Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) : Efficient Way to Quit Smoking

Recent research related to NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapies) indicates that there is a likelihood of smokers that use more nicotine to quit smoking compared to those who use lower amounts of nicotine.

It also found out that some smokers will benefit more if they use two forms of NRT instead of just using just one method.

The research also indicated that smokers who intended to quit smoking, benefited more if they started using NRT before quitting cigarettes. The reason is nicotine is already in their systems.

Hence, using an NRT while still smoking would render cigarettes less enjoyable. Nicotine levels will be maintained at the same levels which will replace smoking cigarettes.

Former smokers should be given the freedom to decide the amount of nicotine they want to consume. They should be allowed to take the amount of nicotine that feel comfortable with.
Restricting the amount of nicotine they wish to consume when they want to quit smoking is just counterproductive. They may end up going back to smoking to cover up for the levels of nicotine they feel they still want.

Another research carried out by researchers from the Queen Mary University of London indicates similar findings. They researched 50 tobacco smokers in a clinic in Argentina.

These smokers who were trying to quit smoking. They allowed them to use the amount of nicotine they wanted as they try to quit smoking. Most smokers use medications to help them stop smoking.

Researchers found these smokers were able to withstand up to four times the amount of dosage recommended. It means it was easier for them to quit smoking since the over dosage of nicotine did not affect their bodies.

Dunja Przulj, a study author, says that smokers can control the amount of nicotine they want when they smoke. Trying to restrict this during rehabilitation is just but counterproductive.

He suggests that restricted nicotine dosage during treatment may be too low for some people who want to quit. Hence, they may end up never quitting smoking.

Also, he notes that treatments provide under doses to smokers who are trying to quit. That is why there is little success in treatments such as patches and gum.

He suggests that smokers should be allowed to use the amount of nicotine they feel comfortable with to help them quit smoking.

Another renowned researcher Professor Peter Hajek says that some smokers prefer e-cigarettes as the best way to quit smoking.

He points out that smokers can determine the amount of dose when they feel comfortable. He also notes that there is no risk of an overdose of nicotine because of a safety valve that comes in the form of nausea.

Nowadays e-cigs are so popular, they are very effective and are better options for those looking for NRT.

The reason is that they can be adjusted to give out the amount of nicotine that a smoker wants to feel comfortable. They can determine what amount of nicotine they want.