New Voopoo Product U055 – Vape Industry Press Release

Vaping Industry Press Release From Voopoo
The company explains exactly what the new Voopoo product U055 is all about:

The pod design manuscript code-named U055 leaked, and the mysterious product sparked speculation.

Yesterday morning, our editor got a design manuscript named U055, which was revealed by an anonymous netizen.

From the appearance design, the appearance of this product is similar to the lid-type igniter, and it is a Pod-type product.

In the market, there are not many e-cigarette products with such a design, a look at the current manuscript shows it’s worthy of our scrutiny.

The mainstream Pod products in the market with a lid-type igniter design are mainly DRAG NANO POD under VOOPOO, Caliburn KOKO Prime and Caliburn AK2 under Uwell, Nfix-mate.

In order to verify whether it belongs to VOOPOO’s new product, the editor paid attention to a new product pre-heating tweet of “A New Big Deal” posted on its official Instagram.

The design of this new product is the same as the original design shown on the manuscript, it confirms that the design manuscript is this new product under its banner.

We can infer that the product name corresponding to the design manuscript code named U055 is Drag Nano 2 under VOOPOO – Smoke, and BOX POD will be under Evio.

The fuselage material will at least include a variety of material options such as PC film and leather.

From the original drawing of the design manuscript, we can see that there is a beveled shape design on the fuselage, and the design language is simple and capable.

The products that conform to the shape of the lip veneer in the cigarette holder part are not in the mentioned products.

Now that similar products already on the market have been ruled out, this product should not be in circulation yet.

Voopoo Secret Revealed?
Let us pay attention to the recent industry media reports and several important pieces of information from the official channels of major companies that have attracted the attention of the editors.

In the information released by the media, VOOPOO participated in a “Stoptober” event in the UK this month, and found that a product named “Drag Nano 2” on a promotional poster was very similar to the content of the manuscript.

However, it is worth noting that the design of the fuselage material in the design manuscript indicates the difference between the leather and the PC film fuselage material presented in the poster.

Therefore, this product is still subject to discussion.

The design manuscript is the company’s core secret in e-cigarette industry, and most atomization companies will do a good job of strictly protecting it.

The information leakage of VOOPOO should be a major information security incident.

What actions VOOPOO will take in the future is worth continuing to watch.
As for how this manuscript flows out, it is worth pondering by major e-cigarette companies.