Smok Novo 2S Review – A Retrograde Upgrade!

I am really happy that I received the Smok Novo 2S, I know, that will come to a bit of a surprise for those that are familiar with me or my reviews, because it’s not my usual type of device.

However, I reviewed the SMOK Novo 4 and I was quite disappointed, because they’d made it a lot less simple compared to the other Novo pod systems.

Well I am delighted to inform you that the SMOK Novo 2S is back to being as simple as possible, and I love it!

I’m sure for the vast majority of you, Smok needs no introduction. Founded in 2010, they were right at the beginning of the ‘vape revolution’.

Since then they have had success with almost every type of vape device from sub ohm box mod kits to starter kits, to pods and pod mods, Smok’s Catalogue is both huge and diverse.

Smok is certainly no stranger to the MTL pod range, their most popular devices include:

·Smok Novo Range (Novo, Novo 2, Novo X and Novo 4)
·Smok Nord Range (Nord, Nord 2, Nord X and Nord 4)
·Nfix and Nfix-mate
·Pozz X

It doesn’t end there though.

Smok’s website currently contains 12 pod systems, 26 pod mod kits, 16 box mod kits, 9 pen style kits and 5 MTL vape kits.

For the record that doesn’t even include the really old stuff!

What Can We Expect From the Smok Novo 2S kit?
As I said in the intro, it was a great relief to me that Smok has toned the Novo 2s back down and brought it right back to basics.

By basics I mean the Novo 2s has no buttons, no adjustable airflow and no changeable coils, you just fill your pod and off you go.

The perfect vape for someone that wants a pure simple cigarette like vape.
The kit is equipped with a 800mAh internal battery which charges via USB-C at 0.5A.

I said the Novo 2S hasn’t got any buttons and I meant that literally, the device is auto-draw (or draw activation) only. So you don’t have to press a button to make it fire, you just suck and the mod does all the work.

Instead of an unnecessary screen the Novo 2s has a small LED indicator on the front to display the battery status.

The coils that are built into the pods are 0.9ohm MESHED.

In simple terms, we should expect a pretty decent vapour and flavour production.

Inside the Box

At the time of writing, the Standard, EU And EU 2ml kits all have the same contents.

·1 x Nord 2S Device
·2 x Novo 2 Clear pods (MESHED 0.9ohm)
·1x USB-C Cable
·1 x User Manual

Specs & Features

·Size: 91.55 x 24.5 x 14.5mm
·Weight: 43g
·Pods: Refillable, fixed coil – Novo2 Comparability
·Eliquid Capacity: 1.8ml
·Display: LED Indicator
·Buttonless – Draw activation
·Side fill pods
·Battery: 800mAh – Built In
·Charing Rate: 0.5A (USB-C)
·Output Voltage: 3.0 – 3.5V
·Output Wattage: 4 – 20W (Not manually Adustable
·Resistance Range: 0.6 – 2.5ohm

Design & Build Quality
At the time of writing the Smok Novo 2S comes in a variety of 9 different colours.

Notice how I put ‘at the time of writing’? That’s because Smok have got quite a habit of bringing out more colours later on.

Full disclosure, I received 2 Sample kits, the white Armor and 7-colour Armor.

For this review we will be using the 7 Colour Armor. I also received 2 Sample kits previously that were accidentally packaged wrongly.

Smok Novo 2S Battery Section
The Smok Novo 2S have a very typical ‘Novo’ shape and size.

The sides, top and bottom are made up of a metal frame, with a patterned and coloured panel on the front and back.

The USB-C charging port is on the ‘bottom’ and there is a very small (0.5mm) LED indicator or the front.

Also on the front is the Smok logo which is small and fairly discrete towards the bottom of the device.

On the back is the Smok Novo 2S logo, battery capacity and blow them is the CE mark and the electrical waste symbol.

Smok Novo 2S the LED Indicator
The 0.5mm LED indicator on the front of the device has a few different functions, such as notifying you when a pod has been recognised.

However the LEDs primary function is to indicate the battery status.

As you vape the LED displays a colour to represent the battery level.

