Press Release: Stop in the Name of the E-Law - How Alternative Product Companies Stay on the Legal Side of the Internet

In what is becoming a classic Covid-era origin story, a small group of entrepreneurs turned impossibility into opportunity. “We had to do something. Our businesses at that time were going to disappear.” states Devin Aracena, Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer at Canvast Supply Co.

“We worked in horticulture, including our family’s legacy biomass business. When Covid shut everything down – we pivoted to our passion, cannabis cultivation.” Ms. Aracena, along with her husband, had made connections with others sharing a unique background – they had all previously worked in one of the “capitals of cannabis,” Humboldt County, CA.

Soon, the Aracenas, along with co-founders Christie & Will Tarleton opened what they hope will one day be their multi-generational, cannabis-based business based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Their mission was to do things the right way and create the cleanest products they could cultivate. But working in an industry as heavily regulated as alternative product consumer goods, they knew they needed to partner with companies as dedicated as themselves if it would ever work.

“Right away, we decided on Token of Trust for age verification.” said the company’s fifth and final co-founder, Destiny Young. “With our goals of holding our product to the highest standard, our customer service to the highest standard, we knew our partners had to believe in the same levels of operational compliance. Token of Trust is exactly what we needed.”

A software leader that helps regulated eCommerce businesses comply with the law, Token of Trust Inc, works to help automate age verification, excise tax calculation, state and federal tax collection, and PACT Act regulation compliance.

“Token of Trust knows what they’re doing, are always available to answer questions, and seem to know what is going to happen before it does. They’re lifesavers.”
- Devin Aracena, CEO at Canvast Supply Co.

“Tax and compliance automation software is an absolute necessity for eCommerce retailers and wholesalers selling regulated products. State-specific regulations on vape, CBD, cannabis, and hemp products have made it difficult for smaller merchants to successfully run their business online – even forcing some merchants to withdraw their ability to sell into certain states. Token of Trust takes care of that for countless companies throughout North America.” states Darrin Edelman, CEO of Token of Trust.

Adam Winfrey, CEO of Big D Vapor in Dallas, Texas, explains how expanding his online presence as an age-restricted, alt pro goods seller presented his company with a laundry list of regulations. Mr. Winfrey states “We quickly found ourselves dealing with not just one set of rules, but 5, then 10, then 18. Token of Trust was the obvious choice for us to scale our business. Frankly, we see them as a member of our team.”

A change in regulations can wreak havoc on any business, but to a smaller business with limited resources, it could be so disruptive as to sink it. For many business owners, that is a chance they just refuse to take.

Canvast CEO Ms. Aracena notes, “Having this partner in our “brain trust” helps us see around the corner as to what might be coming up next. Being nimble has been imperative for us to operate so successfully in this space. Token of Trust knows what they’re doing, are always available to answer questions, and seem to know what is going to happen before it does. They’re lifesavers. As we move into more products, and different directions, we see them as long-term partners. They’ve alleviated huge compliance headaches so we can grow our business the way we want to. Honestly, I don’t see how we could have been as successful operating without them.”