Press Release: UPENDS MIRROR PRO, World’s First Disposable Vape with Magic Mirror Officially Launched in the US

NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by UPENDS. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of us.

SHENZHEN, China – UPENDS, an e-cigarette brand that constantly pursues a philosophy of elegant balance and is committed to crafting products with a lingering finish, has launched the MIRROR PRO, the world’s first disposable vape with a magic mirror, in the United States. This device shows great competitiveness among all vapes and has received widespread praise, demonstrating UPENDS’ ambition to deepen its presence in the US.

More than just a disposable vape
The MIRROR PRO comes with a 20mL massive e-liquid capacity, giving vapers more than 12,000 puffs to enjoy. The built-in 650mAh battery and type-C charging make all-day vaping a breeze. Its color contrast design is also pretty, but the most eye-catching feature is the side magic mirror, which makes it the most unique vape ever. UPENDS MIRROR PRO is, in a manner of speaking, the first choice for vapers who pursue an elegant lifestyle and long-lasting enjoyment.

Perfect experience powered by FRESOR
One feature we should highlight about MIRROR PRO is the FRESOR Dual Mesh technology. “Our FRESOR Dual Mesh technology is not a simple combination of two coils for a stronger taste, but an intelligent control of them to achieve an alternate working for long-lasting vaping and consistent flavor in every puff,” said Doctor Wu, the Chief Product Officer of UPENDS, “Another big improvement is the dual maze airflow channel design. Compared to other products, our MIRROR PRO makes it possible for zero leakage and better protection of components”.

An understandable and suitable disposable vape
UPENDS has gone to great lengths to solve one of the biggest pain points for vapers, monitoring the remaining e-liquid and battery power of large-capacity vapes. The MIRROR PRO is equipped with an intelligent LED display screen on the side that provides an easy way to check the e-liquid and battery levels for timely recharging or replacement. In addition, you can adjust the airflow with the bottom switch for the best vaping experience you’re looking for.

The strong competitiveness of MIRROR PRO is also embodied in its choice of flavors. UPENDS has created more than 20 fresh flavors for it, including fruit flavors, candy flavors, beverage flavors, etc., which could offer vapers varied and long-lasting pleasurable experiences. MIRROR PRO, the latest UPENDS product, is committed to providing users with breakthrough technology and a unique experience. With its launch in the US and other countries, UPENDS will eventually take a decisive position in the e-cigarette industry.

Founded in 2019, UPENDS is an e-cigarette brand specializing in electronic nicotine delivery systems. The excellent reputation of UPENDS as a leading e-cigarette brand is attributed to its innovative ability, superior manufacturing technology and quality, delicate design, and cost-effective features. UPENDS is currently expanding its global development. UPENDS constantly pursues a philosophy of elegant balance and is committed to crafting products with a lingering finish.