SMOK R-Kiss 2 Review - the Best SMOK Mod to Date?

The Smok R-Kiss 2 is the latest mod kit we will review for UK vapers seeking great cloud production for 2022. How does it compare with the original three years later and was it worth the wait? What we can tell you is it looks pretty slick and features a familiar tank we’ve seen on previous popular Smok mods. With a few notable additions and a new 1.3 inch TFT display, let’s check out its key features and how it fairs in comparison to other mods available today.

How Does the SMOK R-Kiss 2 Differ From the Original?
What the Smok R-Kiss 2 offers are a few little extras you don’t get with the original. Features like the bigger display screen and two-tone colour with a stylish pattern create an excellent mod for build-quality and aesthetic appeal. The new R-Kiss 2 also features bypass whereas the original was aimed more at the back to basics cloud chaser via Sub-Ohm vaping. It also offers a newer chipset which is expected with a three-year gap and type-C charging which is a welcome change and now featuring on most vape kits, such are the times. Another positive addition is the ability to lock the device which wasn’t present on the previous model.

The bigger design with the R-Kiss 2 slightly reduces the convenience compared to the previous model, but it’s pretty similar with a fire bar on the side for both. Despite the three year gap between the release of the R Kiss and the new R-Kiss 2 in 2022 from Smok, they both use the same TFV Mini V2 Tank, which has its plus and minus points. What you do get from each mod and tank combo is major cloud production. If you’re a cloud chaser, the Smok R-Kiss range will be right up your street.

Key Features and Specifications

·Advanced IQ-S chipset system
·5-200W power output for Sub-Ohm vaping
·Dual 18650 batteries (sold separately)
·1.3 inch TFT display
·TFV Mini V2 Tank
·Adjustable airflow
·2ml tank capacity
·Type-c charging
·Supported by single and dual mesh coils
·Five levels of safety protection - Low Voltage, Overheat, Short Circuit, Overcharge and Overdischarge

How Does it Vape?
This is essentially a kit designed for cloud chasers. There is no temperature control which vapers are moving away from as a trend, but what you do have is adjustable wattage and bypass mode to find the right setting for you.

However, when you adjust the wattage to a lower setting below the recommended on the coil (the great thing about these Smok coils that go with the tank is the different choices), the lower wattage significantly reduces the flavour.

Therefore it’s best vaped between 80-120W based on your personal preference. You can get a large amount of vapour from this tank but it does make a loud noise when you vape, especially with the airflow wide open.

Let’s Talk About the Mini V2 S1 Single Mesh Coils
The single and dual mesh coils for this particular tank have been around for a while and we know what to expect - plenty of vapour and some decent flavour. What’s great about the mesh coils with this V2 Mini Tank is the flexibility you have depending on whether you prefer more cloud or flavour. For even more vapour production, vape at a higher wattage using the Smok single mesh coil.

Although this reduces the intense flavour you would expect from your e-liquid, it makes up for it with voluminous clouds of vapour. Alternatively, opt for the dual mesh which can enhance the flavour based on the larger surface area or even triple mesh. However, bear in mind this will reduce the cloud production based on needing to pull more e-liquid at a higher wattage, burning your coils faster.

Functionality and How to Use the Device
The battery indicator is at the top of the screen, then Ohm and Volt counter below, with puff counter below that.

Like most devices, it’s five clicks to turn the mod on and off. Three clicks of the fire button to enter watt mode, bypass mode or the power lock setting to you guessed it - lock the power.

The menu is simplified to just these settings which is a refreshing change of pace compared to most new mods which sometimes have too many adjustable settings which can confuse a vaper. Instead, you have two power settings and one to lock the device, creating a straightforward process for a new vaper or someone stepping up from a closed system pod kit.

Running since 2015, the popular TFV tank range is proven and tested to work in a simplified manner, using a slide fill mechanism, with an additional lock in place underneath near the airflow which helps to prevent excess leaks of your e-liquid.

Appearance Breakdown
What stands out with this mod is the large 1.3 inch TFT display on the front of the Smok R-Kiss 2. Even for someone that doesn’t have the clearest vision, it’s bold, big and colourful, so easier to read. It’s got a cool fire button bar on the side which is easy to press on the go too, which adds to the overall experience.

Underneath the screen, you have left and right buttons to adjust settings such as the wattage with the type-c USB port below that. At the bottom, you have the battery door which allows access to place your dual 18650s (sold separately). This is firm and holds the batteries in place well. If you seek a single 18650 battery mod, the Innokin 217 Z Force is a useful alternative that also accepts 21700s or 20700s.

Like previous Smok models such as the Smok Rigel or older Smok Alien, the R-Kiss 2 has a stylish gradient two-style colour with a honeycomb pattern. The appearance is the major factor behind the R-Kiss 2 mods being one of the surprise packages of 2022, with the tank pairing up perfectly on top of the mod. It’s not as compact as the original Smok R-Kiss but feels more comfortable in the hand and is lightweight to hold.

Any Disadvantages?

·They could make locking the device easier instead of needing to go into the menu, but that might be what some people prefer as an alternative to a combination of holding down the fire button and left or right
·Considering the amount of e-liquid you go through at a higher wattage, Smok might have been better creating a 21700 version if it was possible with this mod. Nevertheless, the battery longevity with dual 18650s is still very good

Overall, this is a great mod for any level and doesn’t look or feel too complicated to use. The airflow produces a lot of clouds if that’s your cup of tea. It looks fantastic in the hand with a super slick design which is similar to the Smok Rigel but with a slightly lower wattage. As we could see towards the tail end of 2021, Smok may be turning their attention back towards the vape mod market and have done a stellar job with the R-Kiss 2 follow up.

Compared to the previous R-Kiss it’s more advanced and caters to even bigger cloud chasing with little features like the Bypass Mode if you want to go straight to 200W and the type-C charging for an even faster battery boost. Granted the coils are not the most flavoursome and it’s an outdated tank but it still performs to a high level for those who like cloud chasing.