requires practice. You may need to hold your breath a little, and it will change your normal inhaling technique.

Here are two major ways to zero vape as they are great with beginner starter kits. As a beginner, however, you should take shorter puffs for just a couple of seconds. You can also begin with the mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw where vapour is first held in the mouth before inhaled.

·A long, single inhalation: This involves taking a small puff and inhaling deep down to your lungs, lasting for about 5 seconds. This zero inhale should be non-aggressive and steady. You can purse your lips and exhale slowly.

·Several short, rapid inhales: This involves taking a small pug, inhaling a short bit of air again, repeating this process once or twice until you feel your chest expanding as air is drawn in. Hold your breath for a few seconds more if you can, then with your lips pursed exhale slowly.

You may get a headrush the first few times, but it is normal. However, if you’re using a high nicotine level and you don’t like the feeling you’re getting, you can quit this method and go back to your normal ways of vaping.

You can also try a lower nicotine level or devices that put out less vapour. Nonetheless, you should always go for what makes you feel good.

Final Remark
Stealth vaping is a method that helps you enjoy your vape without being noticed. Some cities still view vaping as another form of smoking, and this is a big setback for vape lovers. But the good news is that stealth vaping has been used as an effective method to vape secretly and discreetly.