Shenzhen SKE Technology Launches MEMERS VAPE: A New Chapter in Vaping Innovation

Press Release
Shenzhen SKE Technology, a trailblazer in the vaping industry for over a decade, proudly introduces its latest innovation, MEMERS VAPE. Established in 2013, SKE has consistently led the way in vape technology, garnering widespread acclaim and a robust user base across 70 countries.

In 2024, Shenzhen SKE Technology continues its forward march, introducing MEMERS VAPE under its multi-brand strategy. This new brand epitomises the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation, aiming to reshape market trends and meet evolving consumer demands.

MEMERS VAPE, positioned as the “advocate and innovator of electronic atomisation technology and application,” focuses on pioneering new technologies and innovations. It aims to spread the message of smoking cessation through its advanced electronic atomisation products, targeting both smokers and e-cigarette enthusiasts.

The essence of MEMERS is inspired by the internet’s “MEME” culture, reflecting enjoyment, creativity, and social engagement.

This brand concept resonates with contemporary popular culture, emphasising individuality and shared experiences. MEMERS VAPE is not just an e-cigarette brand; it’s a cultural bridge connecting diverse individuals.

MEMERS introduces “MITS Ecosystem Platform ” – a Miniaturised Integrated Technology System Ecosystem Platform. This innovative platform, soon to be launched, focuses on integrating various technologies into a compact system.

It features high integration, rapid heating, consistent flavour, and incorporates big data, IoT modules, and an AI platform “HiSMK”, the world’s first AI platform in the e-cigarette industry which will be launched by Shenzhen SKE Technology.

“HiSMK” is a globally pioneering AI knowledge graph in the electronic cigarette industry developed by Shenzhen SKE Technology. It aims to become an ecosystem platform leading the industry’s development.

This platform uses AI as the underlying technology support, connecting and interacting with users, engaging in e-cigarette cultural exchange and services, utilising AI big models to continuously evolve consumer demands, and ultimately realising the full chain functionality of I2C (consumer ideas to consumers).

MEMERS is set to launch a series of innovative products in the first and second quarters of 2024, including disposable, open-pod, and closed-pod systems. These products, especially those with AI technology, are poised to revolutionise the vaping experience.

The MEMERS team, comprised of experts from leading companies worldwide, brings a wealth of global experience and a strong belief in the vaping industry’s potential. Adhering to the principle of “new technology & innovation,” they are ready to write a new chapter in vaping history.