Should You Buy a Disposable Vape Kit

A disposable vape kit is a pre-filled e-filled liquid product that is ready to use. It is an alternative to Hookah. It is basically a pen filled with vape juice(any flavor of your liking) that is operated by a battery.   
The disposable vape kit is triggered by inhalation and it does not need a button to use. Once you inhale the pen, the vape will start conjuring up. As it is a disposable vape kit, they are only a one-time use, but in that one-time use, you can have on average 800-1000 drags per use. The drags usually depend upon the price of the disposable kit. The more expensive the disposable vape kit, the more drags you receive. 

Whether you should go for it or not depends on how you see the particular product. Beneath we will go into a detailed view regarding the disposable vape kit, you will then be able to make a clear decision if you want to buy a Disposable Vape Kit. 

How Does The Disposable Vape Kit Work? 
A disposable vape kit is battery operated, wherein when you start dragging through the pen, the battery inside the pen will trigger the heating coil to produce vape. If you want to learn more about the disposable vape kit you can always visit genuine websites.

What is a Disposable Vape Kit?  

The disposable vape kit is a one-time-use vape device. It is a use-and-throw device that works on a battery. As it is a one-time-use device, the vape pen comes pre-filled with e-liquid.  
The e-liquid inside the vape pen can be selected by your choice of flavor. There are a number of flavors you can select from too. 

The disposable vape kit will last only till the vape juice lasts or when the battery expires. It is a simple use-and-throw product. Once either the vape juice or the battery runs out, the device needs to be disposed of.  

Types of Disposable Vape Kit
Though they are a one-time use device, there are still two types of Disposable Vape kits in the market. 

·One-time-use disposable vape kit
·Rechargeable disposable vape kit  

As we have already gone through the one-time-use disposable vape kit, there is another option of a rechargeable disposable vape kit, where you can change the battery of the vape pen.  

Sometimes, the battery of the vape pen expires before the vape juice in the disposable kit, so now you have the option for a rechargeable battery if such a thing happens. 

For Whom Are The Disposable Vape Kits Good? 
There are certain people for whom the Disposable vape kits work. Let’s take a look at people for whom the disposable vape kits work perfectly.   

Disposable vape kits are good for beginners. Going straight into hookahs would not be an ideal choice for beginners, it would either turn them off altogether or they just wouldn’t know how to use it. Hookah takes quite a bit of learning to first prepare and then use. 
Disposable Vape Kits are just use-and-throw devices that are ready to use straight after unpacking.

Smokers Who Want To Quit Cigarettes 
Disposable vape kits are probably best for smokers who are trying to quit cigarettes. The nicotine level in a vape pen is not as high as in cigarettes and smoking a vape pen is as close as a smoker can get to smoking a cigarette. 
It is a good alternative to phasing out smoking. You have to start somewhere, and vape pens are a safe and sound option.  

Pros and Cons of Disposable Vape Kits 
Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of owning a disposable vape kit

1.Simple to Use. 

Disposable Vape Kits are very simple to use. They are as user-friendly as a product can get. To use Disposable vape kits, all you have to do is unpack the vape pen and start using it. 

There is no button system or attach/re-attach materials. It is a simple use-and-throw product. Just take it out of the packing and use it away!

2.Low Maintenance 

There is no additional expense once you buy a Disposable Vape Kit. There is no extra material or stand to use it, nor do you need different flavors to pour in, or have to spend money to maintain it. 

The flavors are pre-filled, and it is a straight-up pen-like device that you just directly use. 

The battery is built-in too, so once either the flavor or the battery runs out all you have to do is get a new vape pen.

3.Very Convenient 

You cannot carry around a hookah with you anywhere. You can but it is such a huge device it will only cause you inconvenience if you carry it around. 

Disposable Vape Kits on the other hand are super convenient. You can carry them around in your pocket or purse. They can be used anywhere. It is an on-the-go product. 

4.Zero Mess

We have already talked about how tedious it is to assemble and then unassemble a hookah, no such issues or tediousness with a disposable vape kit. 

No need to assemble or unassemble, just use it and throw it. No cleaning up after! 


There are expensive disposable vapes in the market, but on average, there are more cheaper ones than expensive ones. You don’t need to spend a bomb on disposable vape kits, they are fairly cheap and last a good while. 
When you want to buy a new one after, it won’t cost much. They are definitely a cheaper option than the others. 

6.Looks Cool and Stylish

We’ve added this just for the brownie points. The Disposable Vape Kits do look cool when you hold them in your hand and vape away. They look ultra stylish and more attractive than Cigarettes. 


1.Limited Vape Production
This might be the biggest drawback of the Disposable Vape Kit. The vape production from the vape pens is considerably lower than say a cigarette or a hookah. Hookah produces an insane amount of vape and in comparison, vape pens are not even half as effective. 

2.Limited Flavors 
We did say in the beginning that you do get many flavors with the Disposable Vape Kits, but the fact remains that you can only get ONE flavor per kit. You can’t change the flavor or refill the current one as it is a one-time-use flavor. 

So if you are buying a disposable vape kit then you will have to make a choice as to which flavor you want to get. It is pretty limited in that sense. 

3. Mid-Use Failure
This is definitely an issue. Your battery of the vape kit can suddenly malfunction. The huge drawback is that you cannot replace it because of its one-use term. 
The device is sealed and cannot be opened so you are stuck with a malfunctioned piece. No repairs, you then have to buy a new one.  

4.Not Environmental Friendly 
Which Vapes or even Cigarettes are? Anyway, after every use, Disposable Vape Kits need to be disposed of, and if the use is frequent then you get a lot of waste from its usage. It is definitely not environmentally friendly. 

Disposable Vape Kits are a better alternative than Cigarettes and Hookahs. They are cheap, easy to use, and very convenient. If you are looking at something to vape then Disposable Vape Kits should definitely be a solid option for you.