Infuriatingly enough, with the sample pack I got, it doesn’t actually tell you which colour represents what percentage.

However Smok usually stick to the standard below and from my experience it seems about right.

·Green= Over 70%
·Orange= between 70% – 30%
·Red= Less than 30%

The hole for the LED is super small and discrete however it’s bright enough to see easily, providing you use a mirror or look down beside your nose.

Smok Novo 2S Pod Connection
The pod port is simply an oval port, with a positive pin and negative pin at the bottom.

There is also a small hole which is for the draw activation sensor.

Unfortunately there is no magnet to hold the pod in to the port.

Instead the SMOK Novo 2s holds the pod in by being a tight fit. In fact inside the port there isn’t even a ledge or lip it is completely smooth… like really smooth.

Usually at this point I would moan that it isn’t very good for the long term as it will wear away.

However, I’m fairly confident that the mod is strong enough to last a few years and thanks to the fixed coils you’ll have to replace the pods frequently enough anyway.

There are two (smooth) grooves down inside at both side of port for the airflow, with small gaps at the top in the rim or the port.

Smok has also intentionally added 2 grooves in the bottom of the port.

The grooves have been added to ‘temporarily lock’ condensation, which is a common problem with pod systems. I’m not sure if this is designed to hold the condensation or recycle it.

Smok Novo 2 Clear Pod
The Smok Novo 2 Clear Pod has a silver metal base.

On the bottom there are the connection points in the middle.

The Smok logo is on one side of the silver metal and the coil information (Meshed 0.9) on the other side. Although the 0.9 looks incredibly like 0.8 to me.

Half way up the pod there is a “Min” line etched into the pod.

A little bit further up, just before the ledge that sits on the pod port is 4 little lips (2 on either side) in the corners.

These lips, or ledges, have a slope up to make it easier to push the pod into its port and they are the key to how the pod fits firmly in the port.

After these lips there is the ledge that sits flush with the pod port. It’s from here that the mouth piece starts.

The pod is made of a translucent black plastic, which is great to see the E-Liquid level.

Smok Novo 2S Mouth Piece
The mouth piece is also quite typical for Smok, especially in it’s shape.

It follows the straight edge of the side of the battery section, while the front and back slope in to form the mouth piece.

At the thinnest part the mouth piece is 6 x 22mm.

Before the mod bumps up in thickness to form the ledge that sits on the pod port the mouth piece gradually gets thicker, until it is 8mm thick.

Smok Novo 2S Quick Start Guide

Replacing The Pod
·Remove the pod from the battery section
·Fill your new pod with E-liquid
·Insert it into the battery port

Ensure your pod is fully into the port and wait for 5 minutes before using the new pod, to allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil.

Filling the Smok Novo 2 Pod

·Remove the pod from the battery section
·Lift the red silicon bung from the side of the pod
·Fill the pod through the exposed filling hole
·Reapply the bung
·Insert pod into battery section

If you are filling a new pod, allow 5 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil.

Smok Novo 2S Protection Functions
The Smok Novo 2s has a set of built in protections. If your device isn’t working the LED indicator should inform you about any problems.

This isn’t something you have to remember, but it could be useful if you’re having issues.

·White LED 5 Flashes = Puff exceeded 8 second cut off or coil short circuit. If it proceeds try replacing your pod.
·White LED 4 Flashes = No atomiser detected, or low/high resistance. Make sure you pod is inserted fully, or try replacing your pod.

How Does The Smok Novo 2S Perform?
This device is designed for Mouth To Lung vaping with 50:50 PG/VG E-liquid.

I will not be testing it with higher VG E-liquid like I usually do because the coil is too small and there isn’t enough power.

Using high VG liquids with these pods will destroy the coil fairly quickly, although it will probably seem to work OK for a few hours or days.

Flavour Novo 2 Clear Pod – MESHED 0.8ohm
I used the kit with Got Salt Peachy Promise, its a gorgeous blend of peach and passion fruit.

It’s 50Vg/50PG nicsalt and I have it at 10mg.

The flavour was awesome right from the off.

