Smoking to Vaporizing: Stickstones' transition

Why I made the change: Smoking produces more than just the good stuff
There's a whole lot of junk, like carcinogens, that goes into your lungs when you're smoking. When you burn your herbs with fire, you destroy a lot of the good stuff that you’re after, and turn it into harmful byproducts. When we vaporize, the compounds are released, not destroyed, which leaves the majority of the chemical structure intact for a fuller, more efficient experience.

Superior taste
As soon as you start vaporizing, you’ll find flavors that you didn't even know were there. You might miss the taste of smoking when you first start out but the smoky, carbon taste is like black coffee or a shot of espresso. We think it tastes good, but you have to acquire it. Once you transition though, you’ll really start to appreciate the herbal flavors that come through with vaporizing.

What vaporizer did I use?
My first vaporizer was the Extreme Q, and it led the charge in my transition from smoking to vaporizing. Its desktop power, large bowl, and wide variety of features provided a sandbox of possibilities for me to play with while I dialed in my own vaping preferences.

I use less herbs!
Most people say they use about a third to a half less than they did when they were smoking. I know that when I started vaporizing, I was using half of what I used to immediately. Nowadays, with heavier usage, I probably use a third less than when I was full-blown smoking, but that's after years of vaping. Immediately though, I wasn’t spending nearly as much on herbs.

I felt way better!
When I quit smoking and started vaping, I spent about two weeks coughing up black phlegm. After those couple of weeks, it got to where all my phlegm was pretty clear and very minimal, so I knew it was better for me and my lungs. A couple of weeks is standard for a full transition over. Once in a blue moon, I’ll go back and smoke and think, “this sucks”. The effects are always weaker, and I have to use way more than I’d like. It’s a waste every time.