SMOK Propod GT Kit [2023 Product Review]

Welcome to our product review blog article on the SMOK PROPOD GT KIT. In this review, we will delve into its features, design, functionality, and more. Read on to discover if this device is the right fit for your vaping needs.

The SMOK PROPOD GT Kit caters to both beginners or an experienced vapers, offering a hassle-free experience that packs a punch in terms of performance.

Who Should Buy the SMOK Propod GT Kit
Are you a vaping enthusiast looking for a device that seamlessly combines ease of use with impressive performance? Or perhaps you’re just starting your vaping journey and want a reliable companion?

The SMOK PROPOD GT Kit caters to both needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, this kit offers a hassle-free experience and packs a punch in terms of performance.

What’s Included in the Package
·1 x SMOK PROPOD GT Device
·1 x 0.8ohm Novo Mesh Pod
·1 x 0.6ohm Novo Mesh Pod
·1 x Lanyard
·1 x Type-C Cable
·1 x User Manual

Design and Build Quality
The SMOK PROPOD GT Kit boasts an impressive blend of design aesthetics and robust build quality. Crafted from lightweight yet durable zinc alloy, the device’s chassis is as visually striking as it is durable. The unique soft-touch rubberized coating enhances grip and offers protection against shocks, ensuring your device remains in great condition even after accidental drops.

But it’s not just about durability – the Propod GT is a style statement with its sleek curves and vibrant color options. You can choose from a range of striking colors, including Blue, Pale Green, Peacock Green, Pink, Purple, and Purple Grey. Your vaping experience can now match your personal style.

Battery Size and Strength
The heart of any vaping device is its battery, and the PROPOD GT doesn’t disappoint. With a built-in 700mAh battery, it offers a reliable power source for your daily vaping needs. Whether you’re a casual or frequent vaper, this battery capacity ensures you won’t run out of power during the day. Plus, it’s capable of delivering up to 22W of output, providing a satisfying and flavorful vaping experience.

Refillable Pod Size
The 2mL refillable pods of the Propod GT offer versatility. They are suitable for both nicotine salts and regular e-liquids. The user-friendly side-fill system ensures easy and mess-free refills, making it a convenient choice for vapers of all levels. No more spills or hassle – just straightforward refilling.

Types of Coils
The standout feature of the PROPOD GT is its compatibility with the Novo, Novo 2, and Novo 2X pods. These pods come with integrated coil options, eliminating the need for coil replacements. In your kit, you’ll find two pods:

·0.8ohm Novo Mesh Pod
·0.6ohm Novo Mesh Pod

These pods are designed to deliver exceptional flavor and vapor production, ensuring a delightful vaping experience every time.

Use the list below to pair the coils in your favorite devices with the right e-liquid based on VG/PG ratios: 

·For coils between 0.15 – 0.8Ω: Choose 70VG/30PG blends
·For coils above 0.8Ω: Opt for 50VG/50PG blends
·For coils above 1.0Ω: Select Salt Nicotine blends

How to Use the SMOK Propod GT Kit
·Step 1: Fill the Pod: Start by opening the side-fill port and adding your favorite e-liquid.
·Step 2: Install the Pod: The magnetic connection makes installing the pod a snap.
·Step 3: Power On: The device is draw-activated, so you don’t need to remember complex button sequences. Just take a draw, and you’re vaping.
·Step 4: Adjust Airflow: Customize your vaping experience with the adjustable airflow feature. Step 5: Find your sweet spot and enjoy a tailored vape.

Key Takeaways
·The SMOK PROPOD GT Kit is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced vapers, offering simplicity and performance in one package.
·Its striking design, durable build, and user-friendly features make it a standout choice.
·With integrated coil pods and adjustable airflow, it offers convenience and customization, enhancing your overall vaping experience.