Truth be told I opened it a little bit prematurely, so I used it for a day and then it sat there, untouched for 2 days before I started reusing it.

When I started using it again the flavour did take an hour or so to come back, but it sure did come back.

There’s been times where I’ve thought “it’s good flavour but it’s not the best” then there’s been times where I’ve thought, “this flavour is incredible, it’s one of the best”.

So it’s not the most consistent flavour.

When the flavour dips it’s not flavourless, it just leaves you a bit disappointed. However for the most part the flavour is really good and prominent.

Vapour Production – Novo 2 Clear Pod
There isn’t much to say here, although I am pretty happy with it.

The vapour production is similar to what you would expect smoke from a cigarette, but it’s super smooth!

It feels nice and thick on the throat and it creates a great MTL experience.

Smok Novo 2S Airflow
The airflow on the Smok Novo 2S isn’t adjustable.

Which is great for somebody that wants a super simple device.

However the airflow is quite restriction free for a Mouth To Lung device.
I tried drawing MTL as fast as I could and the only restriction I got was from myself.

I also tried a Direct To Lung draw and although it was a bit too restrictive for that, I did manage it.

Having said that, I don’t know if it’s the mouth piece design or the vapour production, but I didn’t really notice how loose the draw was until I started writing this section.

So unless you are specifically looking for a restrictive device I wouldn’t let that put you off.

On Smok’s website they put the smoothness of the vaper down to the ”U-Shaped” airflow… Although it looks like a W to me.

Either way it like it, although it isn’t much different from the original.

Smok Novo 2S Draw Activation
Despite the airflow being quite loose, the draw activation works really well.

I have found with many devices if you’re just chilling out and you take a half hearted, slow draw it doesn’t activate.

However, that’s not the case with the Novo 2S, it actives really well, I’m fairly sure a mouse could draw on it.

Smok Novo 2S Battery Life & Charging
For me the battery life lasted anywhere between most of a day (10 hours) to 2 days, (36 hours).

Which I know isn’t helpful, so I did the math, and that says the battery should last you about 8 hours worth of having a 3 second draw every other minute. So it’s safe to say, that the average person can expect 10 or more hours per charge.

In regards to charging, thanks to the slow charge rate (0.5A) it took the battery an hour and a half to fully charge from flat.

Which isn’t bad but it would be nice if it was a little bit faster.

Smok Novo 2 Pod Lifespan
Coil life depends on what juice you are using and how much you use it.

I have been using this pod now for 10 days (including the 2 days it say doing nothing) and it’s still going although I think the flavour has started to drop.

So I’m going to say expect 7-8 days out of a pod for a frequent user, longer for the less frequent user.

Does The Smok Novo 2S Leak?
Wow. With pods I always put “but you always get a bit of condensation with a pod”.

However, there isn’t a single drop of liquid inside the port or on the outside of the pod.

Literally not one single sign of leaking or condensation.

I’m still not sure if Smok added those grooves in to stop leakage, but if they did, it worked.

·Super Simple & Easy To Use
·Decent Flavour
·Smooth Cigarette Like Vapour
·Zero Leaking
·Decent Size

·Could be faster charging
·Grip Magnet-less pod connection
·No off/on button -could be good for simplicity

Final Review Verdict
What a cracking little starter kit this is.

Okay, it’s not that much of a surprise… I mean come on they rehashed the original and called it Novo 2, then they added confusing things like adjustable airflow, a screen, a button and adjustable power.

Then everyone said that it defeated the point of the Novo line, so they took everything back off and called it the SMOK Novo 2s.

My point being, if you have the Novo 2 there is no real need to upgrade, however if you are looking for a starter kit that is as simple as a cigarette, then here you go.

All you have to do is charger it and add e-liquid. A super simple MTL starter kit device that doesn’t leak.

Kudos Smok, you brought the Novo line back to how it’s supposed to be!

Is it perfect? No of course not, for example the lack of a power button means if you have young children you need to make sure it’s always out of reach.

But I’m not going to knock points off for that. This device is designed to be as simple as possible, and that’s what I’m going to base the rating on.