Press Release: ALL ON! FEELM Debuts Innovative Series Solutions in Dubai

This is a sponsored press release written by FEELM. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of us.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates— June 12, under the theme "ALL ON", FEELM made a comprehensive debut at the World Vape Show Dubai, showcasing 10 innovative series solutions that have been in the works. These solutions address different consumer pain points in various markets, either by singular breakthroughs or combined strategies, delivering a comprehensive upgrade in product experience through technological innovation.

The World Vape Show has successfully held 6 vape exhibitions worldwide and is one of the most influential industry events globally. This year, the exhibition space has tripled compared to last year, gathering over 25,000 attendees and more than 400 vape brands, covering almost all the leading vape brands in the current market.

Launching FEELM Pro, TPD market enters a new stage of development
With countries like France and the UK planning to ban disposable vapes, the pod category, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, has resurged as an important choice for retailers and consumers, leading the TPD market into a new phase of reshuffling.

Responding quickly to market demand, FEELM officially launched the next generation vape pod solution—FEELM Pro—in Dubai. This solution meets consumers' pursuit of explosive flavor by using the latest FEELM ceramic coil technology, featuring a thinner ceramic coil for explosive power. This ensures ample e-liquid supply with each puff, avoiding aroma loss during atomization and providing a higher, more stable flavor reproduction.

Additionally, FEELM Pro features an innovative pod structure with a shorter airflow for smoother output. The aerosol particle size is increased by 35% compared to similar products. As a result, aroma and sweetness are more easily triggered, with high taste consistency up to 95%. Users will easily feel the mouth-filling sensation and throat hit.

FEELM Pro is also very easy to use, addressing the market issue where similar products require a waiting period after inserting the pod. It offers instant use, and users can see the e-liquid level in real-time through the clear tank, providing peace of mind.

In addition to FEELM Pro, FEELM presented 2 different series of large puff solutions at the Dubai show: the TPD-compliant 5,000 puffs disposable solution TANKER and the TPD-compliant 3,200 puffs vape pod solution QUAD SHOT Pro. The former offers Balance and Turbo modes, allowing consumers to experience taste differences under different modes; the latter uses the FEELM Turbo solution, achieving a qualitative leap in flavor explosiveness compared to similar products, being both smooth and sweet.

"Under compliance, we strive for technological innovation in flavor explosiveness, flavor reproduction, human-machine interaction, and playability," said Rex Zhang, Assistant President at FEELM. "We hope to collaborate with more customers in the future, rooted in the TPD market, to meet the personalized needs of different consumers and help the industry accelerate into a new stage of development."

Launching six series solutions, FEELM's differentiated competitive advantage highlighted in non-TPD markets
Compared to the increasingly clear development of the TPD market due to policy expectations, the development of Non-TPD markets appears more diverse. Some regions' markets are still in their infancy and urgently need to be developed, while competition in other regions has become fierce.

Large screen, dual coils, high explosiveness, interaction—each "+" element can instantly open up a market, attracting a batch of consumers and nurturing the next popular product. As Dickens said, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Regardless of how times change, FEELM is ready to respond. At this Dubai show, FEELM brought 6 different series solutions, covering all the current innovative "+" elements on the market, and through technological upgrades, achieving different combinations of "+" elements and experience upgrades.

For example, the world's first 30,000 puffs disposable with four-sided surround screen and ultra-high wattage solution “Galaxy Display + Quattro Mesh” brings a high-configuration combination of a 4.8-inch four-sided surround screen and quad mesh combined with high wattage of 40W + 6 modes of different puffs. With this device, you can experience all the cutting-edge technological innovations, instantly falling in love with it.

Another example is the world's first 18,000 puffs multifunctional modular design solution “Off Charge”. It strives for ultimate playability, bringing new ideas with a modular design and adding a smart screen display. Press a button to experience different flavors. After disassembling the module, you can smoke the pod while charging your phone with the EPS, it is fun and practical.

Additionally, the world's first 20,000 puffs double burst power ceramic coil solution “FEELM Turbo DUO” continues the high explosiveness of the FEELM Turbo series, doubling the flavor explosiveness with dual ceramic coils. This allows you to be amazed by the beautiful experience brought by burst power again. Moreover, the setting of 2 different power modes has become one of the highlights of this innovative "+" solution.

As a consumer who experienced all of FEELM's products on-site said, "Entering the FEELM booth is like walking into a department store. No matter how picky you are, there is always a product that will move you, making you linger." Perhaps, this is the original intention of FEELM to continuously deepen atomization technology innovation, committed to bringing better atomization experiences to customers and consumers.