Smok Nord 5 Review - Just Another in the Series or Something New?

Smok is one of the longest-running brands in the vaping industry and for good reason, creating long lines of stylish and practical vaping kits. Series like the Nord keeps pulling vapers in with the latest features, but do they offer something different? The latest from the collection is the Smok Nord 5, which we have put to the test and compared with the most recent Nord 50W, Nord 4, Nord 2 and original. Which is the best and why? Or are they producing much of the same?

How Does the Smok Nord 5 Differ From Others in the Series?

The Nord series is an interesting one. Going back to the original with the very first Nord, it was a reliable kit that offered new vapers a glimpse into the world of mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. For smokers, it was a handy option that could help with the transition. It boasted different coil resistances for a tight draw MTL and a loose restrictive direct lung, as well as a 1100mAh battery, which is more than enough capacity. Slowly but surely, they’ve started to drift away from MTL towards direct lung vaping, which is targeted at more experienced vapers.

Short and compact, the Nord series is the new trend we’re seeing more and more - pod devices that offer direct lung (DTL) capabilities. The last Nord released was the Nord 50W, which was strange after its predecessor the Nord 4. Sort of a backwards step in terms of power, and very similar in build and features to the Nord 2. This is because it looked like Smok were gradually building the kits to have more power - from wattage to battery life. As a comparison, the 50W had that as a maximum adjustable wattage and a 1800mAh battery, while the Nord 4 before it had a 2000mAh battery and up to 80W of power.

Fast forward to 2022 and Smok has released the Nord 5, the latest in the series, which is back to 80W of power and a 2000mAh, coming full circle. The Nord 4 was the closest hybrid pod-mod at the time, allowing vapers to effortlessly switch between (MTL) and DTL. However, with the Nord 5, it’s a clear switch to accommodate purely DTL vapers.

Key Features and Specifications
·Stepless airflow control
·2000mAh battery capacity
·Side fill
·Type-c charger
·0.69-inch OLED display
·2ml pod capacity
·5-80W adjustable output

How Does it Vape?
This depends on your expectations as a vaper and level of experience. For instance, if you know the Nord series already having previously owned one of the devices from the collection, this could be a welcome addition to your collection. With the new airflow control and wider mouthpiece, it’s certainly a warmer and more powerful vape for Sub-Ohm enthusiasts. However, it’s also very closely mirroring the vape you get from the Nord 4. For new vapers, you’re not likely to opt for a low resistance coil or vape direct lung, so that’s another consideration to make. Overall, it produces great clouds and plenty of flavours. It’s just whether you want that as your next experience and the settings and appearance match your preferences.

Let’s Talk About the RPM 3 Mesh Coils

What Smok has done is give the coils a fresh update with the release of the RPM 3 mesh coils to pair with the Nord 5 pod kit. Similar to the Nord 4, they are Sub-Ohm resistance coils with a new mesh structure which not only offer a large heating surface for improved flavour but a fast ramp-up time, a welcome feature for all vapers. Any e-liquid leak is less likely to happen than with previous pods and coil combinations when purchasing the Nord 5 because of the new lock mechanism on the Nord 5 pod.

The low resistance coils need to be vaped at higher wattages too, which is why they’ve reverted to an 80W device. From the looks of it, this device could be the last in the Nord series as it’s completely catered to Sub-Ohm vapers. Otherwise, where do they go from here? The 0.23 Ohm coil is best vaped between 20-45W while the 0.15 Ohm is between 40-80W.

Functionality and How to Use the Device
Navigating the Nord 5 is pretty similar to the rest of the devices. A few different functions and layout here and there but as they all have a 0.69-inch OLED display on the side of the device, it’s a welcome familiarity if you’ve bought the recent models, which span over the past three years since the original.

You have a singular fire button, and the same type-c charging and side-fill ports, so many of the functions are maintained throughout the series. However, the key difference with the Nord 5 that sets it apart from the rest is the wider mouthpiece, which is awesome and comfortable for direct lung vaping. Plus, you have the new ‘stepless airflow control’ which creates a smoother vape and as much power as required via balanced heat dissipation and greater atomisation of the low resistance coils.

Appearance Breakdown
It’s stylish, classy, compact and easy to use like the rest in the series. They’ve kept a similar design throughout with a screen that’s simple to navigate as well for vapers of all levels. The settings are not complicated to adjust, the airflow switch is protruding slightly but is easy to switch, which along with the dual air inlet creates a super smooth experience. When you pair it with high VG e-liquids, it gives a surprising amount of vapour for such a small pod device which is a Sub-Ohm kit.

There are 12 different coloured themes to pick from across the entire Nord 5 range which suit all preferences and they even have a series of 4 leather additions as well as the 8 regular series versions. Both are a distinct upgrade in size to the previous Nord 50W but that is expected because of the larger battery size and power required.

Any Disadvantages?
·It would be nice if there was the option of an MTL coil for those who prefer that, considering it’s a 5W to 80W adjustable device. Although the mouthpiece is wider, you could still get a loose MTL draw which might appeal to some

To summarise, for new vapers this is not the perfect kit to get you started because of the large amount of nicotine you would vape using these low-resistance coils. It would puff out more vapour which is warmer and is more suited to direct lung vaping, which is the opposite technique to what you’re used to as a smoker.

However, if it’s Sub-Ohm vaping you prefer and the ideal vape kit for you is a small and compact pod kit that’s simplistic for coil and e-liquid changing, produces sweet flavours and kicks out plenty of clouds, the Nord 5 would be a welcome addition to any kit collection. If you’ve owned a Nord product before you’ll recognise the great qualities the previous pod-mod kits had, with a few notable additions.