Press Release: UPENDS Launches Futuristic Disposable STARX To Spark the Real Smart Vaping Experience

SHENZHEN, China – UPENDS, an e-cigarette brand that prioritizes user experience and aims to become vapers’ favorite brand, launched its smart disposable flagship UPENDS STARX. The STARX features an industry-leading, cutting-edge atomization technology that represents a major breakthrough in atomization efficiency and vaping experience. In addition to the leap in performance, the STARX also redefined the industry design with a HD full touch screen display and dynamic light show, leading the development direction of disposable vapes and bringing the industry into the smart era.

Amazing 20,000 puffs and attractive features makes STARX an annual flagship
As UPENDS’ flagship of the year, the STARX comes with a built-in 18mL e-liquid that supports 20,000 puffs in PULSE mode and 10,000 puffs in SMOOTH mode. Its battery reaches 850mAh and is rechargeable with a Type-C cable. Users can intuitively monitor real-time e-liquid and battery levels and select vaping mode thanks to the HD full touch screen display, making it a ready-to-use vape. What’s more, the STARX allows users to adjust the inlet airflow in 3 levels for various vapor volume needs.

A spaceship-like fashion item with full-screen display and flashing lights
UPENDS STARX, which is built on the foundation of the product design experience and aesthetic accumulation, is not only a vape product, but also a futuristic fashion item. The STARX, which looks like a spaceship, boasts simple geometric, futuristic surfaces and smooth metalloid coatings that optimize the hand feeling. The full-screen display on the front adds to a sense of science fiction. In addition, as a fashion item, the STARX brings visual enjoyment and pleasure to users with its colorful flashing light rings on the screen.

Smart mode switching powered by innovative heating tech
UPENDS STARX is powered by its self-developed technology platform that intelligently controls the dual mesh coil to ensure the optimal atomization efficiency. “Unlike other dual mesh products, the STARX’s e-liquid storage cavity and entire airflow channel have been redesigned to keep the mesh coils in the best working condition,” said Dr. Wu, the CTO of UPENDS, “The STARX has passed rigorous tests in the lab, which makes it the top level of atomization efficiency among all products on the market, and fully meets users’ needs in terms of taste, flavor reproduction, vapor and puffs.” In addition, the STARX has two vaping modes, including PULSE mode, where two coils work simultaneously and SMOOTH mode, where two coils work alternately. Users can select the appropriate mode by tapping the touch screen 3 times.

Stunning debut at Champs Trade Show and World Vape Show
UPENDS STARX promises a fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative design and user-centric philosophy, laying a good foundation for real smart vaping experience and brand new lifestyle. The STARX will make a stunning debut at Champs Trade Show, Las Vegas during February 14-17 and World Vape Show, Paraguay during March 8-9, showcasing the latest technologies and the best experience to every vaping enthusiast and lover.

Founded in 2019, UPENDS is an e-cigarette brand specializing in electronic nicotine delivery systems. The excellent reputation of UPENDS as a leading e-cigarette brand is attributed to its innovative ability, superior manufacturing technology and quality, delicate design, and cost-effective features. UPENDS is currently expanding its global development. UPENDS constantly strives to prioritize the user experience and be the vaper’s favorite.