Press Release: VMATE MAX with 3X Upgrade Cartridge! VOOPOO Releases the Flagship of VMATE Pod Family!

This is a sponsored press release written by VOOPOO. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of us.

VOOPOO is proud to announce the launch of the VMATE MAX. It is the flagship product that takes the VMATE Pod Family to the next level with its 3X upgrade cartridge, max 30 W powerful performance and hidden horizon screen.

3X upgrade cartridge, vaping experience MAX
VMATE MAX is equipped with the new "3X" upgrade VMATE Top Fill Cartridge that significantly improves the cartridge's lifespan, leak resistance and flavor production. The cartridge allows vaping up to 90 mL of e-liquid, with no leakage for 30 days at a standstill, and consistently bringing rich flavor. It also features a resistance as low as 0.4 Ω, compatible with freebase e-liquids, delivering a satisfying RDL vaping experience. Besides, the top-filling design makes it more convenient and quicker to fill the e-liquid in.

1200 mAh battery and 30-watt MAX output!
The 1200 mAh battery capacity enables vaping for up to three days, ensuring stable and long-lasting vapor output. Combined with the 5V/2A fast charging rate, vapers can enjoy vaping without power anxiety. The max 30 W power output with new 0.4 Ω cartridges also excels in RDL vaping of fresh flavor, dense clouds, and a strong hit. Moreover, VMATE MAX offers customizable SHIFT/POWER output options. SHIFT mode allows pressing the button to customize the power, and POWER mode provides three modes for intelligent output settings: SPT, NOR, and ECO mode.

Gem-like fancy design, chic and delicate MAX
A unique "Hidden Horizon" screen design is present in the VMATE MAX. Beneath the IML panel are the two 256-color RGB light bars and the display, which are only visible when the device is in use. This design deftly balances functionality and refined artistry, meeting the need for interaction while maintaining the beauty of an understated luxury. The rounded pebble-like shape is aesthetically beautiful and pleasant to hold, while the gem-like surface offers the ultimate touch.

VMATE MAX, the flagship product of the VMATE Pod Family, is the ideal partner for vapers seeking an exceptionally pure and powerful vaping experience and a distinctive design that accentuates style.