Review: Drag X2 – Voopoo

There is a vast range of Drag models. The success story of this Voopoo reference is well established both for built-in batteries and removable batteries. The Drag X2 is an easy-to-use kit designed for airy vaping up to 80 W.

A user-friendly DLR kit

The visual identity of the Drag X2 is true to the vast collection of this model. It sticks to the same principle of a box topped by a proprietary magnetic clearomizer. This means that the kit is only used with the clearomizer/pod provided. The flavours don’t disappoint with the PnP X coils, and it is easy to use.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·USB cable
·User guide

The Drag DNA

The Drag X2 follows in the footsteps of the other pods in the collection with a large fire button, a clear screen and two settings buttons. The finish is flawless and the texture and engraving details add a high-end feel to the box.

The settings buttons are placed under the screen. A USB-C port just below is used to update the electronics and for occasional charging. However, we recommend charging the removable battery with a dedicated external charger. You can’t vape while charging using the USB port. On a mod with a built-in battery, this could be annoying, but on a box with an external battery it is less of a problem.

The battery compartment is easily accessible by removing the casing covering it. The casing is firmly held in place by powerful magnets. There is no play at all. The polarity is marked and the box is protected against any reversal. The Drag X2 uses an 18650 battery.

Like most Drags, the X2 is topped by a tank held on by magnets. The tank sits in a deep recess on the top of the box and is held tightly in place. There is no unpleasant play, and unless it is dropped, this part remains firmly attached to the box.

The colour screen is reduced to the essentials. The brightness is ideal, even in strong sunlight. The main information, such as the power selected, the number of puffs, the coil value, etc. is immediately visible on the display.

The menus are just as obvious. A Smart mode adjusts the power according to the coil inserted into the tank. An Rba mode enables you to choose this value yourself according to your personal preferences. There is also an eco mode. The chipset is pleasing and requires little adjustment, which contributes to making the Drag X2 easy to use.

A tank for vapour

The classic tank offers a generous capacity of 5 ml. Simply lift the silicone cover and insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle to fill. The transparent tank makes it easy to see the level of e-liquid at a glance. The airflow is adjusted at the top, which contributes to the draw and to cooling the coil. When fully open, the draw is airy. When it is more restricted, it delivers better flavour quality, in our opinion.

The coil is inserted into the base of the tank. It has to be fitted the right way round. The flat areas have to match up with the moulded shape on the tank. There is nothing complicated about it, but you need to be careful to make sure everything is leak-tight. During our tests, we didn’t see any seepage or leaking. This is a good point, as previous models sometimes suffered from leakage.

The kit comes with two coils: The 0.2 ohm PnP X for use between 40 and 60 W and the 0.3 ohm PnP X for vaping between 32 et 40 W. Both coils provide total satisfaction. The 0.3 ohm PnP is ideal with gourmet flavours of e-liquid where the sweet notes come out on top. The 0.2 ohm coil is better adapted to fruity flavours with its cooler delivery. The Drag X2 kit is a nice surprise. It is leak-free, easy to use and reliable.


What we like
·Quality of flavour
·Easy to use
·No leaks
·Overall coherence

What we don’t like
·Can’t be used during USB-C charging


The Drag W2 kit is pleasant. It is easy to use with its simplified menus and is consistent with a 18650 battery format for vaping around 40 W. The flavours don’t disappoint. It is leak-free and nice to use on a daily basis.