Product Spotlight: Vaporesso

Whether you’re looking for an E-Cigarette starter kit or a heavy-duty mod, Vaporesso is a leading brand for parts. In this blog post, we’ve decided to highlight one of our favourite brands outlining some of Vaporesso’s best products.

What is Vaporesso?
Vaporesso is a leading brand of vaping products, dedicated to creating a smoke-free world. The brand focuses on creating high-quality and innovative vape products, with a range that includes something for everyone, no matter your vaping level or style. With vape pens, Pods, Mods and more, there’s a product for every vaper, and they’re all made with a focus on innovation, quality, and commitment.

What Are The Mods Like?
If you’re after a big mod that’ll produce lots of vapour, the Vaporesso Gen X kit is perfect. Made with aircraft-grade aluminium, this device is sleek, lightweight, and feels natural in your hands. The cutting edge design has made this product the fastest firing vape on the market, creating an excellent and consistent vaping experience.

The Gen X kit has a 200w max power, 0.91” OLED Display screen and a micro-USB port for quick and easy charging. Additionally, Vaporesso coils in NZ are extremely cheap, costing half the price a pack of cigarettes would. All that and more make this device one of the best mods we offer, not to mention it’s compatible with our delicious range of high VG E-Liquids.

After a Smaller Device?
In recent years, smaller pod-style systems have taken over the vaping world, but this hasn’t stopped Vaporesso from also securing that portion of the market. Some users prefer small, slender devices, as they have a tighter draw and less vapour—more comparable to a cigarette than the bigger mods—making pod-systems ideal for somebody who is first transitioning to vaping.

Vaporesso XROS is perfect for new vapers who usually smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day. This device is simple to use straight out of its box, not requiring manual setting up as the bigger mods often do. Though pod-systems don’t generally include changeable settings, that hasn’t stopped Vaporesso from giving their customers some freedom. The XROS has adjustable air intake to control the amount of vapour and flavour it produces. Users can play around with the airflow until they find their preference.

The freedom doesn’t stop there though, as there are two pods available for the system, a 1.2Ω pod which uses less battery and creates less intrusive vapour clouds, and a 0.8Ω pod that has a tighter draw, produces more flavour and vapour clouds, but uses battery power to do so. With a 20 minute charge time, lightweight design, and compatibility with both nicotine salts and freebase E-Liquid, this is easily one of the best pod-systems on the market.